Slave and her master part 2

This is another story mt slave wrote for me hope you all enjoy and their will be more

About a week after you left me in the hotel room alone that night, my phone rings and it's you.
I'm just about to have a shower before work when you call.
'A taxi will be coming for you in an hour slave'
'But master I have work!' I protested.
'One hour slave.' You said and hung up.
I took a shower, wondering what you had in store for me. I made sure I was careful to shave my pussy until it was bare, I know you love me to be smooth.
I dry myself and then dress in what it is you had previously requested.
Nipple tassles and a black lace thong.
I hear the taxi pull up, and slip a coat over myself.

Sometime later I arrive at another hotel. As I pull up outside, you call and tell me which room to go to.
I enter the room, and as before, it is dark, and you blindfold me almost straight away. You remove my coat and run your hands over my almost naked body.
'Have you been a good slut?' you ask.
'Yes master' I reply.
You stroke the curve of my ass gently and then spank it hard
'That's not what I've heard slut'
Shocked, I don't know what to say. I know that i have only does as you have requested.
You bend me over and start spanking me hard, and I bite my lip from the pain.
You stop for a moment, and then I feel the sharp sting of a cane.
Without warning you turn my around and f***e your cock into my throat. I gag and you tell me I deserve it, and keep thrusting, making me gag until I'm almost sick.
Then you turn me around again, tear off my tthong and fuck me from behind, hitting me with the cane every so often.
I feel your fingers caress my asshole and I pray that you won't violate it again.
I hear you moan and you pull out and cum all over my back.

You f***e me onto the bed and chain me up as you had before, and leave me for a second.
I feel a tongue brush my clit and my back arches.
The tongue starts to move faster and faster and i start to approach an orgasm.
'STOP' I hear your voice from across the room.
It occurs to me that we are not alone.
'This is my other slave slut.' You announce. 'Now I want you to eat her pussy'
I start to shake. I've never been with a woman like this before. I don't know what to do. You untie me.
She guides me to her pussy, as my blindfold is still on. Unlike me, she is unshaven.
I bury my face in her bush and start to lick and suck her clit. As she approaches orgasm you call out for me to stop as well.
You remove my blindfold. I see that she is wearing a collar and lead, and a blindfold also.
You instruct me to tie her to the bed. I do so quickly, you seem very agitated
You have me suck her nipples while you strap a vibe to her clit and put a dildo in both her pussy and her ass.
She starts shaking.
'THAT slut will stay here. But not you'
I wonder what you have in store for me, as you tell me to bite her nipples hard.
Without warning, you grab my hair and pull me away from her.
You remove her collar and put it around my neck, fastening it just slightly too tight to be comfortable.
You blindfold me again, and remove my nipple tassles, replacing them with clamps.
You replace my thong also.
'We are going for a walk slave' You say.
I tense up. What if people see my like this? I panic about the potential humiliation.

You have me crawl on my hands and knees at first, but then ask me to stand and walk.
You laugh as I stumble on steps and uneven ground because i can't see.
After walking for what seems like forever, the cold air giving me goosebumps I hear your voice.
'We have arrived'
You remove my blindfold and instruct me to get on my knees.
I do so.
I look around the place we are. We're in an open field, with a group of people, stood around, staring at us.
My cheeks burn with humiliation.
'Suck my cock' you command.
I eagerly start sucking your cock, almost greedily, getting it nice and wet and sucking it just how i know you like it.
I hope you are gentle this time though, as my throat still hurts from when you fucked it earlier.
Of course, towards the end you are anything but gentle, fucking my throat as if it were my pussy, making my eyes bulge and my jaw ache.
You cum and I swallow it down.

You get me on all fours and start to spank me. You ask any of those watching if they would like to spank your slave.
Several men volunteer and I am whipped and spanked until it feels like all of my skin is burning.
While you recover, you invite one of the men to fuck my pussy to 'keep it wet for you'
You play with yourself as he fucks me, and I look at you with pleading eyes.
It's not long before you start to fuck me again.
I start to moan from you fucking my pussy hard when suddenly without warning, you shove your thick cock deep into my ass.
I scream from the pain, and the crowd cheers.
Tears well up in my eyes, the humiliation coupled with you violating me ass if really getting too much.
You cum again and get a vibe out.
You pass it to a member of the crowd, and they hold it directly on my clit at full speed, it's not long before i'm shaking and ready to cum.
The crowd member stops.
You laugh at me.
"You disgust me sometimes slut'

With that, you take my lead, drag me to my feet and back to the hotel room.
Once we arrive you instruct me to sit on your other slaves face.
I do so, and she eats my pussy while you pull on my nipple clamps.
You untie her hands and pass her a vibe, and you fucks me with the vibe whilst sucking my clit.
I feel bad for her as she is still spasming from her toys, and looks exhausted, but follow your orders to sit on her face.
I feel myself tense, ready to cum and suddenly you start to twist my nipple clamps, and then release them.
I ask your permission to cum.
'You may cum if you will squirt slut. If you do not squirt I will punish you'
I try to relax and enjoy the orgasm, and thankfully, I do squirt everywhere, practically drowning the other slave.
As she lays shaking drenched in my cum, you kiss me on the forehead.
'Good girl'
You untie your other slave, and drag her to the door.
You open the door and push her outside.
I'm shocked by this and you see I am.
You laugh. 'Relax slave'
You fuck me once last time, this time in missionary, looking me in the eye the whole way through and telling me that I am a slut and a whore.
My cheeks flush remembering the earlier humiliation.
You fuck me until I beg you stop because it's so sore.
After that you fucked me harder until you came, while tears were building up in my eyes
You cum inside of me, kiss me on the cheek, and leave without saying goodbye.

I collapse onto the bed and fight back the tears.
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4 years ago
well I kinda lost interest half way through but it was ok