A High School Relationship (Part 1)

'Yo Sean, what's up?'
I looked up at her, a smile finally came across my face.
'S'up beauiful?'
She blushed and sat down next to me.
'Hell of a day' I said.
I shook my head, 'He's such an asshole!' I shouted, a bit to loudly - but I didn't care 'I know she started the fight!' I said, with a tear in my eye 'now Chantelle is gone...'
Molly looked at me and put my arm around me, 'you loved her, didn't you?'
I couldn't speak, I could just manage a nod.
'Oh well' Molly said

The rest of lesson 4 went past quickly, but it wasn't fun, memories of Chantelle and Me was repeating around in my head.
The worst part was Chantelle would move to another school, and since Chantelle was leaving to Manchester - and I live in Yorkshire, my heart sank.
Everyone laughed,
I didn't care.

The bell rang and I left.
'Hehe, you crapped yourself, sean!'
'Shut up, jason.'
'Make me.' he said, with a crooked smile across his face.
I left, I couldn't be doing with any problems.
'Yeah, you leave, just like your girlfriend!'
I stopped, let rage slowly leave me, and walked off.
'What a pussy' I heard him say.

I walked down stairs and through hallways with my head spinning around in circles, I didn't really know where I was going.
I was getting dizzy - sick, even.
And I stopped.
I saw Chantelle.
She was walking away to the exit.
She turned, and walk toward me - then broke into a run and hugged me, nearly knocking me over.
'Sean' she said with a tear in her eye, 'I...' she left my arms.
'I know' I said
She smiled 'well, where there's bad news, there's good news'
'Yeah? what's that?'
She passed me a note.
'Read it' she winked, and walked out.
It was lined, and obviously ripped from an exercise book, I opened it with care.

Dear Sean,
I hope I get this to you, I have hit sophie and this is my last strike, so I have been excluded.
Please meet me at my house around 11:00pm tonight.


I couldn't believe what I just read, Chantelle has never asked me to come to her house, this could be my last chance at telling her my true feelings.
'Sorry, sorry.'

School went by in a flash, and before I knew it, I was walking home.
'Wait, is that Chantelle?'
Chantelle was leaning against a wall, looking sad and depressed, I walked towards her.
She turned and smiled.
'So, err, can I walk you home?'
She did a strange, but sexy smile.
'Nope, your only coming to my house at 11'
'What's the matter?'
'I don't think I am aloud to come...parents.'
'Why don't you just...'
'...ask? trust me, if there was some luck in asking, I would.'
'So...why did you want me to come? was there a party?'
She shrugged 'err...sort of.'
'Well, I'm only one person, out of hundred people, are you really gonna miss one person?'
She didn't answer, she turned around.
'You are only invited.'
I didn't know what to say.
'It's ok, I will just...' she walked off
I didn't know what to say, so I just let her walked off.

I walked through my front door.
'Hey, Sean' Mum said.
'Oh, hi'
'How was school?'
'...fine, err...Mum?'
'Err...can I go to a party?'
'Yeah, there's a party, see, and I throught I could go...and stuff...'
'Well, when are you coming back?'
'Err... well, I'm sorta staying over if I...'
'The answer is no, Sean.'
She walked off, there's was no point nagging on about it.
I wasn't going.

I was sl**ping, dreaming about Chantelle.
I woke up, thinking about Chantelle.
I murmured, talking about Chantelle.
I looked at the clock, 10:49.
I was more than upset, I was... I was heart-broken.
I looked out of the window, and I saw Chantelle's house, and saw her through her window, darting left to right, laughing and joking around, it was obvious that she was with someone.
'Well, I wonder if she was just wanted a friend.'
Chantelle looked out of the windpw and caught a glance at me, she waved me over.
'come over!' I heard her shout.
It was almost like automatic, I threw some clothes on, sneak to the front door, *creak*, and ran, just ran.

Before I could knock on the door, Chantelle opened the door, in some pink pyjamas, her sexy body just spoke to me, her amazing, massive tits almost escaped, her round, sexy ass was absolutely... well, there was no words to describe her.
'Like what you see?'
I just notice I was staring at her tits.
'Err... yeah, you look good...great!'
She smiled ' sure, Sean - thanks.'
I think I got away with that.

She walked me upstairs, I had no idea why, but I just kept staring at her ass, I loved the way it swayed one way to another, she turned her head and I quickly looked up, with a stupid, innocent look on my face.
End of part one
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very good start