Master and slave part 4

I'm the last one left after the evening shift at work, just finishing mopping the floor before i lock up.
I hear someone enter, but think nothing of it, the others often forget their stuff.
I keep mopping, and am shocked when I'm grabbed from behind.
'Hello whore' You breath into my ear.
I shudder as your breath tickles my neck.
'Stand still whore' You command, and i do as you say.
You take a knife from the kitchen and cut my uniform from my body.
I try to protest, I will need it for work tomorrow, but you just spank me and tell me not to move again.
My uniform falls to the floor around me.
You hit me hard in the small of my back.
'How dare you not wear matching underwear slut!' You yell.
'Sorry master'

You put a collar and lead around my neck and tell me to continue with the mopping, and I do so.
You then order me to get on my hands and knees and scrub the floor, it's not clean enough.
Before you let me do so, you remove my panties.
I start to scrub the floor as you say, and suddenly feel your cock f***e its way into my pussy.
I try not to act suprised and keep scrubbing.
You start to fuck my really hard, and i stop scrubbing for a second.
'Did i tell you to stop?'
'No master'
'Then don't fucking stop bitch'
You keep fucking me harder and faster.
You pull out and cum on the floor.
'Look at what you missed slut! How dare you be so careless!' you shout.
'I'm sorry master'
'Lick it up. Lick it until it's clean'
You watch as I lick your cum from the floor, my ass bobbing up and down as i do so.
'I do like to watch your ass slave'
I keep licking the floor as you said.
When you decide the floor is clean enough you say that we're going for a walk.
You make me walk on my hands and knees and take me outside my work, around the car park, wearing nothing but a collar and a bra.
You walk me back in, my hands and knees red and grazed from where you'd practically dragged me around.

You give me a new pair of panties, one with a vibe built in with remote.
You have me tidy the kitchen with them on, playing with the remote and watching me go weak at the knees on the higher settings.
Then you get me back on my knees and put your soft cock in my mouth.
I lick and suck it until it becomes hard.
You let me suck it however i want at first.
Then you start to fuck my throat. As you do so, you turn your remote control right up. You love the way i choke and cough and splutter as i try to gasp and moan with your cock deep down my throat.
You cum in my throat without warning me and i choke badly.
You laugh at me, and spank me until i stop.
At this point I have cum, but think that i've hidden it from you well.
Oh how wrong i was.
'Do you have a confession for master?'
'No master'
Your face contorts with rage.
'Don't you dare lie to me slave!' You slap me around the face.
My eyes fill with tears.
'I'm sorry master. I came'
'You know what must be done'
I beg you not to, but you always have your way.

You stand me up facing away from you, having me balance on a ledge.
You f***e your cock into my ass as i protest. You know how much i hate it.
You begin to lift me up and down on your cock, and I am helpless.
You start pushing me down onto it hard, your thick cock going deep into my asshole.
My ass is burning it hurts so much.

Suddenly you pull out.
I'm ashamed to see some of my shit on the end of your cock.
'Clean it slave'
'Please no master!' I beg. I'm almost crying from my ideal.
You grab my head and f***e it onto your cock. Forcing my own shit into my mouth.
I gag from the taste.
You keep on until your cock is clean.

'That will teach you for lying to master. Now clean this place up'
You sit and watch while I finish cleaning the kitchen almost naked.
I go to grab some spare clothes before I leave.
'Stay here' You go and take my clothes to my car so you are in control of when i can have them.
You take me outside on my lead again, over to your car.
You lay me on the bonnet, and use bondage take to tie me in the position you want me.
You take photos of me from every angle.
Then you untie me, throw me my keys and leave.
47% (1/2)
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