selena gomez & megan fox lesbian fuck in showe

one day as selena is walking around town she bumps into megan fox at a book store,the start talking and sudenly megan suductivly kisses selena on the mouth and you can tell she likes it because she hasn't pulled back,as they stop megan asks if selena would want to come over to her house & selena says yeah be there in 10 min. 10 minutes later selena rings the door bell then megan opens the door and says i was just in the shower and asks if selena would like to take a shower,selena says okay where's the bathroom as megan says its up stairs first door to the left.okay selena says as she heads up stairs meanwhile megan is taking her robe off and heads toward a drawer next to the couch opens the drawer to get her vibrator and runs up stairs abd opens the door and curtains to find a big breasted selena with a hairy pussy, as megan gets in the shower with selena and grabs the soap and starts to wash selena's legs & slowly moves up more & more geting closer to her hairy pussy and as she reachs her pussy its all wready wet as selena starts to moan louder & louder as megan puts the soap back & gets the vibrator.....
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