I sent this to my fiancee, hope she likes it

Sliding my hard cock slowly and deeply into your soaking wet cunt, my entire length penetrating you, sucking gently one your tongue and lips while my fingers pull and twist at your nipples
As the passion begins to take over I kiss you more hungrily and I start to thrust into you faster and harder. Sometimes my lips make their way down to your full, soft tits and I bite on one of your nipples and roll it around in my mouth while sucking it in as far as I can.
Suddenly I pull out. "On your hands and knees" I say and flip you over. You respond by thrusting your ass skyward, baring your tight holes, your pussy glistening in the dim light with your juices.
I reach out and grab a cheek in each hand and pull them apart before greedily running my tongue all over your asshole, leaving my saliva all over it while I push my tongue inside and roll it around inside your ass.
I savour the musky taste of your asshole before my tongue snakes its ways down, flicking over your wet pussy, licking at your pussy lips, tasting your juices, slowly approaching your clit, all hard and ready to be sucked on.
Finally, you feel my breath on you, my wet mouth moves ever closer until suddenly my lips lock over you clit. You feel it being sucked into my mouth, rolling it in my teeth while my tongue flicks over it in all the directions of the compass.
As I suck on your hard little bud, I run my nails down the backs of your thighs. I wrap my arms around your legs to pull myself into you, sucking harder and harder on your clit, pulling at it with my teeth.
I suck hard as I pull away from you your clit popping out of my mouth and springing back into place on your wet mound. I lean forward and grab your hair and use it to pull you back and guide you onto my thick rod. You rock back and forth, pounding your ass against my groin while I pull on your hair.
When my cock is soaking wet, covered with your juices, I pull out of you and slide the head of my cock up to your ass and slowly push inside you until every last part of me has entered you
I pull your body up while still inside you and hold you up while you grind your tight asshole on my thick wet cock. My hands hold onto your tits and squish them against your chest while my lips nibble at your shoulder.
One hand snakes its way down your body til it reaches your pussy and starts rubbing your clit while you grind against me, filling your ass with rock hard dick
I slide out of your ass and push you down to your knees while I stand over. "Now slut, you're going to clean my cock with your mouth" I grab a handful of hair in each hand and push my cock into your mouth. I let you suck on it and run your tongue up and down the shaft as you please for a while.
When my cock is dripping with your spit, I tug on your hair and pull you onto me, my cock slides into your throat and I can feel how tight it is. I start to thrust in and out of your throat, the sound of your gagging spurring me on to fuck your face harder and harder.
Suddenly I can't contain my orgasm any more and you feel my cock begin to twitch in your throat. A warm feeling hits you as the hot cum begins to flow from my balls and I shoot it straight into your waiting stomach.
After shooting my load, I push you onto your back spread your legs and have you hold your cunt hole wide open as I dive in tongue first and begin to wildly eat at your pussy
I begin to tonguefuck your hole and as I do so I sneak 2 fingers into your ass and start sliding them in and out, slowly at first but picking up speed fast
I concentrate on your clit more, I want make you cum hard and feel you squirt all over my face. I feel your hips start to buck as you get close.
Then I feel the first gush of warm wetness against my face. I pull back slightly so I can catch some of your cum in my mouth and swallow it down while the rest covers my face.
While you are still twitching from your orgasm I slap your clit with my still hard cock a few times before thrusting into you. I f***efully pound your hole as hard as I can, my balls slapping hard against your ass. I push your legs back to penetrate you as deeply as possible.
Slamming my cock into you so hard, it isn't long before you feel the familiar twitch as I'm about to cum.
With an almighty thrust, my entire length is inside you and the hot white goodness is pumping into your pussy, filling you up. Your juices dripping from my face onto you.
I collapse on you and begin to lick up the drips of your cum that fell from my face. Once you are clean I pull myself out of you and slide up beside you and take you in my arms. We kiss until we see the sun begin to rise outside and slowly fall asl**p holding each other.
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