Fucked senseless in San Diego part 3

So to recap: While visiting in San Diego, we checked out the local Swinger Club Thads which turned out to be a fucking blast.

The next day (Friday), we went out shopping and sampled the local cuisine. That night we decided to check out the night club in our Hotel. The Hotel Andaz in SD has a night club on the roof and in the basement. Of course, we were hoping to maybe get lucky.

I wore a sexy black mini dress with a low cut back and a low V-neck. We got in and were impressed by the decor and the ambiance. They had a really good DJ, Fire-twirlers on a stage, and a fantastic view.

We scanned the room and saw a lot of hot young Asian girls (one of our favorites). There were also a lot of really good looking younger (college-age guys). By the time we got there, the dance floor was moving so we didn't waste anytime getting out there.

Dave and I danced together for a while. You don't meet a lot of white boys who can dance, but Dave is one of them. We danced for a while, and Dave went to the bathroom while I went to the bar.

I hadn't been at the bar for more than a few minutes when a cute college-boy offered to buy me a drink. I smiled, said "yes you may", and we took our drinks over to one of the couches in the corner of the club. We talked for a bit, he was a senior at SDSU studying something (don't remember what). He was from California and he was really really funny. I noticed that Dave had come back from the bathroom and had seen me flirting, grinned, and went off to go find some talent of his own.

Long story short, we danced, and drank a little bit more and started making out. I asked him if he wanted to see my room, and he lit up. We left the roof, went to my room, and as soon as we had the door shut, I was on my knees pulling out his cock.

He had a really nice body, clean shaven, and his dick wasn't bad (a definite two fister) I licked it up and down and then surprised the shit out of him when I deepthroated the whole thing. He yelled "Oh God!", and knew exactly what to do. He held my hair, and the back of my head and started to fuck my throat. He kept talking dirty calling me a dirty slut, and made me gag.

I moved over to the bed, and hung my head over the edge so that I could take it in my throat easier. I could tell that this guy was in heaven. He rubbed my clit as he fucked my face.

Finally, he pulled out and said he wanted to fuck. I put a condom on him (with my mouth), turned around and bent over at the waist with my hands on the bed, he started to fuck me hard and fast, It was so intense. I crawled on the bed, head down ass up, and he continued to pound my twat. After a few seconds I felt him jerk, and say "oh shit". I knew he had cum already.

He was embarassed, and said "Sorry baby, you're so hot!" I wasn't done though. I pushed him down on the bed and said "you're not done yet". I took off my panties, crawled on the bed, and planted my pussy right on his mouth. He took too it like a pro, sucking on my clit and making me so wet. I leaned forward and started sucking on his partially limp dick, stroking his balls.

He started to play with my asshole, testing the waters, and I responded by moaning, and grinding on his face harder. After about 5 minutes, I came hard pushing my pelvis down on his mouth, and scr****g my nails across his thighs.

I kept sucking until I felt his dick start to come back to life. Then I started to ride him, reverse cowgirl. I bounced on his cock, making my booty clap while he moaned in ecxtacy. I came again on his dick. Then I asked him if he had ever fucked a girl in the ass. He looked at me and stammered "no". I grinned and grabbed my lube and a fresh condom.

I rolled over on my back and put my legs in the air. He stood at the foot of the bed, stroking his dick, looking unsure.

"Use lots and lots of lube I said. Don't be scared" He poured on the lube and then squirted some in my little asshole.

I felt him push the head of his cock against my sphincter, I pushed out and made it relax and his cock slid in. He squeezed his eyes closed and talked about how hot it was.

He started fucking and I held my heels in the air and relaxed as he fucked my ass harder and harder.

His phone had rung 3 of 4 times as we were fucking, and he had ignored it each time. Finally it rung again twice in 2 minutes. I asked him if he needed to get that. He sighed, pulled out, and picked up the phone.

I could tell by his face that it was a girlfriend. "Who is it?" I asked innocently?

"Um, a friend" he replied.

"A girlfriend?" I asked with one eyebrow raised.

He hemmed and hawed and I feigned shock. "You have a girlfriend and your fucking me in the ass?" I said.

He looked so cute there, naked, holding a cell phone, trying to decide what to say.

I giggled, "It's ok sweetie. I am married." He was surprised, I hadn't taken off my ring, I am surprised he hadn't noticed it.

"you had better call her" I said.

He pushed the button, and proceeded to assure his girlfriend that he was out with his friends and that his phone had turned off accidentally. As he talked to her, I spread my legs and started to rub my clit. I rolled over on my knees and rubbed my clit with my ass in the air.

He hung up, and without warning shoved his dick back into my asshole and fucked me hard until he came a second time.

He pulled out, got dressed, kissed me and left me laying on the bed throuougly fucked.

Dave came in around 3 am, after having fucked two skinny Asian girls in the same room. He'll have to write about that though.
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4 months ago
you made me cum all over myself I have to go and clean up was great
3 years ago
A great story :)
3 years ago
wow hot fucking story...youre a pro ;) and hubby sounds incredible!!! keep em coming please!!
3 years ago
Very hot dam lucky him!
3 years ago
Realy good story.... Want to read Dave's version of the evening and two Asian cunts