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Tamed Devilish Look

I'm entering a pub on a midday, half empty. Going to the bar, craving for a drink, for it has been hard day so far. While bartender pours me a glass of “Four Roses” I'm starting to feel someone's eyes on me. It feels like a burning spot on my neck.... I turn around slowly, and that was a mistake: my eyes fell deep into the pool of insatiable desire of a man sitting almost next to me. Finally he stops looking at my eyes, starting to look slowly first my feet, than legs, going up to the breasts, and I feel totally helpless, like I'm going to faint!

With a hand almost shaking I took my drink and sip a bit and that helps me to stay on my feet. I look at him the same way he looked at me. Strong legs, almost athletic, slim built, in a perfect suite and perfect shirt, no tie, like I was helping him to dress. And those eyes..... I begin to sweat, drink does not help, I need to go to the bathroom and try to calm. In that moment, he leans towards me, touches my forearm and asks me something. And I don't hear anything! I just hear my heart pumping and a sound of my bl**d rushing through my veins. I politely excuse myself and rush to the bathroom. My legs were not listening to me, I almost fell of those stupid high heels I'm wearing. Finally I'm in the toilet, pressing my back onto cold wall, breathing deeply, trying to get rid of those eyes from hell, whose look I still feel on my neck. Suddenly, the doors opens and he enters! Without a single word, he grabs my both arms, sticking me to the wall and pushes his tongue deep into my mouth.

Felt like I was never kissed before.... As soon as he felt all my resistance is gone he releases my arms, slowly placing one hand on my back, like he knew I could fell. And that hand on my back feels so good, strong, big, man's hand, like he is holding all my weight on his palm. But that other hand is moving downwards....! Slowly but persistent he goes over my waist, hips, then under my dress. His loud moan, almost a growl, tells me he likes my stockings and turns me on even more. Gently, he strokes my inner thighs and now I can clearly see contours of his dick on trousers. I'm dying to see it, I want to feel it's strength in my hand, I want to lick it till my tongue gets numb....

Before I could finish that thought, a slight fingertouch on my pussy lips sends something like current flow throughout my body! Instantly I felt ashamed and blushed, cause my knickers are completely wet since he first started to looked at my legs. I don't want him to know that I was swept of my feet that easily, I'm afraid that could be a turn off... And, as he could hear my inner dialogue, he steps back away from me, looking at me again with those hellish eyes. That's it, I can't help it, it's useless. Fuck resistance, fuck shame, fuck the bl**dy toilet, I just want him inside! I was about to reach his belt when I heard him saying:”I wouldn't dare to hope you can be so perfect.” My nipples hardened of his voice and I could only think the same.

In one move he swiftly pulls down his pants and boxers altogether, revealing his shiny, dark pink, lustful, ab fab cock. “And that is the true meaning of perfect”, went through my mind. Unwittingly I've licked my lips like a hungry one looking at the fine dish, but then he speaks again:”Sorry, dear, that will have to wait.” He moved towards me, and instinctively I moved one step back, but he grabbed my ass, pulling down my knickers. With his cock he gently spreads my pussy lips, preventing me from creating any sensible thought. Oh, it is so pleasantly warm and smooth, it strokes my clit just the way I like it, firmly but not pressing too hard. I couldn't take it any more, so I lifted up my bum, just for an inch, and the tip of his cock is on the very same entrance....

Instead of getting inside at once, he slowly pushes his way in, gently moving his hips from left to right. And that was the moment when the World cease to exist... Instinctively I moved my hips, but he pressed me with his body so I could hardly breathe. “If you want this to last more than 20 secs, don't even think of it”, he whispered into my ear. I could not tell what exactly drove me insane: his breath scorching my neck, the way he spoke trough his teeth or demanding tone, or maybe altogether, but everything after that whisper happened in a flash. I've straightened my back, and grabbed his ass pulling him deeper inside. Then I lifted both legs up clutching his hips so I could now feel his balls on my ass. He was totally took by surprise, that hellish look vanished out of his eyes – now he looked at me like he will start begging. But that was a point of no return, I knew I will cum after few moves, all of this has been too much for me. So I squeezed him harder and start to move my hips in circles. He moans loudly and I feel I will soon fell apart. For a moment, his back stiffens and I could feel his warm cum filling me inside. It immediately induces a strong spasms inside my pussy that squeezed out the last of his drops.

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1 year ago
I wish I could write like this but having said that I know it won't happen , may be a lady can only write it like this . :) Really nice descriptive yet perfect story to excite both body and mind .
1 year ago
You not online
I have no otherchoice but to read you over and over again
Wish I was in that bar right now with you
2 years ago
2 years ago
nice :)
2 years ago
fuck what a hot story.

you enjoy being fucked by a stranger that much?
2 years ago
great start
your writing style is amazing, very descriptive and so in the feels as if we are right there...great stuff
2 years ago
Nice....very nice ;)