For you, bartybabe II

Self-made Photo Session

The day was so hot and humid, it felt like been in a greasy chicken soup. She was anxious to get home and have a long shower. Thinking of cold water running down her back helped her through the last half an hour of extremely boring meeting.

When she was finally at home, under the shower, a naughty thought went through her mind: how about making pictures for her chat buddy he keeps asking for? Thought of him immediately harden her nipples and made her pussy sensitive to touch. She closed her eyes to sharpen an image of him and started to stroke her breasts, heavy of unfulfilled desire. Barely touching them, feeling silky skin under her hands intensified the arousal, and she became aware of strong pulses inside her pussy. She knew that only a few strong, quick strokes on her clit could get her a short relief. But no, that's not what she wanted – she wants him to see that desire in her eyes, to feel her insatiable need.

She quickly wrapped a towel around her and went to a wardrobe. Instinctively she picked black stockings and black knickers usually wearing under short skirts. While pulling upwards one stocking, she started to think of him again and felt juices starting to flow in her pussy. He likes laced stockings and a thought of getting him pleasure of seeing them was a powerful trigger. Nothing makes her more horny than a look in men's eyes, full of desire. She quickly chased off these thoughts and continued dressing up. For a while she was pacing down the flat occasionally stopping in front of a large mirror. It was an exciting feeling being naked, only in stockings, and she decided to strengthen that feeling with high heels. Immediately after she puts them on, her back straightens, her head was up and she was very pleased with her image in the mirror. Her legs looked stunning in those stockings and she could understand why he likes them. Image of her bare pussy above the black lace was like a cherry on the cake. She could not resist the urge and she spread her legs, moving her hand towards her pussy, just to feel the skin of inner lips. With her middle finger she spreads them, feeling her swollen clit underneath. Her pussy was dripping wet while she gently strokes it and she knew that must be stopped immediately or her plan would never be realized.

After black stockings and black knickers, black dress was a natural choice, and photo session could finally start. She was so excited because she never done it before, but also because of a stitch in a middle of her knickers, making an additional pressure on her clit. But when the camera started flashing, she could think only of him. Every move she made was meant for him and she enjoyed in making pictures she knew he would like. When the flashes stopped, her arousal reached it's peak and she couldn't delayed any more that so much wanted orgasm. She pressed her clit over knickers, and after only few round strokes she felt strong convulsions spreading through her whole body.
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2 years ago
very good :)
2 years ago
did the pictures got the wanted result?
2 years ago
you are a brilliant writer...
wow wow wow!!!
such a vivid imaginazation
I can hardly wait for more.
2 years ago
This shits all over 50 shades of Gray! I'd like to make this into a short movie if your interested? ;)Call me......Al x
2 years ago