first impressions

Alright so check this out...i play baseball for my college here in Pa and this past season we got a bangin new athletic trainer. Blonde hair, blue eyes, huge rack and nice ass (ill get a pic up here for u). Anyways all the guys on the team wanna hook up with this chick. So, being the nice guy that i am, i never really joined their conversations about fuckin her. i was raised in a military f****y and thats just not my style and its disrespectful.

ANyways, im stayin late after practice one night taking a few extra grounders at 3rd base and all that good shit when i decide to go take a shower.

so im in the shower and i hear the locker room door open, i assume its just one of the guys or some shit so i think nothing of it and just make sure my curtain is shut. i can hear the person walkin toward the shower that im in so i decide to peak my head out. what i saw shocked the hell outa me. the athletic trainer (paige is her name) was standing there in nothing but a towel and she asks if she can join me. of course i say yes

so she steps in the shower and i immediately get hard. her tits are huge and her nipples were so perfect. I couldn't control myself and i reach up and grab them. squeezing them and pushing them together. i then start to suck on them...flickin my tongue across her nipples as she lets out a moan here and there. she looks up and me and we start to make out. she then grabs my dick and starts stroking it and thats when i knew it was go time. she did that for awhile then she got on her knees and rubbed soap all over her tits and looked up and me and said "fuck these tits". so, without hesitation, i slide my cock between those huge tits and proceeded to fuck them as she press them together over my cock.

That went on for a little while until i couldn't take it anymore. i stood her up and pushed her against the wall and lifted her off the floor and onto my throbbing cock. as i slid in her she let out a loud moan and her legs wrapped around my waist tighter and tighter as i fuck her nice and slow. with every thrust those huge tits would bounce and she would moan so loud and beg me to fuck her harder. so i begin to bounce her on my cock harder and faster makin sure my dick goes deep inside her so she can feel it throb deep inside her. my hands are carressing her ass while my mouth is busy suckin on those huge tits. I about went deaf with how loud she was screaming.

I put her down and tell her to bend over, she gave me the cutest smile and the dirtiest look and i f***ed her to bend over then i rammed my cock inside her. my hands on her hips i pulled her back on my cock as i thrust my cock deeper and deeper inside her. she was literally screaming. she looked back at me, grabbed my hands and put them on her tits, and said "im gonna cum!". She let out a loud moan and came all over my throbbing cock but i kept goin fuckin her twice now because she is just so fuckin hot! i fuck her for another 5 minutes or so smackin that huge ass when i hear her say "blake...i want u to cum all over my tits". ok so i believe i speak for all guys when i say that when a girl says ur name...and tells u she wants u to cum...thats like the icing on the fuckin cake. i put a few more hard pounds in and i take my dick out and tell her im about to cum. she drops to her knees and pushes those tits together and i cum all over them.

we finish up actually showering, get each others numbers, and do that everyday after practice and after games :). the cool part is...we have been dating for almost a year now. they say first impressions are everything...thats the best first impression iv ever gotten.

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3 years ago
it is 100% authentic. alot people wonder that but it is in fact true
3 years ago
made me cum hard :) it true?