First taste of cock.

What follows is an accurate and true account of my first same sex experience. I have changed the name of the friend involved but every other aspect of the story is 100% accurate.

Whilst I had lots of friends growing up my favourite memories are filled by my best friend, Ian. I think I always liked him more than just as a friend and was proven correct one hot and steamy night. My favourite story is when we were both 19 years of age and is one that I will remember forever.

Ian and I went everywhere together and done everything together. We had seen each other naked on lots of occasions and he had a lovely thick cock with curly blonde pubic hair that served only to make his cock look even bigger. Our favourite pastime being to play video games in my bedroom. Ian and I were very evenly matched and had some rip roaring encounters that literally ended up with us hot and sweating.

On one such occasion Ian had asked if he could stay over so we could have a marathon session probably ending early in the early hours of the morning. This was not uncommon as I have an older b*****r with whom I shared a room with. He often stopped over at his girlfriends and left the bed in the room free for Ian to sl**p in. The session started like most others, a few cans, a few games of Mario Kart, a few cross words over cheating! But all in good fun. We both could not believe the time when we stopped for a break and realised it was nearly 10pm. Time really does fly when you're having fun. We both lay back against the bed behind us hot and sweaty. Ian suggested we put the TV on to give our eyes a break. As we flicked through the channels we came across the Television X free view. Always a firm favourite in my bedroom when my b*****r was away. We both joked how hot the girls were and I remember feeling a little embarrassed about enjoying this with a friend. Ian suggested that watching the channel beat playing video games and indicated he wished we could watch beyond the free view. As the free view was about to come to an end Ian and I consigned ourselves to continue playing on our game but to our surprise the channel was not encrypted, I later found out my b*****r had bought a card off a friend freeing up all encrypted channels. We were both very excited as we continued watching in awe at the first show on, "extreme close up" and whilst I couldn't speak for Ian I was really horny and getting hotter by the second. Ian commented how much the girl was enjoying sucking the guys cock and popped a hand down his pants and started to play with his cock. He asked if I had ever had a blow job. I replied I hadn't though I would love to have one and inspired by Ian I slowly put my hand down my pants and started playing with my hard cock. I asked if he had received one and he said "I wish".

It was at this point I became aware that Ian had a hard-on. His tracksuit bottoms not even coming to close to hiding the obvious bulge. Ian said "would you ever give someone a blow job". I didn't need to think twice and replied "I would be willing to try anything once, sex is sex isn't it" Ian smiled and said "do you want to try now". He took my breath away. He was always more confident than me and was using this to his advantage now........To be continued.
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2 years ago
A great start!
3 years ago
Yes more please
3 years ago
more please.......
3 years ago
Good start. But you left me with a hard on!!! Please continue.