Slave and her master

This is a story my slave wrote for me hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did

I'm trembling with anticipation as I sit in the taxi you sent for me. I have no idea how long it will take or how far there is left to wait.
The taxi pulls up outside a hotel and I walk past the reception and up to the room number you've given me.
I knock on the door and it swings open. Nervously I step into the room.
It's dark and I can only see the outline of your body as I shut the door behind me.
'Hello slave'
'Hello master'
You come across the room towards me and tie a blindfold tightly over my eyes, as you do so you lean in, I can feel your breath on my neck
'I trust you will be a good slave for me tonight' you whisper.
'Of course master' I respond.
I sense that you have turned the lights up in room, but still can't see a thing.
You remove my coat and survey my body. I'm wearing a tight fitting, low cut black dress. Just as you had requested.
'You have pleased master'
You remove my dress and take me over to the bed.
You move away from me, but I can hear your zip go down. I feel something press against my lips.
'Make your master hard slave'
I take your soft cock in my hand and start to run my tongue around it gently. I feel it start to harden and I start to suck first gently but then harder and harder.
I take your cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. Your cock harderns further still.
You push me to my knees and hold my hands behind me on the bed. You tell me to suck your balls and I take them in my mouth one at a time.
When you are satisfied, you take my head and push me back onto your cock. You instruct me not to move my hands from the bed, put your hands behind my head and start to fuck my throat.
'You're a filthy slut and you need to be punished' you say as you fuck my throat.
You fuck it so hard my throat is throbbing. Suddenly you cum in the back of my throat. I choke slightly from the shock of it.
You laugh 'make it clean slut'.
I lick your cock clean. 'Good slut'
You pull me back onto the bed and take off first my bra, then my panties.
'I hope I please you master'
'Do NOT talk to master unless he talks to you first slave' You shout, spanking my ass hard. 'Master will teach you not to be so disrespectful'
You bend me over and start to spank me hard. I bite my lip as tears well up in my eyes.
You spank me until my ass is red raw.
'Have you learnt your lesson whore?'
'Yes master' I whisper, holding back the tears.
You push me onto the bed and tie my hands to the bed, then you open my legs wide and tie those to the bed too.
I lay there, naked and helpless, waiting for what is you are planning for me.

Suddenly I feel your weight on the bed. Without warning, I feel your cock in me. You start to pound on me. You pinch my nipple hard and I gasp.
'You like being fucked like a whore, don't you slave?'
'Yes master' I gasp, finding it hard to keep my breath you're fucking me so hard.
Suddenly I hear a buzzing noise. You press a powerful vibe on my clit as you fuck me and instruct me not to cum under any circumstances.
As I feel an orgasm build up inside of me I try to hold it off. Just before you cum I can't hold it any longer and beg you to give me permission.
'If you cum, you will be punished slave' But I can hold it no longer.
I cum hard, my pussy contracts and it pulls you over the edge and you cum in me. I squirt, soaking the sheets.
'How DARE you disobey your master' you yell.
'I'm so sorry master'I cry.
'You know what you deserve now slut. I'm going to fuck your ass tonight'
'No master! Please no!'
You don't reply.
I feel your weight leave the bed. I lie there, terrified of what you will do next.

I lay there for quite some time. The cool room making my nipples stand up. I'm shaking from antipation and fear.
I feel your mouth around my nipples and I gasp.
You laugh as you did before. 'I'm not going to fuck your ass yet slut. I will let you worry'
I relax slightly, knowing my ass won't be fucked quite yet.
You caress my nipples with you mouth and I start to writh around with the pleasure of it. I feel your tongue run down my stomach.
Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my nipple, as you pull yourself up to bite it hard. I try to pull away out of shock.
'Don't you try and pull away from me slut!'
You tighten the bindings on my wrists and my legs. My leg muscles start to ache from being spread for so wide.
You start to bite my nipple again and I lie helpless as it starts to burn.
I hear a buzzing again.
I feel a vibe on my clit, on a very slow setting.
'How does that feel slut?'
'Good master'
'Will it take you to the verge?'
'No master' I reply honestly.
You turn the vibe up, right up to as powerful as it gets and my body tenses.
You laugh at me and start to grind the vibe against my clit.
I start moaning.
'Don't you dare cum slut. You don't want me to have to punish you further'
I start to try to move my clit away from the vibe, it's so intense.
You notice and spank me hard. Then I feel a nipple clamp placed on my nipple and I whimper slightly.
'Don't you try to pull away from me slut' You say, spanking me again.
Another buzzing fills the room.
You push it on my clit too, pinching it between the two vibes.
I start to tense up and my legs start to shake as I come closer and closer to an orgasm.
I start to beg you to let me cum but you refuse.
Suddenly, you take the vibes off my clit. Confused, I wonder where you have gone.
Without warning, the vibes are back on my clit, and before I know it, I have cum again, squirting more than ever.
'Did I say you could cum slut?' You smirk.
'No master, I'm sorry master' I say, almost crying from the fear of what will come next.
You don't reply, but I feel something press up against my pussy.
You start to push it in. I don't know what it is, but I know it's too big for me.
'Please master, it hurts!'
Again, you don't reply, and keep forcing whatever it is in my pussy.
At first you were pushing it in slowly, but as I begged you more, you pushed it in hard and fast.
I scream and start to cry.
'Shut up slut, you get what you deserve'
I hold my breath, I know that you know best.
As my pussy stretches around the thing you've put in it, It starts to feel good.
I moan slightly. 'Ah, you like that now slut'
I don't reply as I'm concentrating on what I'm feeling.
'Don't ignore me slut!' You say and spank me hard.
I gasp from the shock 'Yes master. I'm sorry master'
You start to fuck me slowly with your toy.
As I start to find it more pleasurable you begin to get annoyed.
'This is a punishment slut. You should not find it so enjoyable'
With that, you push your toy all the way in. When you feel the resistance of my cervix, you give it a hard shove.
The pain returns. I whimper.
'That's more like it slut'
You start to fuck me with it harder and harder and I lie there, biting my tongue.
My pussy is dripping but is starting to feel sore and bruised.
I start to beg you to stop. This makes you fuck me harder.
I start to shake, this time, not from an orgasm, but from the pain.
SUddenly you stop.
You roll me over, and undo my leg shackles. You instruct me to get on all fours.
I feel you under me for a second, eating my pussy.
I'm shocked. Master doesn't normally do things to please his slut.
You stop and I'm unsure what's happening.
Then I feel something wet hit my ass.
Suddenly I realise.
'Please no master!'
You gag me.
'Keep as quiet as you can slut, and I will be nice'
I feel a finger at the entrance of my ass.
I tense up from the fear
'Relax slut' I try to relax, but I'm so scared.
I feel your finger in my ass, as you stretch it open and start to slip another in. I whimper.
'I told you to be quiet slut'
You spank me hard.
I feel your weight shift on the bed, and the tip of your cock by my ass.
I hold my breath and wait for what is coming.
You push your cock into my ass and the pain is intense. I f***e myself not to scream.
You start to slowly fuck my ass. You tell me to thrust back onto your cock.
I do as you say, despite the pain.
It doesn't take long for you to cum, my ass is so tight.
You leave me on the bed, your cum dripping out of my ass.

I lie waiting, the room is silent and I don't know what is happening.
Then I hear your voice.
'I have to go out slut. But you will stay here.'
You put a second nipple clamp on my other nipple and give them a twist for good show.
You strap a vibe to my clit and put a dildo in me.
'Just to keep you wet while I'm gone' You say, before tying my legs back up and turning the vibes on.
I hear the light switch go, and the door close.
I'm exhausted from earlier and want more than anything to just sl**p while you're gone, but the constant stimulation won't let me rest.
My pussy is sore and my clit is throbbing, my nipples feel like they're on fire.
I lay there, for what feels like hours, hurting, but every so often tensing then squirting on the bed.
By the time you return, I'm laying on soaked sheets, exhausted, every part of me aching.
'I'm back slut'
I grunt in response, the gag stopping me doing anything else.
You remove the vibe and dildo, but just pull the nipple clamps away from my body and let them go.
You inspect my body, inch by inch.
'Your pussy looks sore slut'
I try to tell you it is, but can't through the gag.
You untie me and stand me up. I nearly faint fromt standing so quickly.
You hold me against the wall and start to fuck me. I wince with every thrust.
You stroke my hair. 'Don't worry slut, it's almost over'
You fuck me hard and fast, and you cum quite quickly. Your cum trickles down my leg.
'Is my poor slut sore and tired?'
I nod.
You pick me up and take me through to the bathroom. I hear water running.
A few minutes later, you put me in the bath. Still blindfolded, I start to wash myself, sensing you're still in the room.
When you feel I'm done, you pick me up, dry me and take me to the bed, which is still soaked with my cum.
You lie me down on my side, and lie down behind me.
'You have pleased master tonight slave.'
'I am glad master.'
'Well done, you have been very brave. Goodnight slave. Love you'
'Love you too master'
With that, you stroke my hair, kiss me on the head, and I hear the door close as you leave.
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3 years ago
luv this story
4 years ago
Dripping wet after reading this!