Unexpected first time with Aunt

**This is my first effort. Any constructive feedback will be gratefully accepted! Many thanks. Chapter 1 sets the scene.

Samir: N ephew
Rekha: Au nt
Saree: An Indian apparel;copy and paste this link to see pictures:


Chapter one

Samir was nineteen then. Having passed Higher Secondary exams (A levels) with good results from his local school he and his f****y decided to continue his f****y tradition to continue undergraduate course from a college in the city. Now, a college in India is not what they have come to be understood as in most other countries. They are more like the colleges in Oxford or Cambridge which offer three year BA/BS course before students study for another couple of years or more for their Masters or research degrees from the more restricted University post graduate courses.

Samir was the elder of the two boys in his f****y of four. His f****y had lived in their ancestral village all through his life. His f****y had modest amount of land but his fa**ther Ganesh's work as a school teacher was the main source of income for the f****y. As in most such families Samir's mo**ther Swathi never worked and was in charge of the domestic arrangements. Now, the concept of class system in India is slightly different. Although, they will be considered middle class by social status, financially Anuj's f****y could not afford his life and education in a city. This meant some limitation in terms of choice but Ganesh contacted his cousin Ajit and arranged for Samir to live with them for the three years whilst he attended college studying Pharmacy.

Samir was quite skeptical with this arrangement, for understandable reasons and particularly as their f****y and Ajit were never very close. Ajit rarely visited them in the village and had lived in the city all his life. He practically lost touch with the entire f****y after the death of his first wife after a prolonged battle with cancer of uterus. This also had meant of course that he had no ch ildren. In 2009 he had remarried. This is uncommon but not unusual in an Indian f****y. What was indeed particularly unusual was that he married Rekha who was in her early thirties. Ajit at that time was over fifty. For some reason Rekha and Ajit had no chi ldren and this must have been one of the reasons he agreed to part with their attic room for Samir for the next three years.

Samir can still vividly remember the day he first came with all his possessions to live with his un--cle and a**unt. It was an overnight journey by train and he felt awkward and slightly apprehensive about his life from then on. He was confident he would be able to recognise Ajit but he still had not met Rekha and he was truly surprised by seeing how odd a couple Ajit and Rekha made. Not only was there a clear difference of age but unusually Rekha was taller than Ajit. In fact Samir reckoned that she must be only two to three inches shorter than him. Samir, at nearly six feet was considerably taller than the mean height for an Indian. He of coarse kept his opinion to himself. Ajit and Rekha were both warm with him without being overtly demonstrative and this must have helped as Samir felt more comfortable by the end of the day. Both Ajit and Rekha worked, as they explained on their way home whilst driving his car himself. Ajit was a liaison executive for a multinational firm and had to travel often to other Indian cities and abroad for days or even weeks at a time. Rekha was employed as a research officer by a well funded NGO. Samir soon realised that she could be flexible in terms of her working hours although at times it was unpredictable too.

The house gave Samir some privacy as his single attic bedroom was tucked away by the staircase to the flat second floor roof. Except an elderly cleaning lady cum cook and occasionally Rekha no one intruded into his privacy. Within about a month naturally shy Samir felt comfortable there. He developed a good relationship with Rekha and Ajit. They were both quiet and unfussed generally about him and followed their routines except of course when Ajit was not present. Samir started his college and after a month or so felt he had adjusted reasonably. He was however sure he will probably never be able overcome his considerable shyness which he attributed to his upbringing in a quiet village.

Chapter 2:

By all indications Ajit and Rekha were conservative and Samir never witnessed any intimacy in public between the two. This did not surprise Samir. At nineteen Samir was still a virgin. Samir guessed that at a lanky six feet he was not unattractive but he lacked the courage to match the social smartness of his other classmates to approach the girls in his college. What he lacked in terms of sexual contacts with other girls he more than compensated by his vivid imaginations and self satisfaction and even an adventurous willingness to experiment. He jerked himself off at least daily and when on holiday, several times a day. He masturbated using his hands, by rubbing against the pillow and had even tried to suck himself once. He wasn't disappointed with the result and over the short Easter holiday period decided to suck himself off to an orgasm. His relative privacy secured him in the knowledge that no one is likely to find him in his room. But that fateful day in hot Indian summer month of April he forgot that the window towards the roof was open. Busy at his work, and just after he had one of his most intense and satisfying orgasms ever, only a faint sound distracted him. He could not see anyone out of the window but he thought he heard the sound of Rekha's slippers receding through the staircase.

Samir still probably won't be able to describe his feelings. A combination of sexual excitement and relief, mixed with guilt, shame and fear combined to almost paralyse him for what he thought was an eternity. Slowly fear took over him. He knew Ajit was in Delhi not coming back soon but feared that his time in the house could be measured in days, if not hours. He worried that shame would be too intense to overcome if he had to go back to his village and to ask his parents for additional funding to share a house. After what seemed an eternity and all his senses heightened he could not hear the presence of another soul and came down. There was no one in the hose but he saw Rekha's slippers near the shoe rack and a load of dry clothes on the living room sofa. He remembered that the domestic help was on leave and Rekha must have gone to the roof to collect the dried clothes. He again swore for being so careless. He just waited for the inevitable and at worse the phone to ring to inform him of the inevitable.

Nothing happened. Rekha's duty hours are unpredictable Samir knew and he went back to his room not having taken his lunch of rice and lentils on the dining room table which Rekha must have herself prepared earlier that day. For the rest of the day Samir could not concentrate on his studies or on anything else. He was too ashamed to even come down to face Rekha. He was not disturbed but when he dis finally come down again after 11pm he found his dinner ready on the table. Not having eaten much that day he somehow took something before going back to his own room.

Chapter 3:

Samir was up early the next day having slept fitfully in the hot summer night and went down to have an early shower to freshen up. As he came out of the bathroom early that morning he saw Rekha in her bedroom through the half open door. There was something about her that morning that Samir just couldn't take his eyes off. Wearing a traditional white saree and nothing else above the waist she was offering her morning prayers as Hindu women do. The morning summer sun shone on her in such a way that that Samir could see the outlines of her breasts clearly through the translucent material of the white saree. She also must have showered as her long black hair was wet and unkempt. He froze.

Rekha must have guessed Samir's presence for she turned and beckoned him to come to her bedroom. Samir obeyed silently, as if in a trance and went inside the room and stood. No one spoke. Samir's heart
was beating so loudly that he feared Rekha would be able to hear it. The silence was only broken by the sound of Rekha closing the bedroom door from inside. She turned and stood silently.

Samir could not tolerate the silence any more and said "You saw me yesterday a**unt Rekha.
"Yes, I did".
Samir was almost hysterical, "have you told Ajit un**cle and my dad! I am so sorry".
There was something odd in the way Rekha replied, "no, I have not" and locked the door from inside moving a few paces and also drew the curtains of the bedroom glass windows. However, Samir was almost on autopilot and he continued "I am so sorry a**unt Rekha. I promise it will never happen again! Please don't tell anyone..." and suddenly stopped when the room darkened.

They both stood for a moment's silence before Rekha said, 'I won't tell anyone but I want to see you do it again'.

Events were probably happening too fast for Samir to take in and he continued to apologise when suddenly Rekha pulled the pallu (veil) of her saree from her left shoulder to expose her firm breasts. They were not admittedly very big and if Samir was experienced he would have realised that they were measured 32c. However, Samir did not fail to notice that the breasts were firm and thrusting with erect proud nipples. In the soft morning light the skin was glistening. Perhaps even Rekha was not in control as she staggered forward towards Samir with a blank expression but soon regained her composure to physically draw in Samir's hands on to her breasts.

Samir was starting to realise that her fears were unnecessary and he started to slowly feel the soft tissues of her a**unt's breasts with both hands, at first slowly and then with increased confidence. No one spoke for minutes as they both chose to enjoy the moment before Samir removed his hands off her breasts to embrace her and initially pecked her on the lips. Few moments of hesitant exploration gave way very soon to intense kissing as Rekha responded with eagerness and passion. For minutes they were busy and out of breath to explore each other with their lips and their tongues. Soon however, Samir's hands moved to remove her saree and untie the knots of her petticoat underneath. Rekha was not wearing any knickers inside and she was surprised by the suddenness with which Samir had removed all her clothes. For the first time she realised that she was completely naked and in embrace of her fifteen year younger nep**hew. For a moment her natural inhibitions took over; her legs crossed even though they were both standing and her left hand came down to cover the faint and trimmed bush of her crotch. However, Samir's renewed vigour in kissing her and palming her nipple and her areola melted all her resistance. They continued to stand and kiss with passion even though automatically Rekha's fingers went down to her crotch to explore her own womanhood. Suddenly the room was not so silent any longer as the sounds and the grunts of the lovers filled the room. Rekha realised that she had never experienced anything like this before and was herself surprised by this as she was sure that her nep**hew Samir was a virgin. Her vagina had started to moisten as she furiously continued to use her fingers to stimulate herself as they continued to kiss each other in their lips faces and necks.

Samir suddenly brought his face closer to her left breast as he kneaded her right breast. He was clearly inexperienced as he was too rough for Rekha at times and she had to guide him to do it just right for her. Samir was however eager to please and a quick learner. She guided him to kneel down in front her and and asked him to lick her cunt. Again he needed guidance but one thing that delighted Rekha was that Samir seemed to have no inhibitions to use his own tongue and his mouth. There were a few moments of awkwardness as he sucked her sensitive clit to strongly and directly to make her shive. He continued to explore the insides of her pussey with his mouth when Rekha showed him to use his two fingers to fuck her whilst he continued to eat her. However, a cheeky thought came to Rekha's mind as she instructed the eager young apprentice to part the two cheeks of her buttocks to rim her. Samir obeyed.

Rekha felt weak in her legs and could not stand any longer. She took Samir onto the bed as he continued rimming her. Rekha was certain she never had this much pleasure and wanted Samir inside her. Suddenly she realised that Samir still had his T-shirt and shorts on although she could clearly see the dampness of his pre-cum on his shorts. She stopped Samir removed her t-shirt first and then his shorts to reveal an erect teenager's hard cock. It was of average length although she was delighted that it was particularly thick. As she touched him it was Samir's turn to shiver from the sudden and previously never experienced sensation of a woman's touch on here erect manhood. As she instructed him to continue finger fucking and rimming her she sucked him off to ejaculate within a few minutes. Samir was visibly embarrassed although he continued to suck her and reassured by Rekha was soon hard again.

Rekha had her first orgasm at this point and asked him to stay away from her red, swollen and by now intensely sensitive clitoris to ask him to lie down on his back. She mounted her soon after swaying rhythmically. As Samir had cum earlier he lasted longer this time to allow Rekha to have another sustained orgasm before the both realised that Samir had cum inside her.

April heat of India and intense lovemaking had taken their toll and they both lay there on her bed without speaking for a few minutes before she first thanked her. He was still shy when he explained that this was his first actual sexual experience with a woman.

What delighted Rekha on the bed was that Samir continued to speak respectfully without appearing in any way guilty about what had happened. It would not be untill the evening when he would admit that he did sometimes fantasize about Rekha when he masturbated.

However, as they heard the knock on the front door by the cleaning lady they hurriedly left the room with their clothes. Soon after Samir came down innocently when Rekha asked him to join her for breakfast!

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