The Office Masseuse 2

As those that read my first Office Masseuse story will remember, Emily, my colleague from work, had decided to do massage on the side to makeup for the loss of income caused by her husband getting laid off.

I'd been a little uncertain about the wisdom of my getting a massage from a work colleague... Especially since I tend to get a little excited while being massaged by an attractive woman (and Emily was a very attractive middle aged woman... nice figure, attractive face) and I was concerned she would be offended or embarrassed if I got too "touchy feely". But our first session had been a great success from my point of view. She hadn't minded my sliding my hand up under her skirt and, eventually even let me finger her pussy while I stroked myself to an explosive climax. She'd refused to take her clothes off and she had not been willing to jerk me off herself... But considering it could have all ended up in a mutually embarrassing mess... It worked out great. And I think the good tip I gave her put her in a good mood since she agreed I could come back for another appointment. (As I found out later... She liked the money but she also liked the nastiness of the situation :)

My next appointment was a couple of weeks later and, as before, I showed up at her house in the evening after dinner. She met me at the door and I noticed she was wearing a nice summer dress... sleeveless which showed off her lovely arms, thin cotton fabric and rather form fitting, mid-thigh length, and a V-neck with buttons down the front. Things were definitely getting interesting!

She e****ted me to her massage room and left while I got undressed. No mention of putting a towel over my waist this time :) When she came back, she immediately began giving my back a very good oil massage... And I immediately began taking liberties. Her bare legs were as smooth and firm as I remembered them and when I slid my hand all the way up to her bottom (somewhat challengin when one is face down on a table) I was delighted to find she'd dispensed with the panties entirely! Woo Hoo! I decided to bide my time and limited my self to caressing her calves while I enjoyed the backrub. But, trust me, my cock was getting seriously hard at this point.

After a very conscientious backrub from my neck all the way down to my ankles, she asked if I want to turn over. Which I gladly did exposing her to a view of my hard cock and hairy balls. She made no comment about my excited state but just began massaging one of my hairy thighs. I tried catching her eye but she seemed to be a little embarrassed and would not make eye contact. I gestured at my excited state and asked if she could help me out... She asked "How?" in a low voice, and I laughed and said "Take some oil in your hand and stroke it". To my utter delight, that's just what she did. She was a bit awkward, I don't think she'd had much practice at doing it... But just getting her to was wonderful :) As stroked my dick, I began groping and feeling her up in earnest.

It turned out she was naked under the thin cotton dress... no bras or panties. And she made no complaint as I squeezed and fondled her round cheeks both through the fabric and after I slid my hand up her dress. I reached up and cupped her nearest breast... A lovely warm handfull and she made no protest as I unbuttoned the dress and let it fall open. I began running my hands over her naked breasts and felt her nipples hardening and then I ran my hand down over her flat belly and began combing my fingers through her lovely triangle of crisp pubic hair. She just kept stroking my cock the whole time.

I looked up at her and said "God, I love this... You are so hot!" And I saw her smile slightly but she still wouldn't make eye contact. I asked her in a whisper to turn towards me a bit and spread her legs... And she did!

I slid my hand up between her legs and began exploring her cunt slit. As before, her pussy lips just opened and the edge of my hand was bathed in her juices as I slid it in and out along her slit. I saw her eyes close and her mouth opened slightly and she began undulating her hips, rubbing her cunt against my hand. She also lost her concentration and almost stopped stroking my cock.

I laughed and asked her to pour some oil in my hand so I could jerk myself and let her concentrate on getting herself off on my hand. I could smell her cunt juices which were literally dripping down my fingers. I asked her to fondle her tits and keep fucking my hand which she did squeezing her breasts, playing with her nipples...

And all the while sawing her cunt slit back and forth on my the edge of my hand. I kept stroking myself and telling her what a hot, sexy wench she was... Another minute or so and we both lost it...

I shot semen all the way up to my collar bone and she came so hard... She was squeezing my thighs so hard I had bruises the next day and she literally screamed. (And it suddenly occurred to me to wonder where here husband was!).

In any case, hubby didn't come bursting in and, after we caught our breath, we agreed a good time had been had by all and I said I would really like to come back for another session. She gave me her secret little smile and did make a brief eye contact and agreed that I could make another appointment...

All the while standing their with her summer dress hanging open with some of my come dripping down her belly towards her lovely little triangular pussy! I gave her an even bigger tip this time... But she gave me some of it back... Anyway, maybe I will write some more about some of our subsequent sessions... :)
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