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Update on Us

As you know there had been a lull in this fantasy of mine. Well, out of the blue the other night, my wife told me she had this dream about her and I meeting this other couple. She said it was a white couple and that in the dream this messy looking guy started kissing up on her and she did not like it and that when she kept telling me she did not want to do this any longer I just ignored her and paid attention to the other woman which made her mad. She said she was already naked and at some point the guy just picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and took her in the bedroom, threw her on the bed and made her undress him. She said he had a huge cock and she remembers touching herself in the dream and she was wet. From their she says she doesn't remember anything.

Anyway I told her the only thing wrong with the dream is that the guy needed to black. After I said that I could tell my wife had been waiting for me to bring the topic of her being with a hung black man back up. She started telling me she has not stopped thinking about black guys and actually likes the idea of me watching her in bed with some hung black guy. As we talked she wanted to get on the computer to look at photos. I showed her some photos of some huge black men with white women and boy did she key in on certain pictures and tell me what she liked. The whole time we were doing some light petting and as we started watching this amateur video of a nervous white housewife about to have sex with some hung black stud as her husband filmed my wife's pussy started flooding. I started telling her she would love to be fucked by a black guy with a big black cock and that she would make a great black cock slut. Well, between the few seconds of video, my finger on on her clit and me talking, my wife literally started having a wave of orgasms and not once did she tell me to stop.

We went to the floor and as I fucked her I told her to tell me what she wanted and after insisting she said "I want a black guy with a big black dick to fuck me while you watch us." I shot my load then and there.

I can tell you my wife is hot for some hung black guy and yes I called her a black cock slut and she did not deny it. This is all true, believe it or not.
Posted by seth1805 2 years ago
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1 year ago
2 years ago
Very nice! Keep us posted!
2 years ago
Keep me posted [PLEASE.
2 years ago
would love to chat w/ u 2 sometime...maybe go have drinks
2 years ago
Congratulations! It sounds as though a black cock will soon be gushing semen into your wife's pussy. I hope she'll consent to you photographing the mating, and then allow you to post the result. She's very sexy, and would look awesome in bed with a black bull.