A sl**ping Beauty

I was so excited a friend of mine was throwing a a bash of a party after midterms. He told me I could crash in the spare bedroom so no need for worrying about getting home d***k. This was going to be my first college party. have been invited before but schoolwork always got in my way. These parties of his always had the hottest girls there and I was determined to get laid this weekend. Unfortunately, I still was a virgin. All the stories about these parties made it sound like nobody ever leaves without getting some there or just after.
When I showed up to the party there was already lots of people there. As I made the way through the hall way there was so many people that I kept bumping in to people. I may have taken certain routes to rub up against a few hotties. Even though I enjoyed getting some boob action and occasionally grinding up up against some ass but like I said before I was determined to get some so I know I had to make some kind of conversation with one of these beautiful girls. I started to chat up all the fine ladies but seemed to keep striking out. I tried to hang around where there was more traffic like the keg or beer pong table so I didn't seem like I was hounding anyone in particular. But that did not seem to be pay off. I t was getting late or I mean early and people where starting to leave or pass out in random spots. So I was sexually frustrated as hell again. All the hanging out by the drinking areas really put a tax on me too. I guess I figured I would had up stairs and rub one out and crash.
I made my way upstairs and opened the door to my room for the night and the first thing I hear is a deep snore. My first thought was hell no I was promised this room tonight so I turned on the lights. I quickly recognized the person sl**ping in the bed. I "bumped" into her in the hallways a few times as I made my way through and she was at the beer pong table for the last few hours playing and when I saw her last she was d***k. I was going to grab my stuff and find another place to crash but she shifted in the bed so slightly that I could see up her short skirt. I had a clear view of her little pink panties with silver glitter stars on them. My cock instantly puffed up. I kept staring at here slender legs and up to where her pussy would be. My heart started to beat like crazy as the thought ran in my mind. I was so horny. I began to make coughing noises and other sounds to se how asl**p she was and when there was no response. I pulled out my cock and began to rub it while looking at her. I was soo excited. As she lay on her side I was furiously masturbating just a mere 3 feet away. As I wanted this to last I paced myself a little. I began to wonder if I could some how touch her. I decided to get in to bed with her and se how she responded to any touch. So as she lay on her side I slid up to her and edged my head toward her chest. When I made contact she didn't budge so I began to press my mouth against her chest and slowly slide it down tho her breast. When my mouth hit her nipple I paused seeing if she would respond but she kept on snoring. I slid her blouse to the ide and moved her bra then began to suck and flick my tongue on her nipple while rubbing myself. I felt her nipple stiffen in my mouth and I froze thinking she woke up but she still was out cold. I slowly moved her brown hair out of her face so i could look at her beautiful face as I rubbed myself. I was in heaven. I felt her full c-cup breasts and pinched her little pink nipples. Then out of nowhere she rolled over right off the bed crashing to the floor. I panicked her bras was shifted and I knew her nipples had to be wet with my saliva. I might of had a mini stroke. But when she fell and crashed to the floor she was still snoring. The fall from the bed to the floor must have been three feet and it was like it never even happened. As I sat up on the bed and looked over she was laying there out cold with her wet boobs hanging out her blouse. I got up and walked around the bed and thought about what I should do. I thought I was busted a minute ago maybe I should cut my losses. But my cock had other ideas and quickly sprang back up to life. I bent down and shook her a lil to se if she was any bit awake and she had no response. so I picked her up and laid her back down on the bed. I thought to myself I can do whatever I wanted to her this is my chance. So I stared at he little pink panties and began to slide them off. Once I got them off I saw my first real pussy. It was nicely shaved bald so I got a real good look at it. The first thing I wanted to do was taste it. I always wondered so I spread her legs apart and started to slowly lick the entire lips. I then began to spread her open and taste her yummy flavor. I thought I might just cum then. I licked and sucked on her pussy for about 20 minutes. Then I decided to put my fingers in to her. I slowly went in and out of her pussy. she was starting to get really slimy down there and leak out a little. I licked up all I saw come out thn I spread her a little further and saw her nice pink ass hole. I ran my tongue across it a few times and then decided to slide my finger into it. It was really dry so I got my fingers wet with her own juice before I could slide it in. I was having the time of my life. But I knew it was tim to lose my v card and I took my pants off all the way now. I climbed on top of hr and rubbed the tip on her wt slit then pushed it in. I was in heaven. I thrusted into to her a few times before I realized I needed to stop before I cam. So I pulled out and put on a condom and slid it back in. I kissed her sl**ping face and rubbed her tits as I fucked her. It didn't take me long at all before I cam. Once i finished I went and cleaned myself off then went back to clean her up a little. I slid her panties back on and exited the room and went off on the couch to sl**p.
In the morning when I woke up she was still sl**ping. I pretended like nothing happened and my friend asked me why I didn't slp in the room. I said someone was already in there. Thats when she came down the stairs and said she was sorry she took my room from me. she said she would make it up to me sometime. She doesn't know she did 10 fold.

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1 year ago
beautiful story. Have seen it happen many times and no harm done. People get so up tight about this stuff hthese days!
1 year ago
2 years ago
no not rape its what is called suprise sex perfectly alright
3 years ago
No know that was rape, dont you?
3 years ago
3 years ago
Way to take advantage of a great moment..
3 years ago
hahaha u lucky bastard
3 years ago
She must of been out of it not to feel the fall, way2seize the moment
3 years ago
comments appreciated