My New Mistress, Ch 1


It all started after 20 years of happy marriage, my daughter had grown up and left home, leaving just me and my wife. She had become ill over the last few years and pretty much confined to bed, because of this our sex life had become less and less frequent to the point it was almost non existent. She was very understanding about my needs and encouraged me to masturbate as often as I needed to and even watched me do it. The problem was I found it harder to get aroused and turned to other things to turn me on, I tried wearing my wife’s clothing to wank in (and over) this worked for a while but I soon got bored, I was watching harder and more extreme porn on the internet when one day I found a bondage site which really turned me on, I never thought of myself as a sub but watching guys being tied up by stunning looking young girls and being whipped, humiliated and made to drink their own spunk had me hooked.
The next day I decided that I was going to try and find someone who was willing to give me the kind of fun I was looking for, after going on a few forums I talked to a local guy who knew a place I could go to, I was given the phone number and told to ask for “Mistress Annabelle” it took me a week to pluck up the courage to ring but eventually did, the phone was answered by a sexy sounding lady who gave me an appointment at 2pm the next day to be “interviewed”, I was told NOT to be late as this was frowned upon. I arrived at exactly 2pm the next day and was greeted at the door of an ordinary looking semi-detached house by a extremely tall and beautiful young girl, around 20 years old dressed in a low cut white blouse, short pleated skirt, hold up stockings and 6” high stiletto heeled patent leather shoes, making her around 2 inches taller than me. She told me to wait in the hall and mistress would see me shortly. After five minutes the girl returned and showed me through to the sitting room, stood in front of a large ornate fire place was “Mistress Annabelle” she was older (Around 50) than I expected but still stunning in her way, she had shoulder length black hair and was dressed in a tight fitting cat suit that showed off her still perfect body, she turned to me and said “Sit” her voice left you under no illusion that this was a request, it was and order, “So you would like to have the pleasure of my services”, Yes I replied, “I must first know what you expect to experience, and what your limits are, also when and if you visit again you will be seen by one of my trainees, you may over time earn the privilege of seeing me, Do you understand” Yes, We spent the next half hour talking about my possible visits and what was expected of me, then I was told that if was to be allowed to return I would be contacted soon.
It was 3 days later when the phone rang and I answered it to find Mistress at the other end, “You will come to me in exactly one weeks time, you will buy yourself some lingerie from your local Summers shop and wear it under your normal clothes when you visit, Mention my name in the shop and they will give you a discount and advise you on what to buy, also no masturbating and No Orgasms till your visit.” Click, the phone went dead.
I was gob smacked, she wanted me to go into my local Sex Shop and buy underwear for myself !! I thought long and hard and decided to go through with it. The next day I went into town and after walking past several times plucked up the courage to enter the shop, at the front was the usual display of nice silk matching undies and as I ventured further back found a section with sex toys and bondage clothing, “Can I Help ?” a voice came from behind me, I turned around and there was a shop girl who looked too young to be working in a place like this, err err I’m looking for some underwear, “Is it for your wife or partner ?” err err No it’s for me, I was sent by Mistress Annabelle to buy it for my visit, “I see we do get a lot of referrals from the Mistress, Come this way” I was led to a room in the back of the shop “Strip” What ! “ I said strip you worthless Cunt, you are a piece of meat owned by all women and will do as you are told without question” I felt a sharp sting as she slapped my face, sssorry I said quietly and started slowly to take off my shirt, after a minute or so I was down to my boxers and stood with my hands crossed to hid my now erect cock, “Are You Fucking Deaf, I Said Strip you dirty old Cunt” I slowly removed my boxers and retuned my hands to cover my erection, “Put your Hands Behind Your back NOW”, I quickly did as I was told and there I was in the back room of a shop completely naked in front of a girl younger than my daughter, with a raging hard on.
“Right Then” She said in a much softer tone “We always like to see new clients of The Mistress, what sort of thing are you looking for”, I’m not really sure I replied, “Well perhaps you’d like to have a look round the shop” But I’m Stark Naked, “Don’t worry we’ll cover you up while you look around” at this she went to a rack and produced a leather full face mask and proceeded to put it on me, “OK Lets go” But I’m still naked !! “Don’t worry, no one will recognise you in the mask” she then proceeded to Handcuff me to a metal ring at the back of the mask and lead me out into the shop. From what little I could see there was around 10 women and teenage girls in the shop who immediately started to laugh and giggle as soon as I entered, “Here’s Another One For You To Play With !!” It seemed that this was a regular occurrence and one of the reasons the shop was so popular, within seconds hand were all over me, one girl still in her school uniform grabbed my cock and started wanking me off “Don’t forget you are not to Cum till you visit Mistress” this was agony I has never been so embarrassed (Or So Turned On) in all my life, I had wanted humiliation but in private not in a shop on the High Street, But Fuck Was I Enjoying It. All I could think about was, I must not Cum, I must not Cum, mistress had promised me severe punishment if I Disobeyed. “Bend Over you Cunt” I did as I was told and immediately felt something cold on my Arsehole, The Shop Girl Was Lubeing Me Up “Who wants to Fuck His Sissy Man Cunt” A middle aged woman said “I Will” and reached for a large strap on dildo of the shelf “Don’t worry about getting it dirty, I’ll put it on his bill” the woman removed her skirt and pants and strapped on the device, “It’s got a built in vibrator which presses on your clit and has a pressure switch which turns it on when you thrust” The remaining women held me down as she went behind me and started to nudge my “Mangina” with the head of the Dildo, as she pushed in I could feel the vibration start and she let out a small moan in acknowledgment, she started slowly then without warning thrust right into me, as I opened my mouth to let out a scream someone strapped a Ball Gag into my mouth rendering me speechless, As she went into me I could feel the vibrations hitting my prostate, “Remember Don’t Cum.” how could I forget But much more of this and It’s too late. “Don’t worry I’ll Help You” The shop assistant then grabbed my Balls and the base Of My Now Ready to Cum Cock and wound a thin leather strap tightly round, cutting off the supply of sperm. “You should Be OK Now” The woman fucking me gave a final thrust as she orgasmed loudly, I felt My Own orgasm building up in my Scrotum but nothing came out, the pain was excruciating and as it built up I collapsed on the floor, when I regained my senses the shop was empty and the assistant was stood over me with a large carrier bag. “Wait till the pain goes away before removing the leather cock straps and you won‘t spill your Cum“ “That will be £249.99 Please” I handed over my credit card and dressed while she charged my card “Thank you for shopping at Summers, I Hope you Enjoyed your visit”
I left the shop and as I walked to my car got a few knowing looks from the women in the street.
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good stuff. hope there is more