black girls fun part 3

Hi now for part 3 .We left Ann just after she had been ass fucked by a huge black guy just a quick recap for you Ann a 55 year old married women with 3 grown up k**s and a preacher for a husband was caught skimming 2 million pounds from the accountancy firm where she was a partner bt a 16 year old black girl who did the cleaning there now Ann was paying the price .Next up was a old friend of sallys dad a women grace was her name and she was about 80 years old .As the door bell rang Sally helped Grace in she used a zimmer frame so she found it hard to walk .My god Ann thought what have i come down to ?the last guy only paid £5 for the fuck of a lifetime for him now i have to fuck this old black women .Come on Ann Sally said time to get to work what do you want Grace Ann said i want you to undress me and suck my nipples then lick my old black pussy o god Ann thought i just hate black people now i have to fuck them .So Ann undressed Grace her old body was skinny her tits tiny and her pussy lips were huge they hung down her legs .Anyway Ann sucked on her nipples rolled them round in her mouth her old tits were like two burst balls .Next Ann got on her knees she was getting quite good at giving pussy lickings god her old pussy smelled she opened Graces pussy up and started to lick it her lips nearly came over Anns face hehe.Ann got deep inside Grace she flicked her clit a few times but it was hard going for Ann the smell of Graces old pussy nearly made Ann vomit.God Ann thought shes not getting very wet when Grace gave a moan and pissed right in Anns mouth Ann jumped back gagging with a mouth full of old piss .Thanks Sally Grace said i have all ways wanted to do that piss on a white women for all the nasty things they have done to us black people .Thats fine Sally said now you have pissed on Ann you can die happy Grace only had £1 to pay Sally thats ok Grace no worrys thats all she is worth hehe a two bit whore .By the time Ann had cleaned her self up .Now for your last client Ann the door bell rang Sally opened the door to her 12 year old b*****r and 5 of his friends . Hi Delroy hi s*s wheres my birthday presant you said come here and you will give me it .Ok guys come on in they all went in to the living room wow nice place delroy said .Just a moment and i will let you have your presant .Just as Sally said that Ann walked into the room stark naked she never expected to find 6 k**s there .Here is your presand Delroy hehe fucking hell s*s you joking ?no guys shes all yours to do what you like with .First i will show you the parts of a women ok Ann stand in the middle of the room hands on your head these are her tits as SAlly bounced them around all this time Ann face was bright red she was humilliated being displayed like this in front of 6 12 year old k**s can i hold then Delroy said ok just for a min got lots to show you ok his tiny hand just about held Anns tit ok lets get on Sally said .This is a womens pussy its were she has a piss from tears were pouring down Anns face now she was uttly humilliated as Sally cupped Anns pussy ok guys thanks they all said hey not done yet Sally said spread your legs Ann god can this get any worse Ann thought now spread your pussy lips for the guys Ann . Anns head hung in shame as she opened her pussy lips up now this is a clit Sally said as she flicked Anns clit just touch it and a women goes man they love it now this is her hole where a baby comes out to make a baby you put your cock in there and give her your cum as Sally put her finger right up Anns hole Ann nearly fainted she was a broken women we carnt see very well one k** said ok Sally said gather round closer Ann open your lips up as wide as you can .God Ann thought can this day get any worse here i am a 55 year old married women with 3 k**s a very good job and a lovely husband i have been fucked by a 16 year old black girl ass fucked by her sucked a black guys balls been ass fucked by him had an old black women piss in my mouth now 6 k**s are looking up my spread pussy lips into my hole see ok now guys Sally said thats great thanks they all said wheres her clit one said here you go Sally said this little bud here i will play with it for you Ann nearly went though the roof as Sally played with her clit hehe told you they love there clit being played with .Ok guys now turn round Ann and bend over and spread your ass .Now guys you all now what this is for to have a p*o out of one guy said thats it and you can put your cock up there as well as Sally put a finger up Anns asshole Ann just wanted to die .Right any ? guys one k** said shes got a lot of hair round her pussy i know Sally said me i love a hairy pussy but we might have to give Ann a shave later at that Ann just fainted she fell onto the floor in a heap .When Ann came round all the k**s were sitting round her right Sally said time to get to work Ann .What i thought it was over now when will this nightmare stop Ann thought .Ok Ann your going to suck every k**s cock and try and make them cum in your mouth o god Ann thought they are only k**s i carnt do that but she did she got delroys tiny cock out first she sucked it it was so small she got his balls and cock in her mouth with no problem try as Ann could he did not cum in her mouth the rest of the k**s were so excited to have a 55 year old women sucking there cocks .4 of them did cum in Anns mouth she was made to drink it down .Right Sally said time for you guys to have your first ever fuck Ann get on the floor and spread your legs o god no more please Ann thought ok delroy your first up now get between Anns legs and put your cock in her hole which he did Ann did not even know she was being fucked by a 12 year old k** he was so small he only lasted a few mins then he came in her pussy WOW he said i have fucked my first pussy will i give her a baby no shes to old Sally said that upset Ann im not to old for you all to fuck she thought Ann fucked the rest of them one after the other she only felt one of there cocks they were so small At last it was all over the k**s went home with big grins on there faces Ann has a shower then got in to bed with Sally just as Sally stared to eat Anns pussy again the phone rang it was Mark Anns husband hi she said how are you ?im good Ann how about you ?just got to bed Ann said you had a busy day then Mark asked you could say that Ann replied just then Sally bit down on Anns clit Ann let out a ear bashing scremm what was that Mark said when Ann recoverd she said it was only a spider all this time Sally was lashing her pussy making her sopping wet ok sweet dreams Mark said same to you Ann said .All thouse years of giving orders at work Ann just needed to be told what to do now as she came all over Sallys face .Then the two lovers drifted of to sl**p in each others arms Ann had found what was missing from her life she just needed to be told what to do she had found a lover to make her feel like a women again .During the night Ann woke up she had been though a lot yesterday but she was happy she had been fucked more in a day then in all her life and she liked it then she slide down to get between Sallys legs she rested her head there turned her face and started to eat her 3 rd pussy of the day Sally woke to find her pussy being played with and she loved it she gave Ann a face full of girly cum as a reward thats the end guys hope you enjoyed it
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Wow I came so hard I used my dildo and I came all over myself and I did it twice so fantastic
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