Teacher learns a lesson part 3

Right now for part 3 . Diane a 55 year old teacher was being blackmailed by Josh a 15 year old k** read parts 1 2 for the background .Diane ran upstairs her tits bouncing about all over the place .Where you going Josh asked ? For some mouthwash get that disgusting teast out of my mouth Diane said .After a few mins Diane came back down the stairs she had forgot she was stark naked as she came into the living room .Sit here next to me Josh told her as he patted the place next to him on the sofa .

Diane sat down josh put his hand on his teachers leg .Diane was 55 years old long black hair her tits had quite a bit of sag to them but she was 55 she was a bit chubby but to Josh she looked amazing and her ass was huge thats why the k**s called her fatarse .Now then Diane im going to fuck you Josh told her .Please dont Diane sobbed you have had me suck your cock you came all over my face and in my mouth no more please .

Hey we have all weekend to play with you Josh told her at this Diane just sobbed her heart out as Josh rubbed Dianes leg .Now get on the floor Josh told her and lay on your back as Diane did as she was told Josh got down next to her .Now bend your knees she did now open your knees as wide as you can .Diane was crying her eyes out now tears pouring down her face .Josh was betwenn her legs looking at her pussy wow Diane you sure are hairy as he stocked her pussy hair this just maid Diane cry even more .

Diane had her eyes shut tight but she could feel Josh mount her he laid on top of her she felt him take her left nipple into his mouth he sucked on it flicking with his tounge god Diane thought please dont let it get hard for him as Josh bit down on her nipple Diane gave a yelp .Then Diane felt him fumberling about between her legs god she thought god she thought hes going to have sex with me .me a 55 year old granny is going to be f***ed to have sex with this 15 year old k** i teach .Josh thought im going to have sex with her the first time ive ever had sex .

As josh laid on top of Diane he found her opening and put his cock to it and pushed she was very dry but he got the tip in her then inch by inch he was deep inside Dianes pussy Josh was in heaven it felt so tight and warm in her pussy Diane was wailing and crying her eyes out as Josh fucked her wrap your legs round my back he told her she did as she was told and wrapped her legs round Joshs back she could feel his cock deep inside her as he pumped her .

Just then the doorbell rang god Diane thought who the hells this as Josh was fucking her .Josh pulled out of Dianes pussy put his jeans on and went to the door .Hi Lizzy said as Josh opened the door come on in Lizzy WOW Lizzy said thats Fatarse what are you doing to her Josh ?as Lizzy came into the living room Diane was laying stark naked on the floor Diane was so embarrassed and humilliated as the two k**s looked at her naked body .Call her Diane ok Diane is going to do anything you tell her to do ive allready had her suck me ive cum in her mouth ive fucked her pussy now im going to ass fuck her at this Diane just sobbed her heart out

Can i watch lizzy asked sure Josh said Diane loves to be watched as she takes a cock up the arse he giggled .Right Diane on your hands and knees head on the floor arse in the air .Diane was crying her heart out as she got on her hands and knees with her huge arse in the air .WOW her arse is huge Lizzy said this made Diane cry even more as the two k**s got behind Dianes arse they were looking at her arse hole then she felt a finger go up her arsehole she yelped keep still Josh told her as she felt his cock try and get into her arse hole the head popped in to her arsebhole .Kizzy went round to her front and strocked her hair and held Dianes hand as Joshs cock inch by inch went up Dianes arse hole Diane was yelping moaning and sobbing her heart out as Josh fucked her arse hole then she felt him tighten up god his not going to cum up my arse is he Diane thought just as she thought that Josh dumped his load deep in Dianes arse hole he pumped her full of his young cum .Josh just stayed were he was for a few mins Diane thought whats the little bastard doing now as she knelt on the floor with his cock up her arse hole then Diane felt a warm feeling up her arse then the thought struck her fucking hell his pissing up my arsehole Josh filled Dianes arsehole with his pee .Diane just flew to the bathroom tits bouncing all over the place .

After a few mins Diane came back into the living room that was disgusting she said hey come and sit next to me Lizzy told her Diane did Lizzy put her arm round Diane and hugged her to her there there she said as she hugged Diane and held her left tit in her hand playing with her nipple now its my turn to play with you Diane Lizzy said kiss me Diane as Diane kissed Lizzys lips Lizzy parted Dianes lips wiht her tounge and explord her mouth .

Now strip me Lizzy told her Diane got to her feet and took Lizzys tee shirt off her she did not have a bra on her tiny little tits were just like two fryed eggs so tiny .then Diane unsnaped her jeans and pulled them off her then her knickers came off Lizzy had just a tiny bit of hair round her pussy as she was so young Joshs eyes popped out of his head as he saw Lizzy naked for the first time she was so skinny .

Be back in a min Lizzy said as she went to the bathroom now all 3 of them were stark naked in Dianes living room .Lizzy came back into the living room Dianes eyes nearly popped out of her head as she saw what Lizzy had in her hands .Lizzy had shaving gel and a razor now time to give you a shave Diane hate a hairy pussy Lizzy said .Diane was mortified please dont shave me please she cried .Come on Diane lift your arse and sit on this towell as Lizzy got some shaving gel on her hands and rubbed it all over Dianes hairy pussy .Diane was sobbing her heart out Josh was just sitting wathing Lizzy shave Dianes pussy .

God Diane thought im a 55 year old granny and im having my pussy shaved by a 14 girl as Lizzy was patting her dry Dianes phone rang Josh told her to see who it was its my husband Diane told him ok talk to him as Diane was talking to her husband Lizzy was playing with Dianes shaven pussy .

Lizzy had her finger in Dianes pussy as she talked to her husband she found Dianes clit and pinched it Diane yelped you ok her husband asked its just my migrain Diane said ok you take care see you about 5 00 pm Sunday and rang off .

Now i want you to eat my pussy Diane Lizzy told her as Diane got between Lizzys skinny legs Josh had his cock in his hand this is the besy day ever he thought ive cum in my teachers mouth fucked her pussy arse fucked her pissed up her arse hole now im watching her eat Lizzys pussy out .Diane licked Lizzys pussy she parted her pussy lips she was dripping wet Diane thought her juices tasted lovely as she fucked her with her tounge then Diane teased Lizzys tiny clit out of its hood and flicked it with her tounge that sent Lizzy over the edge her girly juices shot out of her all over Dians face .That was amazing Lizzy said as Diane just knelt there cum dripping of her face .

Now im going to fuck the shit out of you Lizzy told Diane as she buckled on a huge black stapon on your back get your legs wide open as Lizzy laid on top of her two girls fucking each other this is great Josh thought as Lizzy f***ed her strapon up Dianes shaven pussys . Dianes eyes nearly popped out of her head it was huge she took all 9 inches up her she was panting sweat was pouring of her as Lizzy fucked her brains out she took her fucking realy well after 17 mins of hard fucking Diane felt a tingly in her pussy god please dont let me cum she thought not by a 14 year old girl please but it was to late Diane came like never before she was shaking her juices poured out of her pussy thats it Diane cum for Lizzy cum all over my stapon as Lizzy pulled out of Dianes sopping wet pussy she put it in Dianes mouth now lick me clean and she did she could teast her juices all over Lizzys strapon .

Then they all went to Dianes bedroom were for the rest of the night Lizzy and Josh took turns fucking the shit out of Diane she had her mouth filled with cum her arse fucked so many times she lost count and her freshly shaven pussy fucked so many times it felt so sore .

Next morning as the two k**s left Diane felt like she had been fucked for 24 hours non stop as she ran a bath her husband came in sorry im late he said the police have stoped all cars coming in to the street as theres been a car crash two k**s just walked straight out in front of a 20 ton lorry all the driver saw was two k**s giggling then walk straight out in front of him .

How are they Diane asked both dead her husband told her it was Josh and Lizzy thats sad Diane thought but im now free hope you enjoyed
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4 months ago
you are some writer this is a great story unusual ending but great very descreptive, very sensual, I got so horny I came twice and I'm still very hard I need my ass pussy fucked good
10 months ago
Very creative & hot