Fucked senseless in San Diego part 1

Dave and I took a trip to San Diego this last weekend. We had hoped to meet up with a couple we met online, but (as is often the case)they turned out to be flakes.

So we decided to check out this on-site swinger club we had heard about called "Thad's".

The place wasn't the classiest, but it had tons of amenities. A bar, dance floor, swimming pool, hot tub, a glory hole, and dozens of private and public rooms. In the club men had to be naked and girls could wear lingerie (or go naked).

We took a cab from the hotel where we stayed (The Andez in the gaslamp district)to the address. We had been told it was a house on the phone, and so we assumed it would be pretty discrete when we pulled up. You should have seen the cabbies double take when he dropped us off at a house that had a big neon sign that said "party naked" in the window.

We paid our cover, and changed in the locker room. I know that when it comes to lingerie, less is more, so I wore a sheer camisole, thigh high stockings, and 5 inch "fuck-me" stilletos. I decided to not bother wearing panties since they would be coming off (and I have lost too many pairs at parties).

A nice girl took us around for a tour and explained the rules of the club (essentially, keep your distance unless you are invited). Once we were set loose, we joined a small crowd of people at the bar. The club was BYOB, which hadn't known before hand. There was a TV showing some nice amateur interracial porn (my favorite). When we first came in, the club was kind of dead (it was about 9 pm). There were a few younger guys with nice size cocks their with ladies, some average looking bigger ladies there by themselves. Everyone seemed to know each other, and were chit-chatting casually when we walked up.

Everyone was very friendly and we made small talk for a few minutes. Nobody was fucking yet, so we relaxed and talked to the locals.

Now if you don't know, SD is home of a military base (navy and marines I think), and about 30 minutes after we sat down, 3 young military men came in with their cocks swaying in the breeze. Dave saw me staring and chuckled to himself.

By this time, a few more couples had come in and people were starting to play lightly. there was a stripper pole on the dance floor, so I sat Dave down on the couch, and started dancing for him. I swung around on the pole, and bounced my ass on is hardening cock. I saw the solder-boys watching me, and so I turned up the heat, crawled over to Dave and started sucking him off on the dance floor. Once he was fully erect, I started showing off, deep throating his cock, sticking out my tounge and licking his balls.

By this time two of the army guys had moved closer, slowly stroking while watching me gag on Dave's cock. I pushed dave down on the couch, and started riding him in reverse cow girl, grinding against his pelvis and bouncing my ass on his lap. I looked at the nearest guy and told him to come closer. I took a cock in each hand and started stroking it. Their pre-cum was already flowing which did a good job of lubing up their dicks.

As I rode Dave, I took turns sucking and jacking these two stud's cocks. This had finally gotten the third's attention and he made his way over to where we were. Dave, likes to be the last to cum, so he pushed me off of him which made my pussy available. I sat on the couch and said I wanted to get fucked. The new arrival stepped up, I put a condom on his easily 9 inch dick, he then wasted no time in grabbing my legs, flipping me back and pounding my dripping pussy with that dick. He was a good fuck for a younger guy. He used his dick to dig out my pussy, and I came hard. He kept fucking hard and came in the condom. Then his friends came and each took turns fucking my pussy. The third guy bent me over the arm of the sofa, put his leg up on the arm and burried his dick so deep in my cunt that I felt it push against my cervix. He fucked me so hard that my eyes watered and my knees went week. I came hard and every muscle in my body spasmed. He kept power-fucking me until he was ready, then he pulled out, ripped off his condom and turned me around.

Let me say that trying to cum on a girl's face who you don't know can get you slapped, but I am not your everyday girl. I took that cock and deepthroated it right has he started unloading his sperm. You should have seen the look on his face. When I got done, I noticed that Dave had been distracted by a couple that had come in a few minutes earlier. She was an asian girl with fake tits and he was a white guy with a big dick (that was the best thing about this place, almost every guy there was hung like a bear).

To be continued...
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3 years ago
sounds like a good start to a GREAT night.
3 years ago
nice start to an evening of fucking... don't recognize the club but a couple of swinger places in SD are hot
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
good start.