A High School Relationship (Part 3)

Truth and dare slowly started to get a bit lame, Molly was asking stupid questions and Chantelle was about as much fun as a popped balloon.
'Well, this is fun...' Chantelle said.
'Isn't it just...' Molly added.
'Look guys, can't we do something normal?' I thought on the spot.
'Like what?'
'Like...' I looked around frantically - 'Like watch a movie?' I said, spotting a DVD rack.
'Yeah, good idea, this is lame.'

Chantelle looked though the rack, putting out a few DVD's, until we agreed on 'Hot fuzz'
The movie was good, but I watched it before - making me fall asl**p.

I woke up to the sound of the credits on, with Chantelle's arm around me.
I glanced at the clock, 2:45.
'Now might be a great time to go home' I mumbled.
I turned my head round to the bed we were squeezed onto.
'Wait, where's Molly?'
I inappropriately ran downstair in an frantic manner.
'What the hell are you doing?'
I turned though the kitchen, to find Molly drinking a glass of water.
'Oh, just wondered where you were.'
'I just getting a drink, by the way,' Molly stepped toward me - 'you have a sexy girl to seduce' whispered Molly, pointing to the stairs.
Molly looked dumbly at me.
'No? what do you mean, no?'
I turned.
'What's the point? even if I get with Chantelle, I would get heartbroken, including her.'
'Sorry, Romeo!' she joked about, I bowed my head down.
'Wait, your serious?'
I didn't nod my head or anything, she just knew.
'Well, beautiful girls break heart's, it's their job' Molly said, helping herself to the sofa.
I sat down with her, 'Yeah.'
We sat in silence for a few minutes.
'Maybe you should get a girl who cares for you.'
I guffaw 'yeah? like who?'
Molly lent over and kissed me on the cheek.
'Need another hint?'
I slowly moved over to Molly and kissed her on the lips, slowly and delicately, sweetly and motionlessly, we explored our mouths for a minute, which felt like a hour.
'Moll...Molly, I...'
'Shush... don't talk...'
Molly grabbed my hand and slowly went to her breasts, they felt so good in my hands, I squeezed them, so lightly - Molly was moaning in her pleasure.
'Wow Sean...'
We kissed some more, until Molly stopped me, holding her hand to my chest.
'What's wrong?'
Molly gave the sexiest smile, and rolled her hand down to my semi-erected cock, I would say something, slighty embarrassed, but Molly was enjoying it as much as I was.
'Well, Sean, you got anymore?'
I grinned 'do I need more?'
'No, you got enough...'
Before Molly finished her sentence, I leaned forward and kissed her again, until Molly pulled my pants down, I didn't notice until her bare hand felt my - now - fully erected cock.
'Wow, it's massive!'
'I don't mean to brag, but...'
'You should be...'
Molly started jerking my cock, which felt magnificent! I have done it enough times, but Molly seems to be a pro.
She stopped suddenly.
'Somethings wrong...' Molly said
'I've still got this on...'
Molly unraveled her gown and let it slide off.
'I'm not done yet...'
Molly uncilped her bra and though it on the floor, her amazing tits jurred at me.
Molly lowered her hand, 'where were we?'
Molly started jerking my cock at speed, whilst I went to her breasts, squeezing her tit's and licking her nipples.
I stopped urgently.
'Mollyyyyyyyy! I gonna... I gonna...'
'Cum for me Sean!'
In an panic, I grabbed the edge of the sofa, and cummed as hard as I could, Molly was trying her best to swallow my cum, which seemed to be cumming out at an alarming rate.
I stopped, and Molly was trying to catch her breath, 'Wow...'
I glanced at the clock.
'Shit! it's 3:50! I need to get home!'
'We might want to clean this first' Molly said, pointing at a cum-soaked sofa.
'Good point.'

Molly and I spent the last 20 minutes cleaning the sofa, putting our clothes on, and sharing a final glass of water.
'Here you go.' Molly said, handing me a glass.
'Thanks.' We awkwardly stared at each other for a while.
'So,' Molly began, 'I guess this is where we part ways'
I put my glass down and wrapped my arms around Molly.
'No' I said, sharing a tender kiss 'This is where we start a relationship.'
'God, you really are Romeo, aren't you?'
We laughed, kissed, and walked out of the front door, arm in arm as the sunrise appeared over the hills.
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