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It was a Friday night and I really needed to get out. My girlfriend left about a month ago so I was going to go to a friends bar. I aways felt good there so I jumped in another friends truck I had for the weekend. It was 11 pm so it was just starting to get good and I had a seat at the bar where I could see the whole place. A little about where i live. this is Mexico and I live in a town on the beach in my friends condo with his truck. I have a shop about a mile from here. Mike lets me use his condo when he wasn't in town. rons bar was a block off the beach and it was a party weekend. Life was good.
about an hour after I got there i was feelling real good had a few drinks seen some friend flirted with a few girls that flirted back was having a grate time and mike's wife liz comes in. she is so hot I knew her about a year before he met her.she came strate over and she had a couple of friend with her. we all started talking. after about an 2 hours of drinking, dancing, flirting and just messing around. we where at our own table and liz's friend comes back with drinks. a shot of tequila and a small glass of oj then just hads each of us a little white pill and says put it in your mouth take the shot and drink the oj. Liz does this before you can blink then looks at me and says your turn. well what can I say I knew it was x god i hope I'm not going home alone.
about 20 minutes later something wierd hapened they all went to the ladys room ok thats not the wierd part. the wierd part was when they came out liz came strate back to the table and her friends left the bar. I hope we where going after them. Dam I was so horny the x had kicked in while they where in the bathroom. when she got to the table she told me her friends would be back they went to get a friend of theres. the she says lets dance.
well we were all over each other and a half hour that and talking about how mike was trying to get her pregnant. she tells me that its the best time of the month to get her pregnant and mike wasn't even in town. That's when I said Well I'm here and I make buetiful babies. she just looks at me and says let's go smiles grabs my hand and starts for the door.
all the way back to the condo shes was running a vibrater that she got from her purse all over her body flashing me thats when I started taking pictures with a camera I had in the truck. when we got to the condo she ran in strate to the bedroom striping her cloths off in the bedroom she was on the bed with nees in the air rubbing her inner thys and pussy. I couldn't help it I was inside her so fast I don't remember getting there. we fucked in such a frenzy in about every position I could think of. after about 2 hours I told her i was going to cum. we where in the missionary position and she raps her legs around me and pulls me in I came so hard and so deep at that moment I wanted to Knock her up so bad.

more later
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3 years ago
an ok story but next time use spell checker
4 years ago
good but short & details
5 years ago
good hope you did knock her up I knocked up one that way it was great tell more
5 years ago
5 years ago
not bad mate, cant wait to read the next part