the stockroom

ok, first story....this is true

I had been working in this pub for near a year now. since i had started i had been constantly flirting with a girl named anne (another lounge staff), but since we both were in relationships we never acted on it, everyone else who worked there constantly teased us both over it, something we would just laugh off. anyway to cut long story short, it was after last call one night and i was to head to stock room to get rid of any rubbish, only to find anne hiding out there texting on her phone. i teased her a bit for awhile about it and then we got to talking about how long we could hide out here, i was the first to bring anything up
"imagine alan or the lads saw us leaving here together, they would never let it drop!!"
"i know, they are such tools. and we would never do anything like"
"yeah, seems such a waste, we better ride or something just to make it worth it!"
"Oh god, sean, dont you start....."
for whatever reason, she turned her back to me, my eyes straight away to her big round arse, anne had a pretty face but a very curvy body, i was fully aware of her 36dd tits. i finally said fuck it in my head and went for that arse gripping a handfull of meat where it hangs over the leg. she let out a small scream
"Jesus, sean!!" and pushed me away, half playfully, i laughed and went toward her again, going for her tits, she giggled and pushed me more before i put my strength into it and our bodies where close together, she let out a moan before gobsmacking me. we buried our tounges in each others throats, months of flirting and horniness finally being released. I didn't even think i was in work, as all i wanted to see was those big, bouncy, natural tits. i went out her shirt and could feel the size of them beneath it, i pulled it down just enough and taking my face away from hers,, buried it in her cleavge, she was gasping my name as my tounge searched for her nipples. i found them....they were huge, so sexy, i flicked them with the tip of my tounge, getting them stiff. i could feel my cock, going rock hard. I went for under her trousers, she gasped
"no, sean, not now"
i still went for it, as i rubbed my lips up her neck and bit at it she moaned
"just hurry!"
i shoved my fist down her trousers and under her panties, she had a thick, full bush. I found my way to her pussy, i didnt feel like wasting time so i pushed three fingers up her, she was so wet they went in with ease, she still let out loud scream of pleasure suddenly we heard voices from outside, the customers, were leaving the pub, anne gasped and jumped away from me, shoving her big tits back into her bra, she ran to the stockroom door, laughing and told me she would txt me tomorrow. i couldn't leave yet my cock was still rock solid, so i went to my girlfriends after work and used it on her, sniffing and licking those three fingers the whole time :)
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10 months ago
great story
1 year ago
horny story,ann sounds right tasty
2 years ago
So.....did you ever....