Shemale fun

Recently I've been chatting with a very feminine and beautiful shemale named Lisa.

We've been trading photos and dirty talk over chat lines and emails. I've always fanatsized about a cick with a dick and unexpectedly the opportunity came that we could potentially meet. Being married I had to concoct and excuse as to why I had to go to (city name withheld) and my wife didn't see any reason not to bnelieve me. My wife knows that I love porn, but I've never expressed to her that cock also turns me on - especially shemale cock. Somethings are better left secret.

I arrived at the hotel that Lisa and I mutually agreed to meet at. I quickly hopped into the shower, shaved my groin and asshole and prepared for what was to come. Lisa arrived shortly after I got out of the shower. My towel wrapped around me a opened the door. There she was: long dark hair, almond shaped blue eyes, full lips. Lisa smiled. "Hello", she said.
"Hi" I replied shyly.
Lisa was standing there with a long coat on. On her feet were some slipper like shoes that look oh so feminine. While standing in the door way, she opened her coat. She had nothing on under that coat. "What do you think?" she asked.
"I think you had better come in" I hastily replied.
Lise came in and dropped her coat. After closing the door I stood infront of her and gazed. She is about 5'7", nice c-cup perky tits (fake but beautiful), and slim waistline and an uncut cock that was still soft. All of her pubic hair had been shaved very recently. "I guess you approve" she said as she motioned towards the stiff cock standing very obvious behind my towel. I blushed and dropped my towel. "How should we get started?" she asked.
I pulled her forward and kissed her hard. Her tongue entered my open mouth tasting like mint.
I pulled away and asked her to sit on the bed. Lisa did as I requested with her legs open. I sat almost on top of her, face to face, so that our cocks could meet. I reached down and help her beautiful cock and began to pull her foreskin back and forth. I't didn't take long before she was full errect. We rubbed our cocks together, mine uncut, hers still intact. It was the most beautiful scene in the world, two stiff cocks rubbing together. I put the heads of our cocks together and pulled her foreskin over my head. I can't explain how amazing this was to me, her foreskin over my head; we kissed for quite sometime as we continued.
I pulled myself away and asked her to get on all fours.
"Your not going to just fuck me are you?" she asked.
"No, just get on all fours and you'll see. I want to explore this platground of yours" I said as I pushed her on to her back.
Lisa rolled over and got onto her hands and knees. I sttod behind her, looking at her beautiful asshole and large cock and shaven balls. I reached between her legs and pulled her cock back. I moved my head down, pulled back her foreskin and licked the botom of her cock from head to the bottom of her shaft. Lisa moaned. I then began to suck on thw head of her cock and continued for several minutes. Her cock was gorgeous, absolutely smooth and wonderful. I loved the feel of it in my mouth. I continued to wank her dick as I travelled up past her balls to her asshole. I began to lick around her asshole at times burrying my face between her cheeks.
"Do you want to fuck my pussy?" she asked.
"Not yet," I replied "I want to worship at your alter for a while"
I rolled her onto her back and began to suck on her cock with the greatest enthusiasm I had ever shown for anyone. I must say that I do enjoy eating pussy, but sucking this cock was better than anything I had ever experienced. I was able to take her full 8 inches all the way into my throat, no gagging, just pure joy. Slowly at first she began to thrust her hips. She began to thrust her cock into my hungry mouth with more f***e, moaning and moaning. After some of the most beautiful moments of my life she pushed on my forehead and said "Stop, I'm going to cum". I didn't stop. I let her blow the biggest load I had ever felt in my mouth. I let it slop down her shaft and I quickly returned to suck it all up. Every drop went into my mouth and down my throat.
"Can I kiss you?" I asked, not knowing if she would mind the taste of her own cum. She pulled me to her lips and kissed me for several minutes.
When we finished she looked into my eyes and said "You could have save some for me".
"You can taste your own cum ant anytime, don't be greedy" I smiled.
Lisa pushed me on my back and began to suck my cock. She was amazing. Such attention she gave to me, better than any head any other gilr had ever given me. After about 10 minutes I began to miss her cock so we moved into a 69 position with her on top. Lisa's cock was spent, so I began by placing her soft dick in my mouth, moving my tongue around and around until it began to get hard again. Having her suck my cock while I was sucking her brought me to an enormous climax. I wanted to cum in her mouth so I said nothing (but I'm sure she knew what was cumming). I came.
"Don't swallow" I said "I want some too."
After lapping it up, Lisa came to my face and kissed me with a mouth full of my own cum. Beautiful. We swallowed it together.

We continued to have sex all night. We came on each others cocks and licked it up and finally, once, I fucked her beautiful pussy. Reluctantly I had my first experience with recieving anal. I was afraid she might have been too big, but she was gentle and lubed me up well. She went slowly the entire time, and I let her cum inside of me. It was an amazing feeling having her throbbing cock cumming inside of me.

Sadly, the next morning we had our last encounter together. I spent a lot of time sucking her cock and kissing her with the tate of cum in our mouths. This experience opened my eyes to some amazing possibilities. I hope to see Lisa again, she was a great lover. Hopefully next time she can bring a few friends. My new fantasy is to be in a group setting with a bunch of cocks... shemale or just plain men. I want to have several different guys to cum in my mouth but that will have to wait until the opportunity comes.
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2 years ago
Yes, there are men who need us special girls mmmmmm love the cum sharing kissmmmmm love that
2 years ago
Loved it
2 years ago
Your a homo! Theres people who like shemales but cant stand gay men. You dont mind having sex with a straight up gay man, so your actually gay.
2 years ago
so shemales turned u into a homo? if thats the case i dont wanna meet one...
2 years ago
That was Hot! Very sensual and erotic.
2 years ago
Thanks that was HOT!
2 years ago
very hot story, it turned me on.