Slave solo

well this is a story my lovely slut wrote for me and waht she wrote is what she did so enjoy

I'm lying on my bed alone. You're not there, but you've instructed me to play, but not to let myself cum. I've been too bad to cum but you love the idea of me playing.

I start to gently rub my nipples and they stand up, making my tits look pert and round. I'm about to take some lube and use it to play with my nips, but then i remember the guilt i feel for disappointing you. Instead i take a clip and push it onto my nipple, gasping as it pinches and tingles.
I twist the clip, as i use my other hand to stroke around my pussy.
I use my fingers to part my lips and press my finger into my pussy to see how wet i am. My finger comes out covered in juices and i take it up my mouth and taste myself.
I moan, and imagine you're with me, watching me.
I part my pussy again and rub my juices around my clit.
My fingers explore around my clit, and i start to gently tease it. I start to get goosebumps from the sensation.
I continue to play gently, just enjoying lying there naked and how it feels.
Then i remember that I have disappointed you. I stop and slap myself hard on the ass, the stinging sensation acting as a reminder of your disappointment.
I take my finger and rub it on my clit hard and fast. It starts to burn I'm rubbing it so hard, but at the same time feels amazing.
I pinch my nipple with my free hand and tingles run down my spine.
I start to rub my clit faster and faster, forgetting that i'm punishing myself and trying to f***e my body into orgasm.
I'm rubbing so hard, I can't take myself over the edge no matter what i try.
I keep rubbing until it feels like my clit is going to explode from the combination of pain and pleasure and then I stop, gasping for breath.
I'm upset that I didn't cum, but then remember you'd instructed me not to.

Instantly a wave of guilt comes over me for even trying to cum without your consent.
I put a clip on my other nipple and squeeze them both until it brings tears to my eyes.
I hit my clit and the pain is unbearable.
I stop for a second, and try to think of what you'd want me to do.
I remember how you like me to fuck myself until it hurts.
I take a bottle from nearby my bed and spread my legs.
I start to slowly push it into my wet and dripping cunt.
When it's half way in i f***e it in hard and fast. I start fucking myself hard, gasping as i pound myself. I fuck myself until my pussy burns, fighting back the tears.
I wonder if you'd forgive me if you were here.
I'm unsure.
Just to be sure i know there is one more thing i should do, no matter how much i hate it.
I take my small and quiet vibe, and rub it around my pussy to get it wet. Then i press it up against my asshole and hold my breath.
I push it in slowly and it hurts terribly. I turn it on full and it isn't long before my ass is burning.
I lie there, with my ass buzzing, and think about you fucking me to make it bearable.
To my suprise, i feel my pussy juices drip down my ass.
Despite the discomfort, I'm getting turned on.
I start to rub my clit more gently than before and slowly, in time with the pulsations of the vibe.
My fingers are dripping as my pussy gets wetter and wetter. I intentionally bring myself close to orgasm, my breath shortening, my nipples standing up higher than ever.
The minute i feel myself about to cum, i stop.
I lie there, my ass still buzzing, my cheeks flushed and my body aching.
Finally i think my job is done. I have played and not cum like you asked. And i've punished myself for my own selfishness.
I leave the vibe in my ass for a while, knowing that you would love that.
Then i pull it out, and let it fall on the bed, before turning it off.
I go to sl**p that night, with my pussy juices still dripping between my legs.
It took me ages to sl**p as my body ached for an orgasm, but i felt satisfied that i'd done the right thing.
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