The Couple at the Club

It started out as just another night out. My wife was dressed in her mini-skirt that made her plump little ass stick out just right. I was semi-hard on the dance floor when she ground her little ass against me and a good looking couple started making out in front of us with inviting eyes.
We moved over towards them and took a booth not to far from them. The guy was rubbing her tits and making sure we were both getting our eyes full. She was stroking his leg below the booth and my wife dropped a napkin to get a look.
As she looked the other girl zipped down his jeans and pulled out his cock. It was thicker then mine but about the same size. My wife sat up licking her lips and the game was on.
We headed out towards the door and Liz asked them if they wanted to join us for a smoke. They jumped up and I think his dick was still out all the way out to the van. We started smoking a joint and passing it between us. The girls were giggling and started playing with each others tits. I was ready as ready could get.
I pulled out my cock and Liz went down on it as soon as she saw it. The guy, Jim, started stroking his leg and Jamie couldn't wait to get his cock out. Once they started sucking cock it became a contest to see who could swallow the most cock. Liz was winning until Jamie said her's was fatter and harder to get down her throat. Liz took that as a challenge and sucked Jim all the way down her throat. I was surprised but took the change of partners to start stroking Jamie's tits.
Puffy big nipples perked up and soon I was sucking on her tits right beside Liz sucking this big fat cock. Jamie slide down her panties and I was sucking her pussy like a dog in heat. As she was starting to cum I noticed Jim's cock and Liz's mouth getting closer and closer to my pussy eating.
I was about ready to get my head out of the way because Liz was lining up the cock and pussy. Just as Jim's cock came out of Liz's mouth aimed at Jamie's pussy it poped out of her mouth and right into mine.
I was so suprised I didn't know what to do. Jim shoved it to the back of my throat. I gagged some but started sucking it like a champ. Liz was slobbing all over Jamie's pussy.
Jim pulled his cock out of my mouth and shoved it deep into Jamie's pussy. Liz and I were both right there and sucked on both of them as they fucked.
More later.
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1 year ago
mmm hot fuckng story I like it
3 years ago
You should add the proper niche, gay.