Summer was coming to an end and his vacation was nowhere near. From the beginning of the year, he had had nothing but hard work, he was overstressed, and he really needed a break. Surfing on the internet, he stumbled upon an offer for a weekend in Shrewsbury castle, with spa treatment, including a full body massage which at the moment sounded divine. He hadn't had a proper massage for so long and it was exactly what his body needed.

The beauty of the place dazzled him as soon as he arrived. Fortunately, there were no weddings scheduled for that weekend and the place exuded tranquillity. First he went swimming, and stayed in the pool for over an hour. It felt so good that even his mood changed. For about half an hour he sat in the sauna, with absolutely no thoughts in his head. And just before lunch he went for a much wanted massage. He took off the robe and lay naked on the table. Clean, scented linen made him even more relaxed. Since he specifically asked for sports massage, he expected a masseur, but when the door opened, he heard a female voice.

“Good afternoon, sir. My name is Diane and I'll be your masseuse today. I hope you enjoyed your stay so far?' she said in one breath, professionally, in a pleasantly husky voice.

In every other situation that kind of voice would incite the imagination, but his mind was orientated only to what is to come – soothing out his worn muscles and sinking into pleasant oblivion. He was forcing himself to do an 8 mile run almost every night to stay fit, in attempt to cope with growing demands of his work .
“Yes, thanks” he replied briefly, hoping that would be the end of conversation.

Within a minute he felt her oily, warm hands on his foot. He let out a quiet sigh of relief; all his senses were sharpened to the max and he was praying silently that his body will have the same benefit out of it, as his mind is already receiving. As an answer to his prayers, her fingers were moving skilfully, relaxing every inch that they touched. Her thumbs were moving slowly up and down his foot, pressing it gently. Then she placed one hand on the top of his foot and other on the heel, making a half circle, which removed the tension from the joints. He was floating to a pleasant state of mental numbness and his brain was picking up just physical stimuluses.

When she moved to his calf, she bent his knee to a 90 degree angle and placed his foot on her shoulder, pressing the muscles towards the knee. With every move he could feel his strength coming back and every part of his body she touched felt like new. When she started to massage his thighs he felt almost erotic pleasure. She was using both of her hands and all parts, like she was kneading bread dough. At one point, she placed all her fingers just below his hip, pulling them down towards his knee, pressing the muscles firmly, and going up to the hip again. That move really enticed a sexual arousal and he wandered whether he was going to have a full erection. There was no embarrassment, his mind detected just hands and pleasure, not thinking of his masseuse as of sex object at all. When she started to massage his gluteus muscles, his arousal increased. She was making circling movements with the heels of her hands and he could feel a light pressure on his bones underneath.

He was looking forward to feeling her hands on his back, but she told him to turn over on to his back, so she could massage the front of his thighs. Holding his thigh between her hands, with thumbs on the centre of his leg, she removed all the stiffness of his muscles. Her fingers slid up and down his thigh and he could feel every one of them. At one point, she accidentally brushed the skin of his left ball, not even noticing it. But his brain picked up that slight touch and again he felt his arousal slowly build. When that happened again his cock twitched, still barely erect. It seemed that this time she noticed it, as her moves stopped for a second. He opened his eyes to look at her and he was surprised to see her blushing. She was trying not to pay attention to his intimate parts, continuing her work. He could see that she was quite pretty; dressed in a short tunic with short sleeves, her arms had beautifully shaped muscles and it was no wonder she was doing such a great job. Her face is round, with full, sensual lips, her blond hair picked up in pony tale revealing her beautiful neck. When she looked at him and smiled, he closed his eyes again, not wanting to establish any kind of connection. Then, again, he felt another 'wrong' move when she slightly brushed his cock with the smooth skin of her forearm. This time she said a short 'sorry' and he noticed the difference in her tone of voice, it sounded more like a deep whisper. She went around the table to massage his right leg, and his senses became aware of her scent – fresh, with touch of lemon, but still somehow sweet.

As soon as her hands touched his thigh he felt like he was floating on clouds again. His whole body became one large sense, harvesting all the pleasure from each move she made. He opened eyes again, seeing her totally engaged in what she was doing. Her neck and upper arms were shiny with sweat, due to the strength she was using.
“Er, sir, your muscles are so hard and stiff, it looks like you are under great deal of stress?' she asked suddenly.
“Yes, I have been working hard the past few months” he replied unwittingly.
“Then just massaging your muscles wont remove all that built up tension. Would you let me do something bit out of ordinary that might help?”

He wasn't really able to think, but he didn't want her to stop touching him, so he said:”But of course. You've done great job so far.”

He could hear the soft sound of steps as she moved on the other side of the room, before quickly coming back. Lying on his back, totally relaxed, he didn't give much thought to what was going to happen next. And when he felt the warm oil dripping on his belly, with his cock still not fully awake, he was totally surprised. He opened his eyes, seeing her rubbing her hands to make them fully oiled.
“Sir, I suggest you close your eyes and surrender to the pleasure” she purred, as her voice gave him tingles moving up his spine. He closed his eyes and instantly her hands were on his belly, making slow circling motions. “It is a pure pleasure” went through his mind, and he was again plunged into heaven.

Her fingertips were feathering from left to right in between his hips, and up to his belly button. Then she slid her hands down, between his thighs, slightly adding more pressure, and brushing the skin of his balls. Slowly massaging his thighs she was touching his balls with her index fingers, going slowly over them. Then she placed one hand on his balls, cupping them, and tingling them with all her fingertips. Her hands were so oily that the sensation was almost the same as if she were holding them in her mouth, gently swirling her tongue around. But he wasn't thinking about reaching the orgasm, he just want her not to stop touching him.

And she was now holding his balls in her hand, squeezing them gently and letting them slide through her oily fingers. The other hand she placed on his belly, gently massaging it with circular movements of her open palm. Occasionally she would touch his cock lying aside on his belly. It responded to those touches, but was still far away from full erection. Then she turned over her hand placing it under his member. The other hand she moved closer to the base and she touched his shaft with her fingertips, so tender, as if it were made of water and sugar and the sole warmth of her hands could melt it. It was the most perfect touch he ever felt. She started to smear those few drops of oil poured before, just using the fingertips. With one hand she raised his cock, while with other she cupped her fingers and start to slide them up and down, not touching the tip.

Even though she used no pressure he could feel his arousal was building. She let his cock out of her hands, placing all ten fingers on it, tingling him down to the balls. Sliding them up and down, she starts to add very light pressure. His cock was getting thicker and his balls pulled up a bit. She lift it again with one hand, and with fingertips of another started to touch his tip. First up and down, slowly with all five fingers, then just swirling the tip gently, and when she moved her thumb over his helmet, he unwittingly raised his hips. She took his cock between her palms, fingers entwined, sliding her palms up and down, letting his tip slide between her fingers. With every touch on his tip, he felt light strokes going through his body and her palms were just adding to a sensation. He was about to have an orgasm receiving the lightest wank ever, something he never thought would happen. When she felt he was about to cum, she started to stroke his hard cock with one hand, but not firmly, and at the same time making circles around his tip with her fingertips. He grabbed the sheets and arched his back when the first stroke of the orgasm came. Then, finally, she clenched his cock and squeezed his balls. All his body stretched and he could feel all the joints coming into place and all the tendons becoming elastic again. The first jet of his cum fell on his shoulder and then she placed her hand over the tip to prevent his cum going all over the room. He counted seven strong convulsions of his whole body, and every spout of his cum was removing a part of so long build up tension.

She wiped his cock gently and put a large towel over him and he was one step away from falling into a deep, relaxing sl**p.

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1 year ago
I could use such a massage now , really !!! and the funny side is that instead of posting any other kind of advertisement massage parlors could use this story . :)
2 years ago
now that was sexy....I need one of those massages now :)
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2 years ago
where do I go for that massage?
2 years ago
Very good!
2 years ago
God I need that now!
2 years ago
great story!
2 years ago
Another quality piece! x
2 years ago
thats a very very nice story .... thanks :D
2 years ago
i can just say three words...OH MY GOD..
2 years ago
mmmmm yes please
2 years ago
The way you describe things is so sensual and arousing to say the least
2 years ago
Very good.