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I talked to Helen about how this all makes me feel. I told her I have no idea why I am wired this way but the idea of her taking a black lover is the most erotic thing in the world. I talked of her being a beautiful white woman in the arms of a black man and Helen said she had never really thought of the contrast and image of her white skin/body against the skin/body of a black man. She said she now totally understands it all.

Helen said the thing is she already is aware so it does not matter to her that I am wired this way. She says what's left is to go with it.

I told her about hus... Continue»
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PART III: My Wife's Journey To A Black Lover

This all leads to the most interesting comments my wife had to say about all of this. Helen explained hardly ever talked to black men during our marriage and before we were married the only black guy that she even remotely was interested in was the black drummer at the NCO Club.

Helen told me things are so much different now because she says she talks freely to black guys at work because she knows I am not going to get jealous. It was awesome to hear her say that but more importantly was watching her face light up and seeing her smile about it. Since we communicate more with our bodies a... Continue»
Posted by seth1805 6 months ago

PART II: My Wife's Journey To A Black Lover

Now that you have hopefully read part 1, I want to continue with what Helen and I talked about in the den last night. After discussing Steve and how if we had known back then what we know now what could have happened since his wife left him towards the end of his tour and he had a lot of free time. This gave me an opening to see if Helen wanted to talk about her with a black man and to my surprise she was receptive.

We talked about everything including how monogamy is good when you are starting a f****y but that for the most part it is an outdated social construct. We both agreed if monog... Continue»
Posted by seth1805 6 months ago

PART I: My Wife's Journey To A Black Lover

The reason I am posting tonight is my wife and I talked about this lifestyle again tonight after a long hiatus. I write this with her consent and approval.

We had gotten done celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary tonight by eating dinner at a fine dining restaurant and on our way home started talking about my best friends through the years. My wife commented I have had some of the weirdest best friends, and I agreed with her on three of them except not Steve.

Steve was my best friend in the USAF for my entire career. I said to Helen that Steve was a very normal person and she said is... Continue»
Posted by seth1805 6 months ago

A love letter

wrote the note below to my wife tonight with an attached picture. The photo was an amateur couple, a black male and a white female, and I imagine her husband took the shot. They are in bed nude, staring at each other intimately but not touching. The black guy is big but not muscular, and very well endowed but flaccid and while she is nude you cannot see anything because her body is facing away from the camera but the angle shows the profile of her face. It is an amazing photo seeing her diminutive body next to him, his penis may be soft but it is as big around as my wrist and hangs down and t... Continue»
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Issac, my wife and other black coworkers

Okay, so just when I thought my wife/Helen might have dropped the idea of sl**ping with a hung black man this happened today when we woke up. Helen was still in bed and I had just gotten her a cup of coffee and was standing there talking to her. We were talking about her work and Helen said by the way I met a really big black guy who just got hired named Richard who goes to the same gym as you. I said that's cool, I see Richard all the time there but I told her he is a quiet person. BTW Richard is hard not notice, he's this muscle bound black guy who is about 6' 2" and weighs about 250. Any... Continue»
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Me role playing as a black man with my wife

Read the comment below. THIS is how I role play with my wife. At times it is so surreal.

We try to play out scenarios where she is meeting a black man for the first time. Of course I play the role of the black man and we talk about where I would be sitting in our bedroom/hotel room watching. We do this to get BOTH OF US used to the idea of a black guy being in control of her. We have never been very vocal or adventurous during sex so I try my best to act like some of the hung black bulls I've seen in the videos. For example, the first time we did this we got home from dinner and ... Continue»
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It did not happen but all is well

The couple did not respond back so either they went on a break or they are not as serious as I thought they were about this. However my wife told me she thinks about this all the time so I should not worry. Hard to believe my wife is still down for this after all this waiting. She told me the flirting she did with the black men at the restaurant and liquor store was such a turn on that she thinks about black men all the time.
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Sorry for the wait

As you know I came here talking about wanting my to watch a hung black man with my wife which by default makes me a cuck. I thought things would go faster than this and perhaps this was very misleading to those who are following us and for that I apologize.

Well after a bit of a layoff I got the chance to talk to my wife about this subject while on a recent road trip to visit f****y. It was an impromptu thing and I did it while we were on our return trip home. I brought up the suject of sex vs. love and asked her if they were the same. My wife stated sex and love were not the same but th... Continue»
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A Brilliant Idea

My wife does not have my password for this site so I am going to share my idea here with you and get your take. I have been trying to come up with a way to have a trial run with my wife on all of this and at first I thought we were going to do a soft swap. However I now have come up with an idea that will make for a great trial run that will see how committed she is to this lifestyle and will be very exciting.

I am going to tell my wife I have met the perfect guy for her, a tall handsome well hung black guy at my gym and tell her I'd like for her to hook up with him. If she balks I am go... Continue»
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A strange thing happened

My wife and I went to eat the other night at the casino where she works. While walking to the restaurant through the casino she said hi to two black male employees on the way and they said hi back. I have no idea if my imagination is getting carried away but I'd swear my wife acted a tad more excited than she usually does when we see men she usually works with. It was so strange that I actually looked back at them as we walked past them. I know she would never cross any boundaries but since I let her know I would not mind if she flirted with black men I have to wonder if in fact she is do... Continue»
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A note from my wife

Recently my amazing wife did two things which lets me know she wants more control over this fantasy. The other day I sent her some articles to her email on the Cuckold lifestyle and topics by white women on why they prefer black men. After reading them she shot me this email back.

Wow Keith, you are so sweet to be thinking of me. I'm glad that I am the one you are thinking about in your fantasy. Yes you can be my cuckold.
We can talk openly any time, about ANYTHING. I'm cool. Don't you know that by now?
One article was right about "no surprises." We keep our plan as we talked
... Continue»
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Am I Scared

A question on one of my post from a reader:

That is a great question. Yes, I am scared. Some people ask why but I think it should be obvious. I am faced with this dilemma where I have this fantasy and the reality of my wife and I actually going to some hotel room to meet some well hung black guy who is going to have sex with my wife.

It is hard to put into words without sounding weird or insincere but I really have no idea how I am going to feel once we get there. Much less once they start touching and kissing each other.

Another aspect that scares me: My wife and I have talked and... Continue»
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Still On

My wife and I talked about the black guys she has been checking out at work. Unbelievable to hear how she has met guys who she would be interested in sl**ping with now. She told me she never thought she would be doing this. Pretty amazing.
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Update on Us

As you know there had been a lull in this fantasy of mine. Well, out of the blue the other night, my wife told me she had this dream about her and I meeting this other couple. She said it was a white couple and that in the dream this messy looking guy started kissing up on her and she did not like it and that when she kept telling me she did not want to do this any longer I just ignored her and paid attention to the other woman which made her mad. She said she was already naked and at some point the guy just picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and took her in the bedroom, threw he... Continue»
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Sorry guys

We have been busy as hell and have not had any time to explore this further. I hope we can get back on track soon. My wife willing of course.
Posted by seth1805 2 years ago

Wife made a confession

My wife told me a story she had failed to mention for the past 27 years. My second duty assignment in the military is where I met my wife. She was 23 and I was 19 at the time. To give you a little background, she was a fixture at the base having lived there as a teenager with her f****y and also a civilian employee. She had several ex-boyfriends that also worked at the base as well as some one night stands she had told me of. Well when I first met her I knew she went to the NCO Club most every weekend and I knew about her being a little wild. What I did not know is what I am about to tell... Continue»
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A note about new things

Hey there. Two things. We have some new video and pictures coming. It's just a short video of my wife seeing her new huge black dildo for the first time and some pictures. Also we went back to the Olive Garden and saw our black waiter whom my wife is now attracted to. As we left, my wife, with out any notice, went out of her way to say hello to him and when he said have a nice night she turned and stared straight at him with this sly smile and extended pause that left no doubt she was telling him she was interested in him. Her look literally had fuck me written all over it. When we got outsid... Continue»
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Buying my Wife a Black Toy

Today I went out to the only two adult book stores in town to try and find my wife a large black dildo so we can role play and she can practice for any possible encounter with a bigger man. The first store was a adult theater and they had a big selection but not what I wanted.

I went to the next store, glory hole type, and there was an older white lady behind the counter. I found a HUGE black toy in a glass case so I asked her to look at it. She pulled it out and said it was very big and she was right. It was ridiculous. Anyway I found an 8" Adam's toy that was very nice and bought it.... Continue»
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Wife and Black Waiter

This happened to us about a 3 weeks ago and was amazing to witness. I held off posting this so I could get things in the right order.

My wife and I have gotten out of a rut since all of this talk about sex and are going out more often to spend time together. We get out to dinners more often and as luck would have it we went out to eat at Olive Garden where we met this nice black guy who was our waiter. He was very nice and talkative and focused most of his attention on my wife during the night'

They were serving complimentary wines so he would bring them by and explain to us,... Continue»
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