A High School Relationship (Part 2)

Chantelle and I reached the top and we both just stood there.
Everything inside me wanted to kiss her, just kiss her so passionately, say I loved her since I first met you, and wish we could be together forever.
But she spoke first.
'So are you gonna come in or are you just stand there?'
I went in.

As soon as my foot went through the door, I couldn't believe who I saw.
It was Molly.
'Hey, Sean'
'What are you doing...'
I just notice who I was staring at.
Not Molly.
But the sexiest girl I have ever seen.
She was wearing a black dressing gown which hung loosely on her, which was amazing, considering what was under it.
She was wearing a sexy red bra, with matching knickers which looks so good on her.
'Oh yeah, it's sort of a...pyjama party.'
'I noticed.'
Chantelle walked in, 'The rules apply to you Sean.'
'But I don't have any pyjamas!'
'Just wear your pants then.'
Brilliant, I just remember I have the most loose pants ever, and as I slid my trousers off, I also remember I have two 100% sexy girls around me.
This spelts 'disaster' with and capital 'D.'

We mostly hung around playing dumb party games like '20q' and 'Tickle time' but I was having a lot of fun.
'So, where are your Mom and Dad, Chantelle?'
'Oh, there at Aunt Clara's, they didn't want to be 100m in range with me.'
'That's a bit...well - stupid.'
'Your telling me.'
We laughed and joked around for longer, until Molly posed...
'Hey, let's play 'Truth or dare?'
A weird feeling went through me.

'Chantelle' Molly said 'Truth or dare?'
'Have you ever kiss a compete stranger at a party?' Molly dashed me a look.
'Ha ha! more than once.'
'More?' I thought
'Your turn, Molly'
'Bring it, Chantelle! truth!'
'Ok, what is your bra size'
'Oh my...'
'What was that, Sean?'
'Oh, nothing.'
'Right, Sean...' said Molly
'Who is your crush?' Molly dashed me another look.
'Err...' Molly was secretly pointing at Chantelle.
My mind raced from one girl to another, saying Chantelle was not an option.
'Come on Sean, or I will give you a double dare!'
Molly gave me a dirty look.
Chantelle gave me a quizzical look.
'Yeah, you know, from math...'

More truth's later and Chantelle stood up.
'I need the toilet' she walked out, then Molly thuded me in the arm.
'Sean, maybe you didn't understand, Chantelle is only here for one night.'
'So! I thought you loved her!'
I did, or did I? because there was only one thing on my mind...
'Sure, but what's the point, I am never gonna see her again...'
Chantelle came back in, 'So, what did I miss?'
'Oh, nothing'
End of Part two
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good continuation