Dave's side of the story

My wife is the hottest, sexiest woman on the planet. We met at a bible study when we were in college. She was coming there for the first time with her friend. I asked her out, we dated, and waited until our honeymoon to have sex. Before we got married she confessed to having a pretty wild life. She didn't go into details at the time but it was clear she was not a virgin. I confessed that I wasn't either (which was true). I told her I still wanted to marry her and so we did. I graduated from school and landed a great job. Life went on pretty normally after that.

Our sex life was pretty vanilla at first but I could tell she really liked to fuck. We would do it almost everyday (sometimes more than once). I was surprised when my buddy offhandedly mentioned that he got it once a week. Though we were both born-again Christians, I enjoyed watching porn, though I kept it a secret from her. I felt guilty about it and was careful to delete my history. My favorite porn was amateur swinger stuff. I really really wanted to try swinging. I thought it would be fun to have sex with a variety of different people, but most of all, I got hot thinking about watching Sara getting fucked by another guy. I didn't even know what a cuckold was at the time. But looking back I know that it was something I always fantasized about.

One time I was home alone on the computer and noticed that there were some porn sites on the browser. At first I thought that I had been careless, but then I realized that they were sites I had never been to. I looked them up and they were sites of black men with giant cocks fucking white girls. I hadn't ever paid much attention to interracial porn, but the sites got me hot. I also started to wonder how long this had been going on and if this was something Sara really wanted. The dicks on those guys were huge, like beer cans. I am not small, about 8 inches. But I would look like a 12 year old boy next to these guys.

When Sara got home, I asked her about the sites. She looked really nervous and thought that I was going to be pissed. I confessed that I looked at porn too and we talked about it. Because we were still "church-goers" we wondered whether we should try and give it up. I said that if we watched it together as husband and wife, then it wouldn't be bad. Porn was about pleasure to us, not escape from one another.

So watching porn together became a pretty regular thing. We would show each other videos that we thought were hot, our love making became hotter and more wild. Sara, feeling less inhibited now, let some of her inner slut out. Everything she saw on a movie she wanted to try. Not just try, she wanted to be good at it. She practiced deepthroating a dildo until she could throat fuck my cock as well as that girl from ideepthroat.com. We worked on her ass until she could handle full-thrusting anal sex. She couldn't get enough. Some people later asked me if I could teach them how to get their wives to do what mine did. I wish I could. I never begged her or demanded anything of her. Every new thing we tried was almost always her idea. She gets so excited. Her eyes light up when she says "lets try _____!"

I noticed that she was watching more and more group sex movies. I showed her one of my swinger sites and she couldn't get enough of it. We started talking and reading about the swinger lifestyle. We had lots of long conversations and realized that we both wanted to try it. Our initial rule was to only play together.

We eventually got up the courage and went to a local on-premise swinger club. All the reviews had been good, and we told ourselves that we would hang out, and maybe watch or play with each other. I could tell we were both worried about what the other partner would think of us fucking someone else, but deep down I was hoping that she would let go, have fun, and make it a regular thing.

That first night we hung out at the bar, met some other couples, danced a little. And after a while we ventured upstairs and wandered into one of the group rooms. A few couples were going at it. I kept looking at Sara, trying to gauge how comfortable she was and right away I could see that she was dripping wet. I got close and started feeling her up, and right away she grabbed my cock and started stroking it. On of the girls on the bed invited us to come over and play, Sara looked at me with hopeful eyes, I readily agreed and we went on the bed and started fooling around.

Right away Sara started displaying her deepthroating skills which drew the admiration of the whole room. The people watching her just made her more wild and she started putting on a show. When I came, she put my dick all the way down her throat and I shot my come straight into her stomach. After I finished, she sat there on the bed, hesitant. One of the guys there asked if he could have a turn. I looked at Sara, seeing a hopeful and then excited look when I said that I didn't mind, but he would have to ask her. Without saying a word, she pulled is cock out and began giving him the blow job of a life time. When that guy came, she started sucking another guy, then another. At one point the wife of the guy she was sucking on got close and started rubbing on her tits and down to her pussy. Sara switched positions, laying on her back with her head on the bed. "Fuck my face while your wife licks my pussy" she said. My jaw hit the floor. We had watched lesbian scenes but she had never expressed a fantasy of having sex with another woman.

Went to work on her mouth. I encouraged him, telling him to not hold back. He grabbed her head and began fucking her throat. He was a niced sized guy with large nuts that were slapping against her forehead. His wife was pretty hot and was eating sara's pussy like a true porn slut. The husband jerked his head toward his wife, and said, "she likes getting her pussy fucked while she eats pussy".

"You sure" I asked.

He chuckled. "Fair's fair right?"

I wondered if I should check with Sara, but looking down at her with a cock in her throat, a stranger licking her pussy and a few pairs of hands caressing her body, I figured she would be ok with it.

I put on a condom, moved around the couch and started fucking this guys wife. It was incredible. Not just the sex, but the feel of a different woman's pussy, the feel of her ass, her hips. All of them new and different. As I started fucking her, she responded like a horny cat, arching her back and grinding her hips on my cock. As I fucked her, I figured that we might as well go the next step. When the other guy pulled out of her mouth for a second I asked if she wanted him to fuck her pussy.

She looked at me with those wild eyes, out of breath, and said "uh huh!".

She spun around and he started fucking her pussy. She was on her back, and the wife was on her hands and knees. It wasn't long before they were kissing and sucking on each others tits. She started encouraging me.

"Fuck her harder Dave! Make her cum"

I leaned into her, making her feel the full length of my cock, pounding her without relent. I felt her legs shake and tense. Then she convulsed, her pussy muscles clenching around my cock and her back arching as she screamed louder than ever. I felt wetness run down my leg, and I knew she had squirted a little. I kept pounding until I felt that familiar urge. I pulled out, and pulled of the condom. She turned around and I came on both her's and Sara's tongue.

To be continued...
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3 years ago
Great story. Thanks
3 years ago
great start love to see the rest
3 years ago
Very nice start to your adventures. Hope to hear lots more!