Dave's side of the story - Part II

So it was official, we were swingers. We were on the websites, on craigslist, we were going to the swinger club at least 1-2 times a month. We were hosting parties at our house, parties that would sometimes have 12 or more couples. We loved it. The sex, the fun, the friends. It was like going into Baskin Robbins and being able to try different flavors.

At first our rules were to only play together. We had no problems with sharing each other, but only if the other one was present. Another thing was that Sara never wanted to hook up with black guys at the club. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to see one of them work her over.

One day, I came home from work and Sara said she needed to talk. She confessed to breaking one of our rules. She told me how she had been out with her friends getting spa treatments and that they had stopped off at the bar to have a few drinks. Then Sara saw Travis, a 21 year old k** who had become a regular at the club and at our parties. Sara had fucked him several times and had confided in me that he was one of her favorites. Trav was tall, lanky, with a good build and a nice 8.5 incher. He really knew how to work it too. Not only that, but he was just a fun guy to be around and hang out with. I think that all the ladies liked the parties with Travis the best.

Sara, went over to him and started chatting with him, just casual chat (her friends didn't know about our lifestyle) at first, which then progressed to flirting. Sara started to get turned on, but couldn't make a move with her friends there. When her friends got up to leave, she gave travis a hug (feeling his erection through his pants) and left. After about 10 minutes she made up an excuse and left her friends and doubled back to the bar. She walked straight up to Trav and said "come with me".

Her and Travis went to the hotel across the street, got a room, went up stairs and started fucking. She said she didn't know why she did it, but she just wanted his cock, needed his cock so bad. She didn't want to wait for me to get home, she didn't want to wait for the next party, and then have to share him, or put on a show for me. They were in that room for more than 12 hours. She called me and said she was staying out with friend and to not wait up (she told me later that he was fucking her when she said that). They would fuck, cum, cuddle and then fuck again. When he went limp. They would cuddle naked, watching tv, her stroking, petting, and sucking on his cock until it got hard again. She said he really cut loose, fucking her harder and deeper than he ever had before. Finally when she left the next day, she got a cab home and waited for me to get off work. When I came home, she confessed everything. She said she was sorry that she broke the rule, but that she just needed to have some dick to herself without sharing or being watched. She affirmed that she didn't love him, that it was still just sex. But she said that she wanted to be able to swing seperately from time to time.

Honestly , I was turned on. The only thing I was mad about was that I didn't get to watch her get fucked. I told her that i was cool with changing the rules as long as it went both ways. She agreed. I said "are you sure"? She said "yeah". I asked, "so can I go out tonight?" She smiled and nodded "As long as I can invite Dave over".

To be continued.
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3 years ago
Getting HOT. Can't wait for more. Thanks.
3 years ago
wow, nice one..xxx
3 years ago
.mmmmmmm looking forward to seeing where this story leads