Slave and master part 3

hope this one is better and again my slave wrote it enjoy and feel free to comment what you think

I leave a club in short black mini dress and 5 inch heels.
Suddenly i find myself sat in a taxi. Before i can scream, I realise it is you who grabbed me. You gesture at me to be quiet and I sit silently while we travel to wherever you've chosen.
We arrive at a desolate looking building and you take me to a flat.
I'd been dancing all night, my feet hurt and I'd work up quite a sweat.
'You don't smell fresh slave' you announced when we got in.
With that, you remove all of my clothes roughly and stood me in the shower.
You turned the water on, and it was ice cold. I jumped away from the icy water.
'That water is freezing master' I said.
You smirked. 'Did i tell you you could move?'
I stand under the water again, my teeth chattering, goosebumps all over my body, my nipples the largest i've ever seen.
You wash my body, paying particular attention to my breasts.
You tell me to sit under the water, and i do so, as you take our a razor and check that i am smooth.

You take me out of the shower, blindfold me,as you like to, and leave me standing naked in the cold room.
I'm shivering excessively.
'You're tits look so good when you're cold' you mutter, running your fingers over them softly, before squeezing my nipples.
'Maybe for looking so good, I will pleasure you tonight'
Just the idea of you doing such a thing makes me wet.
You sit me on the edge of the bath and open my legs.
I feel your tongue caress my pussy, sliding between the lips and working it's way slowly to my clit.
When you reach my clit you start to suck it hard and fast.
It's not long before I'm begging you to let me cum.
It is as I'm begging you, the sensations going through my body swell and I start to cum hard.
'It's a good job you look good tonight slut'
I sit there, waiting to find out what happens next.
You pick me up and lay me on the cold stone floor and i gasp.
'quiet slave'
You star to suck my nipples and make your way towards my pussy again. As you tongue slides along my pubic bone, i feel someone else sucking and nibbling on my tits and i realise again, that we're not alone.
'First tonight, you will service my friends' I hear you say.
And feel you move away from me. The person sucking my tits continue too, but someone else start to suck on my clit.
Without warning, all of these wonderful sensations stop.
I lay on the cold stone floor confused.
Then i feel someone lay on top of me and a cock push into my mouth.
I try my best to suck his dick as he pays attention to my clit, and i hear you criticise my technique from across the room several times. I just can't concentrate with this man playing with me.
I feel someone enter my pussy, without warning. I'm so wet he slides in relatively easily, and i hear you moan slightly as you watch.
Not long after, i am put on all fours by your men, one of them still caressing my clit and another fucking me from behind.
Suddenly i feel something put pressure on my arse.
I tensed up in panic.
'What is happening master?' i asked
'You will find out' he said.
The other man starts to fuck my ass soon after that.
The double penetration and the oral doesn't take long to kick in. Although i'm in excruciating pain in my ass, the feeling in my pussy and on my clit becomes too muich.
' I beg you to let me cum master?' I said.
'No. Don't you dare slut, not for them'
I help on as best as i could, but in the end came
I'd never seen you so angry.
The others left.
You tied me up so i was helpless, took a cane and hit me with it until you drew bl**d.
Then, you fucked my ass without any lube.
I was crying by the time you were done.
You told me i deserved it, for letting another man let me cum.
I felt so ashamed and dirty for letting another man do so.
I let you fuck my throat after you fucked my ass to try and make it up to you.
You put clamps on my nipples and my clit and left me in the room.

By the time you came back my nipples were blue and i was in unimaginable pain.
You used a vibe on my clit until I nearly came, then told me i didn't deserve it.
However, much to my delight, you slept beside my that night for the first time. I love the feeling of having a man there.
In the morning you fucked me until i was raw and then used a vibe to make me poor, bruised pussy cum.
Then you make me cum again just for good show.
You told me to wash and get ready to leave.
Just before I left, you grabbed me, and as i screamed no, and begged you not to, fucked me against the wall.
I left the place bruised and sore.
I hoped next time I could pleased you more.
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