Fucked senseless in San Diego part 2

To recap: Dave and I went to San Diego and went to a swing club called "Thads". Several young, big-dicked, marines had come in and had each taken their turn in my pussy.

Meanwhile, Dave had found himself on the sofa next to a couple who were going at it big time. She was asian, in good shape, with nice looking fake tits. She was getting fucked doggystyle by her husband and sucking Dave's cock. Her hushand had a nice sized dick and was pounding her cunt without mercy. After the last marine finished and moved away I moved closer to this couple and commented on how beautiful she was.

She paused sucking long enough to give me that "come hither" smile and I moved closer, sucking on Daves balls while she sucked on his head. Dave of course was in agony. The Asian girl (call her Stacy) and I took turns giving Dave head. Dave looked over to the other guy (James) and asked if he wanted to swap, without words, I moved over to James and Stacy hopped on Daves, well sucked dick.

James wasn't super long (maybe 7) but he was hella thick. And he knew how to move his hips. He sat down on the couch and I rode him cowgirl, bouncing and grinding my hips.

After fucking for a few minutes, we decided to go to one of the group rooms. We headed upstairs and found that a party was already in progress. Let me just say, that swinger clubs can be kinda hit and miss with respect to the type of people they attract.

It is not uncommon to go to a club and be surrounded by fat, bald, small dicked men, or toothless, STD ridden hags. I don't know if it is typical for Thad's but the ladies here were hot, and they men were in shape and hung (for the most part).

Back to the couples room, there were 3 girls and about 5 guys, going at it on a giant bed. As usual some of the guys were content to watch on the sidelines. We asked if we could join in, space was made and right away I had a lovely girl eating my pussy.

I hung my head over the side of the mattress, and James started fucking my mouth.

At this point, the details became kinda blurry, because one fuck melts into another and it becomes hard to keep things straight.

I do know that I spent a fair amount of time eating the pussy of this one sexy, older blond lady who would cum so hard, her pussy would tighten up like a vice. It seriously made me wish I had a dick so that I could feel that pussy around it.

One, chubby guy with a gut and a tiny penis made me squirt 3 times inside of 10 minutes. I was so grateful I had to suck him off. He came on my tits.

Eventually, a black man that I had eyeballed when we first came in swinging his delicious dick around. I called dibs and had him pummel my pussy.

Dave found his way back to me while I was riding the black guy and pushed his cock into my asshole. I love anal, but this was only the second time I had done a DP. I could feel their cocks rubbing together inside me.

Dave came in my ass, but the black guy kept pounding even though I am sure Dave's cum was leaking all over his dick.

It was about 2 am when we left, going back to our hotel.

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3 years ago
love your adventure. very arousing.
3 years ago
WOW u are bad ass
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Great story