watching porn with s*s

I woke up about noon or so happy to have the house to myself. I knew my parents left with my s****r earlier that day and they where gonna be gone for a bit of time. After my regular morning routine i went downstairs to hook up the pc so i could watch a few porn vids on the big tv. After that i went to the hamper in the wash room to find a pair of my s****rs used dirty panties so i could cum and play with them. Even though her panties were so small that they never held my whole load that called for additional clean up, I enjoyed having them.

As I rifled through the hamper I found some really messy pair of cotton and lace bikini panties I often find myself using. I went back to the living room and had a seat I the recliner and selected a video and hit play. I quickly turned up the volume and began to rub myself. It was a hardcore party vid I was watching and this girl was getting pounded by one of the talent. I was going to town. I picked up my s*s's panties and began to sniff and lick the crotch so i could think about tasting her when I heard. "what are you doing with my panties" I froze.

"I Um, was um, what are you doing home anyways"? "I told mom and dad I was too tired and to go without me. But never mind that. Are those my panties?" My heart was racing I was panicked but for some reason she seemed very nonchalant about the whole thing. So I answered "yes. I like to smell as I do my thing". She replied "It didn't look like you were smelling them . I t looked like you were licking them." "I enjoy tasting them to" She then said in such a strangely dismissive manor. "Guys are such perverts". She quickly turned her attention to the screen and commented how she never seen this type of porn before and asked if I didn't mind her watching it too. "sure" was all I could mutter out. She then said "pause it ill be right back". My mind was racing is this really happening? Am I supposed to just "watch" the porn.

She returned to the room carrying a blanket and sat on the couch across from me. she covered herself with the blankets and then I could tell she was taking her panties off underneath. I guess we are going to masturbate together, Sweet, my heart started to race again. She then looked at me then threw the pair of panties she has just taken off to me. My heart raced faster and i thought well i guess she doesn't care. I quickly grabbed them and inhaled her scent. Absolutely intoxicating I could still feel her warmth as i held them to my face. I could taste her creaminess so fresh i thought i could of cam right there. I stared to think maybe I should of had blanket also when I heard a buzzing noise from under the blanket and she said "hit play".

As I returned to the previously paused scene, I thought that how I could easily cum quickly but better to make it last. I couldn't help but stare at her as she made different faces and could see her masturbating and touching herself under her blanket. Every once in a while I saw her looking at me as I rubbed her warm freshly worn panties on my cock. She didn't linger her eyes as long as I would like her to but it sent me very close when she did. Now i I'm not usually a moaner but I thought that maybe she may glance at me for a few seconds longer if I did. I began to moan and saying dirty things like " awwe suck that cock or MMmm your pussy is so tight , even a few your pussy taste soooo good as i slurped on the crotch of her soiled panties. I could tell she really liked it because her movement increased and she kept constantly glancing over at me. Even when she wasn't looking n my direction I could tell she was watching me. i knew I couldn't hold out much longer and just before I cam I got really bold and began to moan her name and say things like "I'm gonna cum" and and I was syaing her name over and over again with how I'm gonna fill her pussy. I had her direct attention now and she was going wild under that blanket. I could tell she was playing with her breasts too. Then for the first time we locked eyes and cam in her panties. This sent her body into a convulsion and she moaned loudly and said my name. Which made me feel like I came again.

I had cum all over me her panties were thongs and didn't hold my load very well at all. I just sat there not knowing what to do when she got up and walked over to me and grabbed her panties from me and said that she was going to take a shower then maybe we can make some lunch as if nothing major just happened. I said "okay" only thing I could muster and she headed off to the bathroom. Though i never saw her do it I like to think when she was out of my view she tasted my cum on her panties.

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now THAT was hot !!!
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Fuck that is so hot!
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loved it