A new development.

Dave and I have hit a new shift in our relationship. I love Dave. He is a great, loving, attentive guy and has been a fabulous lover. He was the first man I ever loved and I have taken this ride through the lifestyle with him.

Since we got together we have always agreed that sex and love are not the same thing and we have had an open relationship as a result. You can see by our pics that we enjoy having sex and watching each other have sex with other people.

Relatively recently my lust for black dick has resurfaced. I was exposed to black cock when I was in high school and it wasn't until college that I dated a white guy, Dave. Throughout our relationship and marriage even after we started swinging together, I would only play with white guys and girls, keeping my infatuation with BBC to myself. I think that secretly I knew if I gave in, that I would have a hard time turning back.

Fortunately that hasn't been the case. I have indulged in my craving, and yet not given into the traditional "cuckold" lifestyle where I reject my husband. Our sex life was as passionate as ever, and even enhanced by my love for black men. This has been mainly due to the fact that Dave is very dominant. I think I have discovered that my desire is to be dominated in the bedroom and very few white men can do that effectively.

This has changed though. A few weeks ago I walked in on Dave getting topped by one of my black lovers. I was shocked. Here was my dominant husband, the one for whom I live to please, being utterly dominated by a true man. There he was, hunkered over on our bed with his white ass sticking in the air and his asshole stretched by a thick black dick. When he saw me, he was startled and tried to get up, but Derrell pushed him back on the bed, called him a "white bitch" and kept fucking his ass. I sat down on the armchair and watched my husband get ass-fucked. I was really and truly conflicted. It wasn't the sex, it was the fact that Dave was being dominated by another man, a man whom I had slept with.

It took me a while to mull it over. I tried to just accept the fact that my husband likes getting assfucked but then when we tried to have sex. I just couldn't do it. He tried to dominate me and order me to suck his cock, but I just rolled my eyes and picked up a magazine. He couldn't dominate me anymore, because now I knew that he isn't really a dominate.

After several discussions, Dave and I have decided that we do still love each other and we like our arrangement. Dave confessed that he has wanted me to cuckold him and dominate him for some time. I told him that if I were to assume the dominate role, I couldn't have sex with him anymore. He said he completely understood. I could tell he had been thinking about this a lot to.

So that is the new development. Dave is now a complete cuckold. He is no longer permitted to fuck me or any other girl without my express permission. I am not sure exactly how we will go about this, but I do know that I can only allow real men to fuck me. Dave just doesn't measure up anymore.
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3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
Well when you want a domint person sometime you have to make compremises
3 years ago
wow, I'm both sorry and happy to hear about these changes for you guys. Sorry because I know it was quite a ride you two had, but happy because you both seem to be willing to try this new thing out. You sure are an amazing woman to be willing to go that road with him.
3 years ago
hot read.