playing doctors with s*s

I have fond memories of my s****r and me playing doctors and nurses when we were k**s, we were very young yet we knew that the game was a way of exploring each other bodies without feeling it was wrong. She would come into my bed room and ask me to play with her, i said i would as long as i was the doctor and she had to do anything the doctor asks. She agreed and i would put on my white doctor coat and the game would start.
She would go to her bed room and get into bed as if she was in hospital, i would come in doing my rounds, i walked up to her as she lay there, “how are you today?” i would ask,
“i have pains in my belly” she would reply,
I pulled the sheets down, she had a light dressing gown on , i untied the bow and open it up, she had her little pink knickers nothing else, she had no breasts just little pink nipples that looked no bigger than my own. I touched them gently and asked her if that felt ok? She nodded her head i rubbed them both with my fingers.
I then asked her to take her pants down for me, she lifted her bum off the bed and peeled them down over her hips down past her knees of took her legs out and threw them on to the floor, her smooth little pussy looked beautiful, i open her legs and looked down at her little pink lips, “ i need to take a closer look” i told my s****r, i bent over her my face inches from her hole, “ could you please open your pee hole for me” i asked her
She placed her hands down between her legs and opened herself up pulling her lips apart as wide as she could, i could smell the sweet juice from her hole, i placed a finger on the entrance of the tunnel and slowly pushed it inside, at first just a finger tip but then slid it in further as far as it would go, it was warm and wet and i moved it about inside my s****r was smiling “ that tickles” she said i pumped the finger in and out her juices running out between her legs, i removed my finger and placed it on my s****rs mouth “ lick it please” i asked her she open her mouth and sucked my finger
“Please turn over onto your belly” i told her
She rolled over and placed her face on the pillow so she could see me
I placed my hands on her bum cheeks and squeezed them; they were so soft and small,
“Could you lift your bottom up into the air please” i asked
My s****r lifted her knees up which in turn raised her bum into the air, i pulled her cheeks apart exposing her little anus, i remember seeing her bum hole and even thou i had a erect penis already, it now started to throb
I licked my finger and placed it on the hole, “ im just going to see if everything is ok in your rear passage” i told my s****r “just relax” i said
I pushed the tip of my finger slowly into her anus, it was so tight and dry, i removed it and reached across her bed and picked up a tub of body cream she used to rub into her dry skin every night, i dipped my finger into the jar and ensured my finger was well immersed, i returned to the waiting anus and placed the tip of my finger again into the hole, this time it slipped in so smoothly, “could you please push your bottom against me “ i asked her
She at once lifted her bum and pushed against my hand, my finger now deep inside her, “ how does that feel?” i asked
“feels funny doctor, but its a nice feeling!”
I squeezed another finger into the hole, there was no way i could have got three in , two would have to do, the cream was oozing out of her hole as my fingers fucked her slowly, at this point i had to take my cock out it was bursting in my pants, without removing my fingers from her hole i released my trouser zip and removed my little hairless cock, it was so hard , i moved round the bed and climbed up so i was now behind her, her bum cheeks facing me, my knees either side of her legs her bum only inches away from me, i pushed my fingers deep inside her,
“ i need to put some special cream inside your p*o hole” i told my s****r
“ and i need your help” i said
“ Yes doctor anything you say, you know best” she said
“ i want you to hold open your p*o hole the same way you did with your front hole, but much wider!!” i said
She reached round with both hands and grabbed hold of her cheeks, pulling them apart her little hole opened up and my fingers felt lose,
I slid them out, her hole stayed wide as she held her cheeks apart
“Now put your fingers inside your p*o hole and pull them apart please” i asked
“yes doctor” her fingers crawled towards her hole and she placed two fingers from each hand inside her hole and again pulled the hole wide open for me, i bent down, my face an inch from her anus, i wanted to lick it but there was still so much body cream splashed about i knew it would taste terrible, i would have that for another day i thought.
I took my cock in my hand and started to pull and rub it, i knew it would explode very quickly, i shuffled forward so i could lean over her bum, my cock hovering over the open hole, my spunk shot out spurting inside my s****rs bum hole, five time it spunked out sending my warm cream inside the hole,
“Nearly done” i said as i squeezed every drop out, placing my cock back inside my trousers, i climbed off the bed,
“There you are miss, you can close the hole now” i said and you can put your pants back on now!”
She removed her fingers and turned over
,” thank you doctor” she said . swinging her legs over the side of the bed she stood up and started to walk across the room, i stopped her and told her to wait a minute. I reached down and slid my finger inside her bum hole as far as it would go, it was so wet and full of my hot spunk
“im just checking everything is ok up there” i told her
I pulled my finger out it was dripping wet and full of cream and spunk
“thank you miss, i will need to see you again very soon”
“very good doctor i will make an appointment very soon.

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2 years ago
that was a nice little story
2 years ago

Reminds me of playing with my sister and girl cousins!!
2 years ago