First taste of cock Pt 2

A thousand things raced through my mind. Would it be awkward afterwards? Would we still be friends? Would he tell anyone? What seemed like minutes had passed but it was actually seconds. Extreme close up had ended and some sexy looking girl was sitting on a park bench flashing her bald pussy at the man sat next to her. I turned to Ian and nodded. I would suck his cock. Not the most convincing yes but it was good enough for Ian who stood up and took his t-shirt off. Ian was about 5' 9" and was quite athletic in build and had short blonde hair. He was a good looking guy and I was shocked he had not had a least a blow job. He discarded his tracksuit bottoms and sat on the edge of the bed in just a pair of white boxer shorts and leaned back onto his elbows presumably to get a good view of the forthcoming action.

My mouth was as dry as a bone which wasn't ideal. The hot girl from the bench was now in a house and two middle aged men were feeling her pussy whilst she reached for their cocks. I made my way over to Ian and put my hands on his knees and brushed them all the way up to his groin. He moaned. It became apparent that he was already hard so not much work needed there and I was unsure of how to start. A quick glance towards the TV revealed the girl from the bench had amazing tits and whilst Television X never showed erections it was obvious she had a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. I turned back to the pressing concern of figuring out how to start sucking my friend's cock. I placed one hand on his thigh and the other on his cock through his boxer shorts and started rubbing. "That's it" said Ian who was enjoying the threesome on TV and his friend touching his cock. As I rubbed the tip of his cock would often appear through the top of his boxer shorts and with it in view I lowered my head I gave it a quick tongue before moving my head back and continuing to rub. "Fuck that was amazing" Ian exclaimed. I was growing in confidence and I started to lick the outside of the boxer shorts where Ian's cock was. The smell was amazing and I realised I did want to do this and was getting turned on myself. I realised he would get no real feeling from me licking his boxer shorts but I wanted the visual effect to be that of I was getting closer to build up the anticipation and to get an idea of just what I was dealing with here. He seemed big, really big. His cock was fatter at the base than at the tip and felt about 7" long. "Yeah that looks so horny" Ian said. I stopped and moved backwards a little and pressed Ian's legs together slightly as I pulled his boxer shorts down his legs and threw them away. As Ian pulled his legs apart once more he revealed an amazing site. A 7" long beautiful cock with blonde pubis hair at the base that was twitching with excitement. I was actually about to do it. There was no going back now and I moved back into position to allow me to suck my friend's cock.
81% (12/3)
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3 years ago
Nothing like giving a guy a good blowjob,I mean,what are friends for? I can be a real good friend...LOL!
3 years ago
Five star for sure! Very HOT story.
3 years ago
Really hope that you are going to add to this story! I am hard with anticipation!