My first anal encounter - Part 1

Following on from my previous story my best friend Ian and I had recently enjoyed sucking each other off but had no plans to do any more than that. However sometime later whilst d***k one night and our girlfriends out clubbing we did the unthinkable.....

Ian and I had been looking forward to this for some time. Our girlfriends had planned an evening out for months with some friends and we had said we would meet up to "play some video games" and get d***k. Ian came over to our house with his hot girlfriend Amy, blonde 5" 9", perfect tits and the most amazing arse you had ever seen in your life, and let them go upstairs to do all things girly while we talked about what we had planned for the evening.

First things first however and we done our usual catch up on pics and vids we had collected on our mobiles of our girlfriends.

I showed him a couple of pics of my girlfriend Jessica's pussy and then a couple of vids of us fucking. I rushed through them as I was really looking forward to see what he and Amy had been up to. He didn't disappoint and revealed some amazing pics of Amy standing naked looking hot as hell and then showed me a couple of vids of her playing with herself then, leaving the best till last, showed me a vid of his fat cock sliding in and out of her pussy till he left a load inside of her. Really hot stuff that made me very hard indeed. Ian knew this was turning me on and he slid his hand inside my trousers and grabbed hold of my already hard cock and whispered "I am going to suck you dry tonight". I couldn't wait for them to leave so we could get started.

Before long their taxi arrived and Jess gave me a peck on the cheek as Amy done the same to Ian and they left for their well earned night out. Ian told me to fire up the games console as he he opened two cans of beer. I was so not interested in playing games and wanted to get straight down to sucking his cock but Ian insisted we play first then play later. Disappointed I fired up the machine and selected a game. Many beers and games later Ian finally said the words I had been longing to hear "fancy putting a porn on?" This had become a key phrase for our sexual activities and I was already hard at the thought of the fun in store. I had downloaded a particularly hot film called "Welcum to casa butts" it insisted it was 1000% anal. Looking back I am sure I had no plans to engage in anal sex but maybe in the back of my mind I wanted it.

As the first few chapters played out Ian sat on a chair whilst I sat on the sofa. I watched him play with his cock whilst I slowly rubbed my hard member for him to see. As the movie progressed I asked him if I could come over and help him out but he asserted "let's not rush things, we have all night" this was true in the sense that whilst our girlfriends rarely went out when they did they were often out till the early hours. Ian continued to play with his hard cock until I could resist no longer and I made my way over to the chair on my knees, cock in hand as I done so. As we had done this many times before there was no need for words and I took Ian's cock in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. Ian moaned and groaned as he voiced his obvious enjoyment at my expert cock sucking skills. As another chapter on the movie finished Ian took this as his cue and told me to stand up which I did without complaint. He took my hard cock in his hand and then his mouth as he watched the movie and sucked my cock.

"Do you think it hurts?" Ian said, as he took a break from sucking my cock. I suggested I had no experience to back this up but thought it unlikely. I took this as a sign that Ian might be interested in this and pulled my cock out of his mouth and told him "give me a minute" as I raced upstairs. I returned with my girlfriends favourite dildo and some lube and I asked him if he fancied finding out what it felt like. He smiled and got on all fours facing the TV and I pulled his arse cheeks apart and buried my face between them licking his arsehole with gusto. I licked and fingered his tight hole until I could resist no longer and I lubed up the dildo and used it to probe my friend's hole with increasing moans as I done so. I was making progress and having started out mananging only to get about 10% in I was managing to get all the dildo in my friend's arse. I was relishing this and would take it all out and plunge the full length into his hole.

I hadn't planned this but I was rock hard and very d***k and instead of inserting the dildo I inserted my cock into my friend's arsehole. I waved the dildo in front of Ian's face as he watched the movie. He was shocked "what the fuck" he exclaimed.

....To be continued.
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3 years ago
Very hot start of, what I think, is going to be a wonderful story, can't wait for the sequel!