I had a story written for me! *squeal!*

Thank you Aug18 for this amazing story! It made my panties pretty wet reading this!!

Smiling.....british guys make you a little moist then....xxx

Lying you down on the bed, I slowly peel down your black lacy knickers, the sweet smell of your wetness fills my nostrils as you feel my breath over the short hairs of your cunt.

"Lick me", you sign...my lips touch you inner thigh, I glance up and smile.."Where?" I reply and before you can answer my tongue runs the length of your slit....before resting on your clit.

Your sighs say it all as you feel my tongue go to work on your pussy, flicking across your swollen bud while my fingers work inside you. God you taste fucking amazing as I lap your sweet tasting juice.

Your hands run over my head, pushing me down...a warm sensation fills you as you get closer to cumming on my face...your signs deepen as my free hand cups your breast before lifting myself up.

You look flushed, so close, but you smile as you see my thick cock nearing your cunt.

"Put me in" I whisper softly, and as if in a trance, you nod and grab my shaft..."Wait, rub your cunt with my cock".

Easing yourself to the edge of the bed you wrap your legs around me and grabbing me for a second time, you rub the fat tip of me around your clit.

Fuck you look beautiful as you wank yourself with my dick....holding your gaze, I watch your head tilt back as your rub faster...your moans a little quicker.."Cum for me gorgeous...cum on my cock"...you don't need asking twice as I feel your body shake and you spasm over my shaft.

"Fuck me...please"..smiling, I push your legs back to your chest, and in the same motion, my cock parts your cunt lips and eases into your beautiful wet fuck hole.
Deep strokes fill you as I fuck you fast, pushing right inside you cunt, my stomach grinding over the sensitivity of your freshly wanked clit as you whimper with the pleasure of every thrust...

Faster and harder my cock fucks you, until I'm close..."I cumming"..and as I try to pull out you grip me tighter..."Fill my cunt with your cum" you demand as you feel your second orgasm approach...I love filling your cunt and I fuck hard, grinding down on you til you feel me spurt my load inside you....you hold my hips and fuck against me...rubbing your pussy on my cock til you cum again as the sensation of my spunk trickles down your gorgeous thighs, as I lean forward and kiss you...gorgeous xxx
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