A fantasy fuck I shared.

I received an message from a very horny woman fantasizing out me fingering her pussy on a crowded train which really turned me on. Her story ended with us getting of the train at the same stop and her wondering what would happen next. This is a slightly edited version of my replies:

Mmmmmm, your msg got me so horny I wanked myself off reading it. Saying that I wonder what did happen next...

I walked from the platform and out of the station with you following me obediently. Then I walked down a back alley, stopped, and waited for you to catch up. We stood for a moment then I ordered you to lift you skirt up and show me your wet pussy, It was still soaking from it's fingering on the train and all ready for cock. I loosened my trousers and pulled down my zip. Wanking my cock I ordered you onto your knees and then roughly pushed my cock in your mouth, pulling you towards me by your long brown hair. Groaning, you went to work licking and sucking me furiously, with one hand between your legs three fingers rammed up your dripping slut pussy.

Then an elderly man began walking up the alley. You went to pull away but I pushed your head into my rock hard cock making you gag a little.
"Good isn't she?" I said. The man did not reply but as he walked by even you, with your mouth full of my cock, couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants as he shuffled by.

Alone again I told you I wanted to be inside your "hot wet Cunt"... You got on all fours and as I moved behind you I slapped your arse cheeks hard one time each. I steadied myself and from behind began to push inside you. I impaled you on my rock hard prick, pushing balls deep into your soaking cunt and grinding into you while I pulled hard on your hair. I demanded you to beg for cock as I slowly but purposefully began fucking you from behind. I slowly bucked you again and again, steadily getting harder and faster, you groaned and shook as I slid deep into your tight wet cunt, still pulling your hair. Slapping your arse hard I asked you if you could take cock up your arsehole as well as you did in your cunt and you told me your ass was virgin and had never been fucked.

Mmmmm. when you told me this I nearly spunked up in you there and then but managed to calm myself down. Promising I'll be so good to you, I slid my knob, dripping with you pussy juice, out of your perfect cunt and nudged my hardness against your arsehole. You tightened then relaxed as I gently but firmly pushed my cock up your willing virgin ass, not to deep at first. You gasped and moaned in pleasure, It hurt a little but felt so good and your tight arse felt so like it was sucking my cock, getting me ready to spunk. you furiously fingered your clit and open gaping cunt as I rode your arse and called you a sexy dirty bitch... Oh Fuck yes! You started cumming hard, waves of pleasure filling up your cunt and arsehole, I fucked you quicker, harder, ready to spurt up your arsehole. I wanted to see you covered in my cum though, right there in the alley so I pull out pumping cum onto your arse, your back, even your neck and hair got splashed....mmmmmmmm

We quickly covered up and grabbed our belongings. After a passionate kiss we stood and stared into each others eyes. Then I turned and walked off not saying another word.

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6 months ago
We started talking about something else so the story didn't really have an ending... The ending was just added on but it fit in with her earlier bit where she just came onto me, a total stranger as she needed cock. She had wrote those bits though so it isn't for me to post the other half of the tale. Glad you liked it and yes we were both wanking off. B-)
6 months ago
I like the way you fantasize, I have a very strong feeling that you were wanking whilst you wrote this little piece of fiction? It certainly got me to thinking about playing with my hard dick, the story just finished to abruptly...I take it you came and had nothing more to write about? keep up the good work, let your imagination fly and whatever you do, dont stop playing with yourself!