selling mums pussy part 3

Hi a little about me before i get on with the story .Im now 18 mum never wanted a baby so i was looked after by a nanny who was about 46 i saw mum about once a month then only to say hi to me .My nanny as i told you in part 2 gave me a wank after my bath when i was 12 i loved that she just gave me a wank so i would make dad keep her in the job this got my young mind working overtime if she wants to keep her job here what else would she do .So next night after my bath she took my little cock in her hand and started to wank me .I said Mary that was her name i want you to suck my cock for me What Mary said no way will i do that dont mind giving you a wank but no sucking ok .Right i said i will tell dad you have been wanking me you will get the sack for that .Why you being like this Mary said thought you liked me wanking you i do i said but now i want you to suck me its up to you Mary suck me or get the sack .God Mary thought ok come here then as i stood in front of her she got my cock into her mouth god i was in heaven my cock was in my nannys mouth i only lasted a min before i cam in her mouth .That was amazing after that she did every thing i told her it was not long till i fucked her me a 12 year old k** fucking a 46 year old women .The first time i fucked Mary it was like putting my cock into a jar of honey she was so wet and her juices were so sweet never forget that first fuck .One of the best times was when i had some friends staying over for the night at about 2 in the morning we went into Marys bedroom woke her up she jumped up what do you want she asked ?we are all going to fuck you i said no way Mary said dont mind fucking you but not all the others as allways Mary fucked us all she sucked us off then got fucked in front of every one she got fucked about 12 times that night we all fucked her twice .Right on with the story mum had been fucked by a 60 year old guy a black guy who dumped his cum all over her she was sitting on the bed crying her eyes out when Sue the first guys pa came in can you fit me in Sue asked my boss said your women is good so thought i would try her out ..No problem i said give her a few mins shes just serviced a guy we got talking and i told her that it was my mum in there i told Sue the story she said thats so cool she will do anything i ask her to do sure i said anything .So Sue went in to the bedroom mum looked up o no mum thought now i have to fuck a girl she looks so young mum thought she could be my daughter .Right Sue said your a fucking mess you have cum all over your face and hair dont want you servicing me looking like that get a shower .When mum had her shower she came back to the bedroom Sue told her to put her bra and knickers back on and stand in the middle of the room i want to see what im going to fuck .Mums face was bright red with shame hands on you heard Sue said and slowly turn around .Not bad Sue said nice tits not much sag quite nice ass flat belly sure your going to be a good fuck just pull your knickers down so i can see your pussy mum did that .Sue said youir a bit hairy might have to give you a shave with that mum nearly fainted a 19 year old girl was going to shave her pussy .Right Sue said get your knickers off and your bra time for some fun .I want you to undress me ok Sue said Sue had a lovely body when mum pulled Sues knickers down she saw her pussy was dripping wet .I want your tongue right up inside my pussy god mum thought i have never fucked a girl before but mum got her tongue inside Sues dripping wet pussy and started to lick it up and down mum went lick my clit Sue said mum found her clit and licked it Sue was in heaven a 39 year old women was licking her pussy now lick my asshole Sue said mum then licked Sues little asshole now back to my pussy Sue could feel it building up inside her she was getting ready to cum nibble my clit Sue panted then Sue came all over mums face with her girly cum mum jumped back a girl had never came over her before but she thought its not to bad quite sweet in fact .After that Sue put her strapon on got mum to lay on the bed with her legs in the air then gave mum one hell of a fucking mums poor old pussy was so sore after all the cock she had taken today .When Sue had done fucking mum she kissed mums lips put her tongue in her mouth run it about in her mouth god mum thought now a girl is kissing me on the lips .Just a little gift from me to you Sue opened mums pussy up and nibbled on mums clit mum jumped about a foot in the air and shot her girly cum over Sues face .Your a good fuck Sue said to mum i will get you to service me again and my friends .With that Sue went out of the bedroom she was great Sue said best fuck ive had for a long time i will be back for more .Mum was on the bed crying her eyes out ive just had sex with a girl i carnt beleave it whos next for mum part 3 later enjoy
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