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This will be the first for me to write down one of my fantasy-very-possible-to-happen experience. After the graduation I have applied my dream job and started as a research assistant at a very respectable university. After one year later I have married. At first, I thought everything would be normal, 'cause everythin was happening as I planned. However, there was problems with my wife and we were unable have sex. But I still love her, and try to support her as much as I could. But, while supporting her I forgot myself and the effect of this deep pressure of the problem that we are having on me. I was not happy all the time and I was not able to keep up with work pressure and the dumb professors that are trying to use me as an errand boy. Soon, I quit my job and have to work another jerk-off dumbs to maintain and continue to live my life style.

After five years of no-sex-marriage I try to look another ways of pleasuring myself. The thought of being 30 years old and virgin and married at the same time was driving me crazy. I am faithful man in any ways so I never thought of cheating my wife with real women, so, by watching porn following xhamster tried soothe my pain. However, this has some drawbacks;

a) Due to the working schedule, the only possible time for me to get access to the internet is only ar nights. So, the insomnia began to change my life style psychological conditions. I feel always sl**py and am having diffuculty of focusing even on my daily objectives at the work.

b) One day my wife get up and caught me jerking of in front of the laptop and got very angry, and says I am cheating on hear.

I promised myself and to my wife I would never ever do such a thing like that. But, if she sees me on the pc she come sneaking my back and checks on me everytime. So there was no possibility of reduce the heat of my own. I was thinking that I should take a professional help and could not have the courage to talk a psychiatrist. After months of struggling of naughty thougts and fantasies I am still not happy with myself. How could I be ?

PART 01:

Add this point I start to fantasize and think about the sex all the time even at the work. My wife is very close to her cousins which are all girls and two of them are married. We drop by to them almost each week. I always thought that they are sexy and hot but never fantasize about them. I remember when I first met them, they were very cute and friendly towards me. One of her married cousin recently had a baby and we went to hospital see her and the newly born baby. By the way, I am not happy about the thought of someone at my age having baby, so, I seemed a bit depressed and we had a fight on the road to the hospital. Being both angry we did not knock on the door and just plunge into the room where her cousin were trying to breastfeeding her baby and I have caught a glimpse of her breasts and get out of here saying sorry. But, when i was waiting outside the I can't get out of my ming the vision of her breasts and strangely I was not sorry but pleased to see her like that. I always had a thing for her actually. She was very nice to me and she always interested me in a way closer than my wife. Before this incidince happened while she was pregnant, while her breasts are huge due the pregnancy we, her husband, my wife, she and me we went to somewhere, I do not remember where but I remember that the place had a tiny little lift, one of those tiny ones that only carry four people at the same time. So, we got in the lift and she was standing just in front of me, facing towards to my wife talking each other. I am almost half a inch away from her breasts and her nice cleavage, which can be seen very clearly from where I am standing. The view, the smell and being very close to a woman other than my wife was very arousing for me that time. So, by those images I always fantasized about her having sex in her bedroom, kissing and licking her big tits. After some time, I start to think how a horrible pervert I am, jerking off thinking her wife's couins' breast in the shower. Crying does not help the reveal the pain I am having. Drops are joining with the hot water and dissappears. Then I decided not to fantasize anymore.

With these confusing feelings, I am not the man that I should be. I feel lonely and depressed and decided to focus on my work. However, I have this little annoying thing that gnawing away at the back of my mind.

One day a came across to one of my ex-student, and she said I need help in my thesis asked if I am available. By the way, I am still working at a company which has a branch office inside of the Campus at the University. So, she thougt that I am still giving lecture. So, I have just explained my situation and give my YouTube Channel address saying that you can follow the material over there. In my mind I am saying to myself help her in any way that she needs, but for the sake being discrete I am trying to help her as formal as I could be. So, she took my advice and went away. I always lie to myself about never regretting what I have done or said. But this time, my decisions are influenced by my stupidity. When she left I immediatly regret the decision that I have given. Of course, I was pretty sure nothing is going to happen between us, however, as I mentioned above, being very near to a young and beautiful girl makes me very horny. I always had a positive thougts towards the life, so I hoped that we might come acroos again...

After almos a month later she has mailed me, saying that she is not able get the crisp of the material and asking my assistance on the subject during her dissertation. I replied immediately, "Of course, It would be very nice If I might be any help". Thus, we began to meet occasinaly. But, it was just like teaching assistant and student like meeting, as it ought to be, nothing more, it is even more formal than that, mostly because my shyness and stupidity. In one day of these working sessions, she left the her hard disk with me in order to continue the works while she was not here. So, my first reaction of this like I am being used. It was ok by me. I was working in her project and noticed that her hard disk was full of with her personal photos, but not too personal. Being horny and lonely, imediately started to look her personal photos. I came across some of her vacation photos with bikinis. I was mesmerized when I saw her with the bikinis. She has a very hot body and nice curves. I began fantasize and jerk off while looking her in bathing suits. Almost anytime I was thinking about her. After some time, I had the same thoughts, I was becoming more and more pervert. So, I should stop thinking of her. But this was not an easy task to achieve, especially for me. Evertime she asks or says something the vision of her half naked body distracts me. Even while she was leaning towards me to ask something showing over my screen, I noticed that I am smelling her with unintentially. Which was vey frightening and arousing, I do not why. But, this sessions are making me much more crazy about her, in such a way that it must not continue. Because, if it continues like this I was going to do something that I should regret for the rest of my life. So, In one session I decided to talk her about ending the sessions but I could not find an appropirate time for that. At the end of the session, we noticed that it wast too dark and cold outside. I just asked, " I could give a lift to your home if it is not problem for you?". Without hesitation she accept my invitation and -I do not know why - I am abit happy about this situation. May be there was still chance for me. When we came to her district she just invited to me to her house. I was not expecting such a movement from her but I think this must be some kind of joke. However, she said that I had a problem in my pc could you help me with that. I said yes, however I was frustrated since she was inviting me to help her not to please her. So, we wen together in her apartment, she offered me some hot beverages and just showed me her PC after half an hour small talks. I began to look what was wrong with her PC while she was bringing another coffee. But I was not able to find any. When I turned to to ask what was wrong with pc I just could not finish my sentences because she was wearing a tank top and a mini short. She must have changed her clothes while I was digging the problems of the PC. I think she noticed that I am uncomfortable around her. I was uncomfortable, because I feel that I am going to explode inside. She just come close and just said that When I try to download something the screen goes blue. At this point I was like that either she was playing innocent with waiting for the first move or she is just not into me. May be she was thinking the same way I do. Who knows. However, she come very close to me and leaned as she was leaning during the sessions and opened a browser to show me the problem. I found myself sniffing her hair right behind her hair. I think It was this action that initiate everything what happened during that day and on. She whispered,
"What are you waiting for?, Just kiss me"
I was shocked, I was expecting such a thing but not expecting to become true. It become true. I was moving very slowly towards her and just giving little kisses to her neck. she was breathing more deep and seducively.

I just tried to ask " You really want ... ?"
She just interrupted and gave me a french kiss that I would never ever forget my whole life. She was very eager. I was living a dream.
She began undress me while I am slowly undressing her. We were both naked, I was like teenager who has seen vagina firt time in his life. I am very excited and begin to kiss every inch of her body which I am familiar, thanks to her vacation photos. My penis was throbbing, while I was kissing and licking body it was touching her body. And, at that moment I have exploded to her belly. She was grinned, and "it was soo quick?". And I was like " Because you are so hot!...
" I have grabbed and carried her to the bathroom, while we are still kissing each other. It was really like a dream, I am with a hot girl in a bathroom and not crying having the first hardcore sex of my life.

To be Continued...

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