Paying her bills with her pussy part 3

Right read part 1 and 2 to understand this story ok

Now its time to vist Tracy Walker she is a 29 year old married women with 3 k**s shes been paying the loan off with her pussy for 1 year she has 2 payments left .Last time i was round there Tracy was about to give birth to her baby .She asked me please dont fuck me as im nearly due ok i said i have got a heart so if you give me the blowjob of my life ill let you off your fucking but i want you stark naked when you suck me .So Tracy started to strip her belly was huge and her tits were bursting with milk and she gave me one hell of a blowjob just love pregnant women then i came all over her face mmmmmmm

Now im back for the next payment i had a 15 year old black k** with me his name is micky hes on work placement with me i know his farther we do each other a good turn when we can so i rang the bell Tony her husband opened the door o its you again he said hi Tony hows it going i said .We went into the living room Tracy had just been feeding her baby hi Tracy i said o god not you again Tracy said whos that with you thats Micky hes working with me for a week .

Right Tracy you have 2 payments left how about i make it just one if you fuck micky and me today ill call it over what Tracy said hes just a k** i carnt fuck him ok up to you i said thought you would want it over with .Tracy had a think ok she said this will be the last time right sure i said .So Tracy striped naked in front of us and her husband how olds your baby i asked 3 weeks Tracy said had him just after you left .

Micky will fuck you first so on your knees and suck him i told her Tracy dropped to her knees and unzipped micky he was nearky cumming before Tracy had his cock out Tracy found his cock and pulled it out her eyes nearly popped out of her head he was huge and he was only 15 Tracy started to suck him she licked his cock up and down sucked his balls into her mouth then Micky just lost it he blasted his cum all over Tracys face her face was a mess she went off to wash her face .

10 mins later Micky was hard again on your back Tracy time to earn your money she hated this being fucked for money more so in front of her husband and me as we watched her beeing fucked by a 15 year old black k** Micky was pounding Tracys pussy her tits were flying about all over the place as he fucked her .Next he told Tracy to ride him so she straddled him and took his cock inside her she was bouncing up and down on Mickys cock lean over me he said Tracy lent over Micky he got Tracys nipple in his mouth and started to drink her milk.Hey i said Tracy your husband likes seeing you being fucked and having your milk drank from your tits by a 15 year old black k** hie rock hard and wanking hisself .

You bastard Tracy said you spend all my money take a loan out and i have to pay back by being fucked your a fucking wast of space your getting hard by watching your wife being fucked and having my milk drank by a 15 year old black k** fuck off Tony .

With that i got behind Tracy pushed her over Micky and started to push my cock up Tracys asshole she was shouting and screeming as she took 2 cocks at once her ass was so tight but i was soon balls deep up her ass we fucked her brains out Micky was still drinking her milk as we fucked Tracy then we both came her pussy and asshole were flodded with our cum i heard a pop as my cock slide out of her asshole and she clamberd of Micky i told Tracy to turn to me i want some of your milk i said as i sucklied on her huge tit it was lovely .

So thats the last time for Tracy i told her if you ever want to earn some money give me a call i know lots of guys who would love to fuck you for money your a great fuck Tracy part 4 soon
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1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
Its good to see the loan paid in full... :)
1 year ago
Very hot,,thanks