A Chance Medieval Encounter.

We met by accident. Bumping into each other at a re-enactment fair. I had tripped over her long trailing medieval dress, I was wearing light armour at the time, but still acted like a rolled tortoise on my back. She looked at me and smiled. It was twilight at this time and the early night had consisted of a lot of mead drinking. She bent over to help drag me up. Her long flowing aurban her lightly brushed my face and her essence although a weekend unwashed affected my deeply. Maybe it was the mead but that brief moment left me utterly intoxicated. And obviously being a low cut medieval dress with no supporting underwear I got a clear look at her ample and hanging breasts, they were milky white, a contrast to her quite tanned skin otherwise. I eventually got up with her help. And she had a slightly guilty smile on her face. But I smiled and said it was no problem. We locked eyes for a brief moment and then parted ways. Me to my group around a campfire and her to her small camp.
I sat on a log and listened to someone attempting to play the lute. But I couldn't get her out of my head, her smile her smell her breasts. I decided to return to my tent stepping up I gradually made my way through the jungle of tents and other guys sitting around. Then I was stopped, it was dark and I couldn't see much but just a brief flicker of the fire after someone through some paper on the fire illuminated an aura of hair and there she was again. Before I had chance to say hello she thrust her lips to mine and f***ed her tongue into my mouth. I was taken by surprise but soon grew to like her aggressive nature. Eventually stopping for air, we separated and I finally had chance to say hello, she giggled and said hi back. She was exccelarated, like she had been psyching herself up for that moment. I saw in her eyes what she wanted and asked if she would like to join me in my tent and she just giggled some more and grabbed my hand and led me off. She had dragged me to her tent, here I learnt that they were an all girl dancing group. By the look of it most of the girls were asl**p in their own little compartments but hers had a candle flickering away in it. Inside was awash with colours and furs, and her friend was there drinking from a pot. I smiled and said hello, she put her finger to her mouth and shushed me and smiled and sat down where she beckoned. Soon afterwards the girl came back in with two mugs and a large stoneware bottle of something exotic. She then handed out the mugs and filled them, and we got comfy talking in whispers. She moved in closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder. Then i felt hands run down my sides and into my crotch, it felt amazing and I looked down only to realise it was her friend. She had come up behind me and wrapped her legs around me and was fondling me with her hands. She took my rigid cock out of my traditional underwear and that’s when my new friend suddenly pounced into action, her head dropped down and she took me in her mouth, each time she went up and down her hair ran up and down my exposed flesh. I was worried I was going to cum far to quickly when her friend stood up, hitched up her dress and pulled my head towards her hairy crotch, I could barely take a breath but I kept my tongue moving and her convulsions started hurting my neck. Then I felt another warm sensation, my cock had passed into something warm wet and tight, it was griping as it moved up and down. My head was freed and then I saw the beautiful girl riding up and down, her loose breasts moving in a rhythmical fashion. She saw my staring and adjusted by putting her arms around my neck and pulling my head towards them. Now smothered by boobs I was in heaven. Just before my climax point she stopped and pulled out. Her friend had adopted a doggy style position between my legs, her arse cheeks spread and her tight ring shiny with spit. I knew what she wanted and rolled up on my knees. I gripped my shaft and aimed it at her hole, I pushed against it, slowly pushing more and more eventually the 'pop' sensation happened and I was in. I thrust slowly at first, it was so tight every thrust nearly ended up in my coming, she let out some whimpers but chewed on a rug. Her body all but obscured due to her hitched up dress. My beauty was enjoying the show, but I could see she wanted more. I told her to come and join me. She stood up and dropped her dress off her shoulders, and there she was in all her glory, full breasts, milky skin with heavy tan lines and a natural bush, I was so turned on by this my hips spasmed and I came violently in there other girls asshole. My beauty looked slightly upset at my cumming in her friend’s ass. I said not to worry and beckoned her towards me, she came, pussy at head level, I grabbed her arse and pulled her into me, at the same time the friend pulled forward and I dropped out with a flood of cum on body juices, and then unexpectedly took me in her mouth and sucked me clean. Somehow I was still hard. So I threw the beauty to the ground and mounted her. I thrust up and she gasped, I slid in easily due to her wetness coupled with her friends spit. But even so my every thrust made her convulse and she came soon enough. I rolled off her and collapsed into the furs. She cuddled up to me and rests her head on my chest. Her friend crawled up and sucked me clean until I came again. She swallowed and joined her friend on my chest. They gave each other a passionate kiss, and there we lay until the morning.
Naked and surrounded by fur.
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very good & yes more
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This is my first story, tell me what you think.