Slave and master part 5

Well i hope you guys like this one i think it's the best she has written so far please comment

I wake up, tied to a bed, a blindfold over my eyes.
I wonder how I've got here, but can't say that I'm too concerned as I feel someone caressing my body.
I moan slightly.
'You're awake. You've been a good little whore and today will be your reward'
Your fingers stroke the sides of my body, touching my skin so gently, my hair stands on end. They trace the edge of my tits, which have began to swell with arousal.
I can't believe this is happening.
You pause to make sure I'm bound tight enough and then return to exploring every part of my body with your fingers.
Your lips surround my right nipple and you suck on it gently, your tongue running circles around it. I gasp. I'm shocked to see this side of you.
You make your way to my other tit, taking your time to caress it fully.
You put some lube on my left breast, and play with it with your fingers, whilst sucking my right. It feels so devine, I can already feel an orgasm building up inside of me.
My pussy is tingling and i feel it start to drip. You hear my breathing increase as you pay special attention to my tits. You start to suck my nipple harder, and without warning i fall into an orgasm like no other.
I hear you laugh.
'Did you like that slut?'
'Yes master' I sighed.
'See how easy it is for me to please you when you've done good?'

You make your way down to my pussy, tracing your tongue along my tongue, still fondling my left tit.
Your tongue explores the outside of my pussy, and i feel you lick it from end to end.
Cheekily, you lick my asshole, knowing it will make me squirm, and then take your attention back to my now dripping wet pussy.
You open my lips with your hand and press your tongue against my exposed clit. I moan instantly.
You start to flick your tongue over my clit and i moan again.
You place your lips around it, and suck it gently, just as you did with my nipples and i moan loudly, it feels so good!
You take out a realistic looking dildo and place it inside me.
You know how i like to have my pussy filled.
Then you turn your attention back to my clit, whilst pushing the dildo inside of my every so often.
You suck on my clit gently again, and my body starts to tense.
You start to suck it faster, and my pussy gets wetter still.
'Mmm, harder' I moan. It seems weird to be giving the instructions.
You start to suck my clit harder and faster and within seconds my legs begin to shake.
'Oh my god, i'm going to cum' I breath.
With that you suck my clit as hard as you can and start to fuck me with the dildo.
After what feels like forever i explode into orgasm, this time squirting all over your face.
It was so intense, I can't believe it.
Before i have time to catch my breath, you put me on all fours and start to fuck me doggy. You know it's my favourite.
My G spot is swollen from all the intense cumming and your cock instantly brushes against it sending shivers down my spine.
You start to fuck me harder and faster and i feel you tense behind me.
I stop you moving.
'If you're going to cum stop master. Please stop and let yourself recover so we can keep going, it feels so good.
You chuckle 'Oh course slut'
You start to fuck me again, harder. You balls are hitting my clit as your fuck me, and i can feel my cum on your face start to drip down onto me.
I start to groan from the pleasure.
'Oh my god, faster master, faster'
You fuck me as fast as i can
You can tell by my moans that I'm about to cum.
As i cum for a third time, my arms collapse, just my ass is in the air as my pussy tightens around your cock.
I feel you go to move away.
'Keep going until you cum in me'
You lift my upper body and push it against the wall and keep fucking me until your cum.
I collapse on the bed in a moment of bliss.
You join me, and i lie with my head on your chest.

After around 10 minutes pass i hear you draw a deep breath as if to speak.
'Did master please you slut?'
'More than i could ever imagine master'
'Then you must do something for me.'
You have me take a quick shower and lay out some clothes for me.
A mini-skirt, boob tube, and a long-ish coat.
You take me by the hand and lead me to the bus stop.
'Why are we here master?'
'We're waiting for our next place to fuck'

The bus arrives and is relatively empty. It's a double decker and you take me upstairs and to the back.
I hear your fly undo.
'Pull your skirt up and sit on my lap' you whisper in my ear.
I do as your say, and you guide my newly wet pussy onto your solid cock.
My coat hides what we're doing nicely.
You start to bounce me up and down on your cock, very slowly, being very discreet.
You do this for quite some time while the upper deck is empty.
A young gentlemen enters the top deck and sits at the front.
'Sit on my lap so you're facing me slut'
I do as you say.
Again you guide me onto your cock, and i wrap my legs behind you.
You undo the top buttons of my coat and pull down the boob tube.
'I do like to see your tits when i fuck you slut'
You start to bounce my again, slowly at first, but then faster.
I become aware of the fact that the man is at the front and realise that this is what you're getting off on.
You start to fuck me harder and the man glances back.
'Moan bitch'
'Sorry master?'
'Moan like you did earlier'
'But master..'
'Just fucking do it'
I start to moan and you fuck me faster.
The man keeps looking at us.
You look over at the man as you fuck me, and he starts to watch.
Suddenly you stand me up and push me against the window, fucking me hard from behind.
My tits are pushed against the window, and anyone outside can see them,
You fuck me hard and fast, the man still watching as i moan.
You grab me again, and push me against a seat my tits hanging over it for the stranger to see.
He watches wide eyes.
You pinch my nipples hard and i moan louder still.
You are just about to cum, i can feel you tensing.
'SUCK ME DRY YOU WHORE' you shout urgently.
I drop to my knees, my ass and pussy facing the man on the bus, and suck your cock hard.
You fuck my throat, and quickly cum, your semen trickling down my throat.
You let out a sigh just as the bus stops.
'Good slut. This is our stop'
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4 years ago
i need her
4 years ago
thanks didn't see that lol
4 years ago
Hot story - but first she was tied to the bed and a moment later she's been taken on all fours.
Nice top-deck ride ;)