My dream realized

I consider myself straight but I have lately been thinking more and more about another man's cock; I guess you could say that I am bi-curious? This is an account of what transpired for me when I finally got to experience 'the dark side'

About a year ago I invited a buddy (Jess) over to hang out while my wife was away for work. We sat around drank some beers and chatted about previous experiences from before we were both settled down with ladies. I remember that we were staring to get a little d***k when he asked if I was interested in seeing a few pictures of his ex-girlfriend friend. Aparently she was a web cam girl and her work was still on the web. He navigated his way around the net and found her stuff - she was hot. Blonde hair, slim build and what a pink pussy she had. I must admit, just the photo of her made me a little aroused. After we looked through all the material on her site he asked if I had a favourite porn site. Of course I mentioned xhamster which surprisingly he had never heard of. For the next hour I took him on a tour of the site, and I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was enjoying what he was seeing. We started off watching teens, then milfs, the lesbian porn. Before we knew it we were watching videos on cream pies and cum shots. We came across a few comilations that we both thought were pretty good and both of us at this point were sort of covertly rubbing our cocks whose shape were clearly visible through our pants.
Jess looked at me and asked what my favourite type of porn was. I had to say that I did have a favourite but actually liked a bit of everything even gay porn. When no words came out of my mouth he asked, "Do you like to watch Ladyboys?". I was a little hesitant to answer, I didn't quite know how to say that not only did I love Ladyboy porn but one of my biggest fantasies is to suck one off. While I was hestating, Jess said, "I love Ladyboys, given the chance I wouls love to be with one. One day I'll make the trip to Thailand and find some excuse to dump the wife for a couple of hours and go on the hunt."
I was a little taken back, I had no idea that we shared the same fantasy. "Have you ever heard of frottage?" I asked.
"No, what do you mean?" He replied.
"Well it's when you rub your cock with another cock; I'd love to do that with a ladyboy." I explained.
"Fuck yeah, to see our cocks pressed together?... I don't know if I could handle that!"
I could see that Jess was getting really excited about this prospect so I looked up a video on xhamster called 'Frottage Compilation'. "I know this isn't ladyboy porn, but it will give you an idea what it is like" I said as I pressed play.
We were both transfixed on the screen and I couldn't handle it any more, my cock was so big that it was starting to hurt being confined in my pants. "Dude," I said "Don't take this the wrong way but I need to relieve some pressure." I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and started stroking it.
Jess immediately followed suit and before I knew it there were two cocks being attended to in front of my computer screen.
Jess had a beautiful cut cock, it was about 7 inches long and about a silver dollar thick. His shaft looked smooth and head was a nice pinkish purple. "What do think?" he asked. Once again I didn't know how to reply. "I think your cock is pretty nice looking." He stated. "A little smaller than mine but well shaped". I had always thought that I had a nice looking cock, it was nice to have that verified. At this point I thought 'what the hell' and felt that maybe this could turn into something a little more.
"Do you want to try frotting?" I asked. Jess's other hand darted over and grabbed my cock - god it felt good.
"I was just thinking the same thing." he said. Quickly we both took off our pants and underwear. Jess spread his legs and I spread mine over his. We both guided our cocks together. When they first touched I felt like I was doing something very right. The vision of these two cocks together looked so beautiful, and the feeling of them rubbing together was unbelieveable. "This feels fucking awesome" said Jess. I was getting way too turned on and was afraid that I was going to cum too soon, I didn't want this to end!
"Jess" I said, "would you mind if I tried sucking your cock?"
"Go at it but I don't want to cum in your mouth, AND don't expect me to do the same for you." he said.
I moved away and separated our two cocks and got myself down to the level of his cock. I put my lips to the bottom of his head and paused. 'What am I doing?' I thought.
"Suck my cock or let's get back at frotting" he said... that's all I needed to hear. I opened my lips and slid his cock into my waiting mouth. I loved it, once again that feeling of rightness coursed through me. I sucked that cock in the most loving way I could think of. With every bob of my head I kept taking it further and further into my throat until my nose was burried at the base of his cock. "Whoa, hold on" he said and he pushed me back "keep that up and I'll cum down your throat. I want to rub my dick against yours while I cum" I was disapointed, I wanted to taste his cum. I reluctantly pulled back my head and resumed the previous position. We rubbed the heads of our cocks together, the thought that I had had his cock in my mouth was driving me crazy. Suddenly pre-cum appeared on our cocks and then the explosion occured. Jess's cock errupted in what seemed to be a fountain of cum. Not one, two, or even three sizeable spurts errupted from his throbbing cock. Five spurts and our cocks were covered in cum. I didn't care anymore, I wanted to get what I wanted. Before he could say a word I moved onto me knees and began to lick up and and suck away the cum that was on his still throbbing member. The taste was absolutely amazing. I got about two swallows down before I got to my peak; I leaned back on my knees and positioned myself infront of his still stiff cock. I blew my load all over his cock, it look beautiful to see these two aroused cocks together glistening with each others cum. I finished wanking on my dick and looked up a Jess's face.
"You're not done yet are you?" he asked. I gave himan inquiring look. He smiled "Don't you think you should clean up your mess?". I knew exactly what he was meaning. I got down again to the level of his cock and cleaned all of the cum off with my tongue. Every drop was like a dream come true.
Jess's cock was going limp, but I kept it in my mouth, savouring every drop that I could. After about 10 minutes of my loving attention Jess pushed me away. "Keep that up and I'll get hard again."
"What's wrong with that?" I asked.
Jess's cock started to stiffen again. "How shall we do it this time?" he asked.
I just so badly wanted to suck his cock again, it was all I could think about.
"I want to suck your cock again." I said.
"Ok, but this time I get to return the favour." he said "Let's 69."

A little while later Jess experienced his first taste of another man's cum and I my second, it wouldn't be my last.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Loved it
2 years ago
great story and I love rubbing cocks too, its fuckin HOT!
2 years ago
I had my first frot experience just two months ago, loved rubbing cock to cock, it was great.
3 years ago
wow!!! i wana hav the same experience with u very soon!!!
3 years ago
True or not, that story has inspired me to experience frottage again,great story...cheers!
3 years ago
Just loved it....the story that is....
Have a raging hard on wishing I had someone with me!!
3 years ago
That's hot. Frottage is awesome.
3 years ago
Very hot story.
3 years ago
very two hard stiff dicks rubbing together..oh i love horny stiff cocks doing just that..everyman should do this- that's why our cocks stand upright so we can stroke them
3 years ago
very nice man. thanks. saved it
3 years ago
Great story. Maybe it was true, maybe not, but it was 100% believable and well written. Certainly has me going tonight!
3 years ago
That was fucking HOT!