Interesting fantasy of mine or interesting Part of

So it's Friday night, I'm picking up a girl at the station. Nothing serious, an ex lover I haven't seen for a while. We had chemistry before and few inhibitions so I'm slightly excited and slightly nervous at the same time. I'm playing it safe tonight, Got dinner at home and a movie, if there's no spark or anything that was there is gone, we'll still have a good night. In fact whilst I've been fantasizing of all the stuff we might do I've accepted that fucking someone you haven't seen in 2 years straight of the train might be a little much to ask.
How wrong was I, I genuinely wanted to talk, to catch up, whilst i wanted to get physical and fuck her brains out, I'd forgotten who wore the trousers in our previous encounters.
My friend had got of the train, looking like a glamour model. She always wore nice outfits but I hadn't ever seen her dressed up for the weekend. Short tight dress, Little coat and a weekend bag. I guessed that under her sexy dress she had on some nice lingerie, she always had nice underwear, and although she'd always offered to dress up for me, it hadn't ever happened. You see, our previous encounters were always too short, too rushed. I was usually on my way to work, on my way home from work and on the few occasions I had some time off I was so wasted She could've dressed up and I wouldn't have appreciated the effort.
Hi Hun, she said, with that sexy smile I'd missed so much. What the plan then? I felt almost embarrassed to say about dinner plans. I know this girl better than anyone. We shared stories, fantasy's, for some reason I could open up to her and not worry about consequences. She never judged my turn on's or fantasy's and if anything, supporting me, and listening allowed me to believe they could happen.
However time changes, different partners, more responsibilities.
What would you like to do? I asked her. this is your weekend, we always talked about getting away for a weekend, now we've got one..
She reminded me that we always talked about a lot of things, We laughed and giggled remembering the nights when I'd open up and tell her one day we'll go to a sex club, she'd turn me own if I mentioned another woman, as she'd been there a few times and had no shame in telling me every dirty little detail. She'd even push the boundaries and suggest more than one person, perhaps a couple, or more than one couple. This always fascinated me.
We looked at each other, I had tingles all over just thinking about it, She was up for sex, maybe not just with me either, but I wasn't going to bring it up. part of me wondered If she just talked dirty knowing it turned me on, or secretly wanted to live out my fantasy.
Should we go Dogging hun? Eh, I said. You know, go out in the car, find a spot and see what's out there. OK, am, er, I was thrown, this girl still got my heart racing. Should we get some supplies? I asked, yes please, she said still smiling. some water and a packet of mints.
"And some condoms too", I say. What for? she asks. I go into the shop get the water and mints, coming back out I realized She'd suggested doing something I wanted to do, but wasn't in it for her own pleasure.
I felt a little awkward, I suggested a change of plan. She blew me away with this. No lets go dogging, we'd always talked about it, I'm up for watching and might even fuck you up there, but the idea of fucking a complete stranger in the dark in the middle of nowhere isn't so horny when your 20 minutes away.
So the plan was, we'd get to a site, park up, talk dirty like the good old days, if I'm lucky, I'll get some head in the car and anyone around can watch. If they're lucky, they'll get to see me fuck her too.
The car park was dark, empty if anything. Fuck, should we go somewhere else?, I ask. It may have closed down, I've never been here before, just seen it on the internet. I was a little disappointed, I was getting so turned on thinking about what might have been. We started kissing and groping, licking and biting gently, As there was no one around we got out of the car, feeling very confident, I pushed her back on the bonnet, lifting her dress up, revealing her stockings and little lace thong. I slowly kissed up her thighs, opening her legs, exposing her cunt to the cold breeze which she seemed to enjoy. As I'm licking her clit, teasing her sliding in one finger, just a little. Suck my tits, she asked with authoritativeness, I obliged, kiss my neck she ordered, slowly. I'd forgotten how clear and direct she could be, I liked it, but was struggling to keep touching her all over, keep an eye out for passers by, and enjoy the experience. none of this was helped by the fact she had now pulled out my cock and was pulling me hard. Very hard. I'd failed badly on keeping watch out. She moaned so loudly when she came I had to have a proper glance to ensure no one had heard. To my shock it wasn't just me licking her, fingering her and sucking her tits that had brought her to orgasm. Behind me, about 10 feet away were several guys, all watching, wanking away near the treeline. I'd just cum all over her face which left me feeling a little vulnerable.I didn't know if that was our queue to leave or she'd be happy to stay, perhaps from the safety of my car. We got into the car, put on the heater and laughed as we warmed up. I hope they didn't scare you, I asked. She admitted that she'd seen them as I'd started licking her clit. As they'd already seen me expose her she figured they'd seen it all now anyway. Lying there reaching orgasm she'd looked over at the group, all wanking furiously, And the thought of our earlier conversation entered her head, sending her over the edge. She even wanked me in time with them. She admitted the thought of fucking two or three men didn't seem so bad after all. In theory anyway. To late, I reminded her that I hadn't bothered getting rubbers as there wasn't any need. She was a little disappointed, I was to, if I'm honest. I'd always wanted to see a girl fuck someone after me and then fuck her again when they've finished. Don't know why, I guess it's just dirty, which is good enough for me. Not as dissapppointed as the group of lads, stood in the cold. Poor bastards had hoped to get involved, they hadn't even got to cum. One approached the car, He didn't want to impose, but as there's no one else female here tonight he wondered if we were putting on another show anytime soon as he and the guys we freezing. We laughed at his approach, respected his direct approach, and she made a comment that got me thinking too. He was a bit of alright, I thought doggers would all be old or pervy looking. I'd shag him anyday. Obviously unprotected sex with a stranger carries risk, She's with me for the weekend, and I'm looking out for her. Perhaps we can comprimise, I suggest. The guys are cold, they want to cum, You're horny and feeling adventurous, I won't be ready to cum again for a bit, so lets play a game or have some fun. I'll ask them over, one at a time you can say hello, check them out, and if you feel comfortable maybe you can wank one of them of. In fact why not get them to earn the wank, ask them to entertain you, make you laugh, turn you on? OK, She said, smiling from ear to ear.
I approached the group, pointed out the opportunity, explained boundaries. They new the score, They'd have been quite happy to wank over the car if she was lying naked inside, so this was a treat. There were 5 guys in total, 2 mates in there late thirties, 2 young lads that seem to be regulars here, and a black guy who seemed nervous of overstepping the boundaries or appearing disrespectful. She lay in the car, seat folded down looking out the window and the group. She opened her legs and began touching herself. It didn't take long for everyone to relax and get in the groove. I climbed in the other front seat next to her. How are you feeling? I ask. She had a face that told me everything I need to know, She was so turned on right now it didn't matter that the window was up, and no one could touch her. I started to stroke the inside of her thigh gently as she was playing with herself watching out the window. Mmmm, she groaned, that feels so nice. I began to suck her nipples, gently. I whispered in her ear, how would you like to lie back, have me play with you, whilst the guys gently touch you or caress you. God she moaned that would be so sexy, before she had a chance to say but, I was out of the car letting the guys know the new rules and boundaries. All you can do is stroke her tits, touch her legs, I'll go down on her. Can we still wank? they ask, Yes I reply. Over her? they ask, I don't know, ask her mate. He did try, they were all very respectful, unfortunately rules and boundaries had gone out the window. I had got a fleece blanket out with the intention of placing it on the bonnet or nearby grass to provide a little comfort. She new it was on, and wasn't holding back anymore. She was on her hands and knees in the dirt on the car park. Teasing the guys with her face only inches from their cocks. I'd like to say we were gentle, I which we'd have taken our time and enjoyed the moment. But it was rough. She lay on her back, legs open and pointed to the guy she'd fancied earlier. You she said, I want you to lick me out. I wanted to step in, but she looked up. She reminded me that I'd licked her out before, and would do again. But this is her chance to push the boundaries. She was quite bossy about who should do what. One on each tit, sucking gently, mr fit licking her clit whilst the others two just stroked any part of her body they could touch her flesh. As she lay there looking up at me I remember thinking, this is every bit as cool as I thought, much better than porn. There she was, loving it too, everyone's a winner.
The two younger lads were doing great until she told everyone to swop positions, get inventive, and informed us all that the one that turns her on the most will be rewarded with a blow job. The young lads pretty much dumped their loads at the thought of it. They sprayed both of her tits with there jizz. I would've cleaned her off except I couple approached from the same treeline. Seasoned doggers, seemed to know some of the group, and after asking could they get close and watch, asked a couple of questions about the lack of people here, and offered to help with the mess. I thought they had just remembered tissues and were offering to help.I should have anticipated this. The wife asks permission to walk into the group, Husband agrees, Wife asks my friend if she can help out, Friend agrees. Had she licked the cum up I'd have been happy I'd seen that tonight. But no. Down she goes, opening my friends cunt lips and licking her. There's no jizz in here to clean up, she said after a few minutes. None of us thought there was, so we all looked down at her, a little amused at the comment, thinking how dirty she must be in the sack. Why not she asked? Now at this time the two young lads have cum, they're still loitering near her face hoping she'll suck one of them hard again. Our Black friend is now a little more relaxed as he knows the new couple, intimately,
I gather. And a couple of compliments from our new female friend about his performance previously has boosted his confidence no end. But he was on tit now, which still hadn't been cleaned. He asked the wife please to lick the tit's clean, She's looking up at my friend, you know your going to fuck someone tonight, I recommend this one, hung like a horse, ever so nice, and very experienced. Maybe, my friend replied. Is it so wrong to want to fuck them all, one after another? No my dear, I've been the centre of attention many a time at parties, it's rather special. Can I suggest a blindfold to stop you thinking about what your doing, and perhaps i'll hold your arms down helping you give in to the pleasures, and providing the edge but a little girly support. My friend agreed, and then it all got a little crazy. It was frantic. My friend is lying on her back, legs open. blinfolded with another girl restraining her. A line of men are now queued and waiting. As we'd been promised a treat for making our friend come the best, she had one last request. that each of us make her come before entering her. Now that was something to see. One of the older lads struggled to make her come, not for any reason other than she'd now come so much , she needed a break. But she was so turned on she wanted more. My friend told him just to stick it in anyway. The wife of the couple seen an opportunity to help the guy out, she took his cock, sucked him for a minute whilst moving her head near my friends pussy. she'd deep throat him and then after sliding his cock in her pussy she stayed down there, licking my friends clit as his cock pounded her. It wasn't long before he's pulling out and coming all over her. Still restrained she needs to clean herself, she's feeling dirty now, four lots of jizz, soaking wet from coming repeatidly. No sooner as he's out and the next one is in. She can't see how it is, his cock feels nice, same sort of size as before, but perhaps a little wider. Her senses are heightened, not being able to see has just put more filth in her mind. Having another female around has allowed her to relax, particularly one as experienced as this girl.Her husband wants a go now too, the two young lads have given up, but still remain nearby touching her when they can, coping a feel of the wife too, which seems ok with husband as they've all partied before. With this the second of the older guys comes too, he didn't get to pull out on time leaving cum inside and all around the lips of her vagina. Thats better, she said, going down on my friend, I love licking cum out of pussy. let's get you cleaned up for the main event my love, You've seen the size of his tool, trust me, even after you've been there it still shocks me now. but he's alright, a great lover a good friend of ours. I'll tell him to be gentle. I don't want gentle, I want you to lick me clean, get your husband over here fucking me now, you can lick me clean after he's been there too, then I want the big cock, fucking me like there's no tomorrow. And this is exactly what happened. Fast, hard, I would have said it made me feel uncomfortable watching her lying on her back, moaning so loudly, hands everywere, poking, stroking, pulling. As all this was going on, she looked up at me, get your cock out you bastard, when the last one has come, I want you, not lovely, soft or gentle. just like you've seen these guys do me, fast, rough and hard. But when you come I want your come inside me, My sexy new friend will be licking me clean till the morning if you pump me full,
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