Sometimes it just falls in your lap

Dave is writing this one.

When I score some hot pussy, I am looking for it. I go to a club, meet someone online, etc. The other day I met some friends for dinner. We went to Olive Garden (I hate Olive Garden but it wasn't my pick). We ate and shot the bull for a while and decided to head over to the bar and watch the game. I paid the check and was walking out the door (my friends had already left in their car). As I walked into the parking lot I passed these two girls who were sitting on the bench outside. I barely noticed one of them giving me "the look" and I almost didn't hear her tell her friend; "Yeah, he's hot".

I stopped and looked. "What was that?" I asked.

She smiled and, with a shrug said "I just said that you are hot."

I chuckled. "Is that right? Come here."

She walked over to me and we started talking. Her name was...shit, I honestly don't remember her name. I guess I could make one up but why bother. Either way, I could tell this girl was in heat and need a good fucking. I played it cool and asked her what she and her friend were up to. She shruged and gave me that look again.

I decided to go for broke, and just came out with it. "So do you wanna go fuck?" honestly half-expecting her to get pissy and stomp off. She just grinned and said, "yeah!"

So we got into my lexus, and drove to her apartment which was right down the road. We walked up the steps, got inside, and like a true pro she put her hair up, knelt down, pulled out my cock and started giving me one of the most talented blow jobs I have ever had.

You can tell that this girl watched a lot of porn. You can always tell which girls do, because they are the ones that know what noises to make, and how to suck a dick, and get really nasty with it. I didn't even have to tell her to play with my balls, she had my dick in her mouth, and was lightly caressing my balls with her free hand. She was rubbing her slobber all up and down my shaft, talking about how big and beautiful my cock was, only pausing to suck on my nuts. She pushed me down on her couch and kept sucking me. Trying to get it deeper in her mouth.

It's can be weird when you are fucking a girl for the first time cause you don't know how far you can go before she gets pissed off and walks off. Sometimes, especially with sluts like this one, you just do what you want. Girls want to be dominated. They want to be fuck-slaves. Some just hide it better than others, and some just need the right guy to dominate them.

I grabbed her head and started pushing my cock deeper into her throat. "Stick out your tounge and relax" I said. She obeyed and I felt my cock turn that corner into her throat. Right then she started gagging violently, and I thought she was going to puke, but she held it in like a champ and, panting, she said "Fuck my pussy".

I forgot to mention what this girl looked like. Classic spinner. Little titties, skinny with a nice curvy ass. Thick, wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. We went to her bedroom, and she got naked showing me her pierced clit and shaved pussy. I put a condom on and slid my cock in. Her eyes got wide and she gasped.

"Are you ok sweetie" I asked.

"Yeah, just not used to a big dick". I laughed inside. That is what I get for hanging out in groups where the average dick size is 9 inches. I have a good 8.5 incher and reasonably thick. Nothing to scoff at, but those of you who have checked out our profile know that my wife is a huge size queen.

I took it easy and worked my dick into her pussy. Rubbing her clit and stimulating her so that those muscles would relax. Bit by bit I was able to get my whole cock into her pussy and pump it without her grimicing in pain. I started fucking her hard. Her legs were on my shoulders and she was almost bent in half as I pile drove my dick into her dripping pussy.

She was a dirty talker. One more clue that she was a porn-watcher. I fucked that sluts pussy in every conceivable position. Eventually I was trying really crazy shit just to see if she would take it. I had her standing up, bent over at the wast with her hands on the ground and me fucking her from behind. I had her on her shoulders with her ass in the air and her feet by her head as I stood over her and jack-hammer fucked her. No matter how hard I fucked or how I contorted her, her eyes just said "give me more".

She was fucking sexy. She started riding my cock, bouncing up and down so that her ass, went *plop plop plop* as she fucked. I felt myself getting close and said, "you gonna swallow my cum for me slut?" She nodded eagerly (Holy shit this girl was a catch)knelt down and like a true porn star stuck out her tounge as I laid a thick creamy load right on it. She swallowed it down and said "thank you".

I got dressed and we exchanged numbers (definitely) seeing this girl again. I got in the car and started driving over to the car, but not before I called Sara and told her what had happend. "Lucky fuck!" was all she said.
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3 years ago
loved it
3 years ago
I agree with Sara and Mikey....Lucky Fuck!
3 years ago
i agree with sara lucky fuck