a moment on a train

A moment on a train

Raven was returning home on the train. Across from her, sat a very handsome West Indian man. When she he looked at him she had a strange sense of being possessed by him. They were on the silent car so the may have never spoken to one another. However, a crazy Australian couple sat down with us and started talking away. So they had the opportunity to speak briefly before the Australians started getting dirty looks. They then realized it was the silent car and got up and left. Wanting to see him more she said “tell me when you’re going for lunch, I’ll come with you”. He did and she did.

She was wearing a knee-length skirt and a thin sweater with a tee shirt underneath that made it clear that her nipples were pierced owing to the prominent outline of her nipple rings. She hadn’t been planning to take off her sweater (well, perhaps she was if the occasion presented itself).

They started talking. He was sweet and warm and smart so she let her guard down. For the past 12 years she had been with women only. She had not liked having sex with men in the past. She had found that thinking about having sex with them was always better than actually having sex with them. Her partner of 10 years had recently killed herself. She identified herself as a lesbian. Knowing that he began to flirt with her mercilessly. He told her that it was too bad she was a lesbian because he’d like he’d like to have some of that “phat booty”.

She had told him stuff she had never told anyone before. She told him things about sex with her deceased partner, her likes and dislikes. She was straightforward in way that is uncharacteristic of her. She began to realize that this man was making her very hot and so she began flirting with him also (she certainly had done this from the beginning but was often oblivious that she to the fact that she was flirting). She thought, “well he’s a boy”, so I can flirt with him all I want but he knows he won’t get any so she thought she was safe. But she noticed was actually thinking about what it would be like to have sex with him.

During this time she had had to go to the bathroom. She noticed that it was the same it had always been on trains, except larger. She thought “yea, the only difference is that they made them big enough to have sex in”. She shared this thought with him when she returned. He said, “Wanna try”? She laughed and declined his offer.

As they were sitting next to each other looking at something on his ipod they touched. She swallowed hard as desire coursed through her body. While they were standing talking next to each other she took off my shirt. He stared. Then looked at her and said “ok

But that got her thinking. She recognized that pussy was soaked at the idea of fucking this man in the bathroom. She surreptitiously reached under my skirt and untied her thong. She laid it on his lap. He looked at her and said, “Underneath that good girl shell there actually lurks a bad girl”. She nodded. “Come here”. Standing next to him he slowly ran his hand up her leg and ran his fingers ever so gently over her shaved pussy. Her wetness was impossible to disguise. “You little slut, having me thinking you didn’t like boys”. She smiled and her knees grew week as he told her the things he would like to do to me.

He grasped her labia and just held it as she squirmed. “This pussy is going to be mine”. He released and ran his fingers over her soaking wet clitoris. He stroked and then took two of his long dark fingers and pushed them all the way into her pussy. It took everything she had not to gasp. It felt soooo good. Three fingers; he fucked her with them. She nearly passed out.

“Go to the bathroom and wait for me.” She did. He came in and pushed her up against the wall. His power felt so good. He began moving his hips against her; slight back and forth movement that made sure she could feel the rising monster in his pants. “Oh yea, I’ll have some of that”. Put his big hands around her waist and bent her over the sink. The contrast of his chocolate hands against her creamy white skin was almost too hot to bear. He whispered in her ear, “If we didn’t have to be quiet I’d spank that nice round ass” as he unzipped his pants and dropped them to his knees. Bent over he raised her skirt to reveal a smooth, naked, soaking wet pussy. “Mmmmm”. He told her to spread her legs or she’d spread them for her. She complied moving her feet as far apart as they would go. He took a step back and assessed the situation, saying: “God you’re hot girl”. “Your body was made to be fucked by a real cock”.

He stepped forward and took a long lick of her sweet-smelling pussy. She breathed in sharply. He put his fingers inside her and continued to lick. It felt so good. “Do you want more than that Miss “I don’t like boys”? Do you want me to put my fat cock inside you”? “Yes, please”, she responded.

He took his throbbing penis in his hand and rubbed in up and down over her clit. She was going crazy. “If you want it you will have to ask for it” said he. In a moment the feel of him was just too overwhelming. “Fuck me now, fuck me hard”. And with that he slammed his rock hard cock all the way up inside her pussy. All she could manage to say was “oh my God”.

He pushed in and out of her wonton pussy, slowly at first and then with increasing need. She could hear herself saying “fuck me harder” over and over again. He happily obliged. They climbed the latter of desire together and then jumped into oblivion.

She wanted that moment to go on forever. They turned to one another; too exhausted to speak, and held each other as if they were one. For that moment the world stopped and they were the only ones in it.

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3 years ago
wow that was hot!
3 years ago
Hey orientation of gender is really a non issue when physical attraction determines the outcome.I speak from having traveled that road.Nice story though.