The Date

You are a bit over excited. ‘It’s only a date’ you’ve been telling yourself, ‘and jeez, it’s only lunch’
But you let yourself get excited. You deserve it.
You’ve showered and plucked and shaved and scrubbed. You’re moisturised, painted and scented.
You’ve just pulled on a new turquoise thong, a cute matching bra with lace edged cups and black hold up stockings. You pad around your bedroom, your dress hanging in its plastic wrap from the dry cleaners. Your phone rings. A London number.
You don’t want to answer it, you know it’s me and you don’t trust yourself. But you pick it up.
‘Hey tiger’
‘Hi. Listen. Just wanted to say good luck with the date’
‘No you didn’t’
I’m laughing.
‘I did. Honest”
You sit on the edge of the bed.
‘What’s that noise. What are you doing?’
‘I’m having a massage. Say Hi Sarah’
And you hear a woman say ‘Hello’, her accent distinctively English.
‘I shouldn’t have picked up’ You say, a smile forming.
‘So when’s he coming?’
‘in five so I better get going. Are you really having a massage from someone called Sarah?’
‘of course I am’
‘Is she cute?’
‘Is he?’
And now you’re laughing.
‘Let me speak to her’
I pass the phone to Sarah.
‘Hi Sarah’
‘So you’re a masseuse?’
‘I am indeed. And he is one of my favourite clients.’
‘And tell me Sarah, it is all above board isn’t it?’
Sarah laughs.
‘Of course it is!’
‘So is he naked?’
‘yes, but there is my strategic towel of course’
‘I’m jealous’
You walk over and pick up a lipstick. You run it over your full lips, checking your reflection in the mirror.
‘And tell me this Sarah. Does he get an erection?’
I look up and notice that Sarah is blushing slightly.
“mmmm. He does. Sometimes. But I ignore it’
I know now what you are talking about.
‘but you must be tempted. Sometimes. Just to keep going, under the towel and just start stroking it. Do you? Do you think about that?’
Sarah takes a breath. She has been idling rubbing the oil into my thigh with one hand, the other hand has my phone at her ear. She takes her hand off my leg for a second and turns away from me.
‘I do. Sometimes. Think about...that.’
She whispers.
‘Tell me what you look like Sarah?’
‘Well I’m blonde. He..” she looks at me, “...he says I have a wicked smile and a very naughty glint in my eye.’
‘And what are you wearing?’
“Ehm. My uniform thing. It’s like a white drill cotton dress. You know the ones?’
‘Yes, with the poppers up the front’
“Yes one of those’
‘And underneath?’
‘Oh, well..’
And she grows quiet, but you can hear her breath has quickened.
‘I’m in my underwear. It feels really sexy, you know, when you’ve got new underwear?’
‘Yes” is all she can say.
‘ok, I would guess at white bra and white panties for you with that dress. Close?’
‘You’re right’
‘And your breasts? Are they big?’
Again all she manages is a quiet ‘yes’
‘I think I am getting a picture of you Sarah. And your voice makes me melt. And how’s he doing, where have you got to?’
‘I’m on his legs’
And she turns back, to me. I am lying on the table and I feel her hand back on my thigh, her strokes long and firm. But her gaze is away as she listens to you on the phone.
‘Are you rubbing his leg now?’
‘I am’
‘Sarah. Just brush under the edge of the towel. Just a tiny bit. For me.’
And I feel Sarah’s hand move under the towel and her fingers make only the slightest brush against the head of my cock but it is enough and I feel myself starting to get hard.
‘Do it again Sarah’ You tell her and her hand now reaches a bit further, glancing me a bit more.
‘Is he getting hard for you Sarah?’
‘Yes. He is.’
‘Does it turn you on Sarah?’
‘Yes. And listening to you. That does too.’
‘Good. Do you want to take your dress off?’
‘Oh. God’ she whispers.
‘You can if you want. Do you want too?’
‘mmmm. I do’
‘Go on. Unbutton it for me honey’
And you hear the buttons snap open, one by one. Sarah is standing in front of me and I cannot quite believe what I am seeing. She takes the dress off and puts it over a chair. She is wearing a white sheer bra and a white sheer thong. He breasts are large her nipples dark. The tiny thong over her trimmed pussy.
‘Is he looking at you?’
‘Oh yes’ And Sarah smiles.
You stand in front of the mirror and look at your body, smooth, sleek, the colour of your underwear vivid against your dusky skin. You feel your hand close over your breast, then you gently feel your nipple through your bra.
‘Take your bra off’ you tell her. Sarah reaches round and unclips her bra. He breasts are heavy and her nipples now becoming erect.
‘I’m taking mine off too Sarah’ And you do. Your fingers quickly finding your nipples as they grow under your touch.
‘Take his towel off’
Sarah reaches over and she lifts the towel off me, my cock now rising from under it.
‘You’ve got some oil there I guess’ And you reach for your own body oil as you hear Sarah’s hands squelch as she rubs oil in them.
‘You can touch him now’ And she wraps her fingers round me. Stroking me slowly, pulling me up then sliding her hand down the length of my shaft. You drip some oil onto your breasts, and start teasing your nipples.
‘Let me speak to him’
Sarah hands me the phone.
‘Feel good baby?’
‘Oh fuck yes. It feels good’
And you find your hand has wandered down and into your panties. Your finger easily sliding into your already wet pussy. You watch yourself in the mirror. Your hand in your panties. Your legs in your sheer stockings, your naked breasts gleaming with oil.
‘Tell me what she’s doing?’
I catch Sarah’s eye and we stare long at each other as I talk.
‘She’s stroking my cock with one hand. Long and hard strokes. And she’s touching her breasts with the other. Moving them, making her nipples hard.’
‘Put her back on’
And I do. She cradles the phone against her shoulder, her hands now full.
“Hey Sarah. How’s that cock feel in your hand?’
“Oh. Jesus. Its feels good’
“And are you wet? Touch your pussy’
I watch Sarah’s hand move down her body and into her thong.
‘Mmm. I’m very wet’
‘Me too. Let’s take them off’
And you both slip out of your underwear.
“Finger your pussy for him’
Now Sarah’s strokes become quicker on me as her finger starts circling her hard clit then darts into her pussy.
‘Finger your cunt Sarah’
Now Sarah is moaning.
‘Tell me again’
‘Your cunt Sarah. Fuck your cunt for him’
And she is breathless, her fingers fast. You lie back on your bed and let your legs fall open, you fingers in your juicy pussy.
‘Let him taste you’
And Sarah takes her fingers and I suck on them greedily, tasting her. She takes her hand of my cock and starts touching herself again as she watches me suck on her fingers. Sarah’s moaning now louder and you have to hold your breath to hear her, her moans now in sync with your finger on your clit. Your turn your head and watch yourself in the mirror, your fingers fast in your cunt.
‘Fuck Sarah. You sound horny. Fucking horny’ And this gets Sarah even louder.
‘This is..I’ve never done this...’ Sarah’s eyes are closed now, her head tossed back. Her other hand now back on me, jerking me, wanking me.
‘Are you touching yourself?’
Sarah’s sudden directness turns you on even more.
‘Oh fuck. Yes Sarah. My pussy is so wet. So open and so wet’
And you both listen to each other’s hard breathing, your gentle moans rising as you finger yourselves. After a moment, Sarah takes her hand from me and I watch her sit in the chair next to the massage table, one leg over the side as she masturbates for me. Listening to the rythym of your breathe. Then she is taken. Her head falls back over the chair, her fingers frigging herself furiously.
‘Oh my god. It feels good. I’m cumming for you. I’m cumming. Fuck. Oh fuck. My cunt feels good. Fuck I’m cumming’
Then she is still for a second. And silent. The she snaps as she orgasms, screaming now, the sensations flooding her, buckling her, taking her, soaring through her. And as you listen to her, you feel yourself falling too, succumbing, letting go.
‘Sarah. I’m cumming too. I’m cumming. With you.’
And your back stretches you long, lifting you off the bed as you cum. Your clit hot and full of feeling, your pussy on fire, your whole body rushing as it crashes through you.
It is Sarah who hears the doorbell. All you can hear is the bl**d pumping through you.
‘Is that your door?’
And you bolt up.
Sarah is laughing.
‘Shit, he’s here. I better get dressed.
‘Go like that’ Sarah stands and walks over to me as she speaks. She winks at me. She lowers her self over me so that a nipples lands on my mouth. My tongue moves out to meet it and I feel it starting to stiffen in my mouth. Her hand, smooth with the oil, over my chest and down, teasing me.
‘For me’ she says.
And you listen to her.
‘I dare you. Tell you what. I’ll let you put shoes on. How’s that’
The doorbell again.
‘You want me to answer the door to my date wearing only stockings and high heels?’
‘I’m telling you to’
Sarah is now f***eful, direct.
‘Touch yourself again’ She demands. And your hand feels your wetness. The doorbell.
‘Now walk down and open the door’ Sarah lifts herself up from me, her nipples now both protruding from my sucking. She listens and after a moment she smiles as she hears your shoes click click over the floor.
‘Good girl’
And you walk to the door.
‘Let him in’
You swing the door open. He looks round. His eyes frantic over you. His mouth slackened.
‘Not quite ready’ You stare at him, unable to gauge his reaction. On the phone you hear Sarah laugh at your remark. He still cannot speak but finds himself stepping in and you swing the door closed.
‘Put him on the phone’
Sarah’s hand now massaging my balls, turning them in her hand then running her fingernails along my shaft, making ne harder and harder. You hand the phone over.
‘Hi’ he says.
‘Who is this?’
‘Never mind who I am. Tell her to unbutton you.’
‘I’m sorry?’
And your mind is going crazy. Ten minutes ago you were just getting ready to meet a guy for lunch.
A decent guy. You’d spent hours chatting and flirting and here he was. In your house. And he’s talking to some British woman and you are naked apart from stockings and some very elegant Louboutin shoes.
You stare at him. He looks at you. Your throat is dry.
‘She wants you to unbutton me’
And now you smile. And so does he.
‘Put her back on the phone’
He hands you the phone.
‘Take his cock out for me’
You swallow. Her voice is strong and you want to listen. You walk to him. He puts his arms around you. And you kiss. Softly.
‘I didn’t say kiss him. I told you to take his cock out’
I am listening and watching Sarah. Confident, naked, her hand still stroking me, her nipples still hard. My hand reaches over and I slowly start stroking her pussy lips. She’s wet and she slowly starts moving her hips so her clit rubs on my fingers.
He can only watch you as you reach down and open the buttons on his jeans. You pull them down and then his shorts. His cock hangs heavy, expectant and as you touch it, you hear him take a breath and you feel it start to harden on your hand.
‘I putting him back on. We’ve got some cock sucking to do bitch’
Her tone is sharp, it excites you. Sarah hands me the phone and you hear me gasp as she takes me in her mouth, sucking me hard. You take him too, and he starts moving back and forth as he fucks your mouth. His thick cock filling you.
‘You’re sucking him aren’t you?’ I ask.
‘Mmmmm’ you manage.
‘She is sucking me. Her tongue over the head of my cock. I’m fucking rock hard. Rock hard.’
I listen to your soft moans. You look up and you watch him. It’s his head that is spinning now. Stranding in your hallway. His cock in your mouth. I watch Sarah as she works me, her tongue flicking over me, then taking me full in her mouth.
‘She knows what she’s doing. She’s sucking me hard’
You take him out of your mouth and in a second your hand is tight round him, stroking his foreskin over his aching cock head. The phone still at your ear.
‘Fuck. Al. Put that slut on the phone.
I pull Sarah’s hair. She yelps as I pull her up to me. Feeling her weight on me. I hand her the phone as she climbs up me. My mouth finding those rock nipples, my hands over her sweet ass.
‘Quite the slutty cunt aren’t you Sarah’ you say
‘Me? Your the one sucking off a guy in your hallway bitch’
‘What’s he doing to you slut?’
‘He’s sucking my nipples. He’s finger fucking me. And it feel fucking horny’
‘Fingering your slutty little cunt’
‘Yes. My slutty little cunt. It’s fucking dripping wet for him.’
‘You’re a fucking slut.’ you whisper.
‘You’re a fucking slut’ she replies, her breathing loud.
I reach round and my finger squeezes into Sarah’s tight asshole. She gasps.
‘He’s got a finger in my asshole honey. Fucking hell. It turns me on.’
You listen as her breathing ramps up.
‘Take his clothes off him. I want him to fuck you’
Sarah is strong again and you start ripping. His shirt is over him and your nails dig into his chest. He steps out of his jeans and you pull him to you. His hands now over you, your breasts, your ass, your still sopping pussy. And you’re kissing him hard. Sarah senses this and now she moves down me and f***es her hot tongue in my mouth and we are kissing, deep, hard. I feel her pussy lips rubbing down my hardness and then she jerks her hips and I sink deep up into her cunt.
‘Oh fuck that feels good’
You listen to her as you lead him over to a table. He lifts you on and you lie back as he opens your legs wide, your pussy glistening. He reaches down and steers his stiff cock into you.
“Is he fucking you?’ Sarah asks.
‘He is. Yes. He’s fucking me. And it feels good.’
He’s quickening and thrusting and banging hard into you. Your clit getting rammed with his thrusts, his cock long and powering into you.
Sarah is riding me, her tits bouncing as she rocks her hips, her clit grinding down on me. She passes me the phone.
‘Hey you’ I am breathless.
‘Hey’. You are breathless.
We get lost in each others breathing, our instinctive gasps, our uncontrollable moans. I feel myself getting close just as you say-
‘He’s getting close’
‘Not in your pussy’ I say ‘Later, sure. But not now’
‘mmmm you’re jealous’ you tease.
‘She’s on top of me riding my cock. You’re jealous.’
‘Not in her pussy either’ you say. ’Later, sure. But not now tiger’
And we smile.
‘Where do you want him to cum?’ you ask
‘In your ass’ I say and I hear you take a breath. Your ease his cock out of you and turn, pushing up your ass. That perfect roundness and you pull yourself open for him.
‘Fuck me in the ass.’ I hear you say then you are gasping loudly, and I know he is pushing into your tight hole. You reach round and find your clit. His hand finds yours and your take his fingers and show him how to touch you as he strokes deep into your ass.
‘And where do you me to cum?’ I ask
‘In her mouth’ you say ‘in that slut’s dirty mouth’
And she’s riding me and he’s fucking you and I am getting close as I hear him now. He slams into you as he cums and you can feel his pulsing cock spilling its hot load into you. Throbbing and pumping into you.
‘Oh fuck. Yes. Fucking cum for me’ and I don’t know if you are saying this to me or him but now I pull out and Sarah knows. She drops down and her mouth is on me.
‘I’m cumming for you.’ And you don’t know if I am saying this to you or her. And I am cumming in her mouth, cumming hard and cumming long. She holds it in as it spurts out of me then she opens her lips and it drenches down my cock. Her mouth following it, licking it back in.
‘Fuck, oh fuck yes’ You say or I say. I don’t know. And for a moment it’s me that you can feel inside you and it’s you that I can feel on me. Not thousands of miles apart, but close, closer.
We grow quiet. All four of us.
“I know I shouldn’t have picked up the phone’ You are laughing. That intoxicating laugh of yours.
‘Put him on’ I say
‘OK. But don’t scare him’
You step down, hot, sweating. You hand him the phone as he watches you walk to the bathroom.
‘Hi’ I say
He is surprised to hear me, thinking that Sarah was the only one playing.
‘Oh. Hi’
‘Where are you taking her?’
He rattles off the name of some chain ribs joint. ‘She likes it there I hear’ he says.
‘No she doesn’t’ I tell him. ‘I‘ve booked you guys a table at Nine On Nine. There’s a bottle of 78 Dom Perignon that I’ve taken care of for you too.’
‘Well. Jeez. Thanks.’
‘Sure. Is she there?’
He turns, still not quite processing the vision of you walking back towards him, you breasts bobbing slightly, you hips swaying your pussy still hot and vital, you stockings tight, your heels sharp and your skin glowing. He passes you the phone and starts getting his clothes back on.
‘Hey. Have a good time. Let me know how it goes. Where’s he taking you? The Ribshack?’
‘Please’. You laugh. ‘That’s probably where you’d take me, tightwad. He’s probably got somewhere pretty swanky sorted if he’s trying to impress me’ And you smile at him.
‘Put Sarah on’
I pass her the handset.
‘Well Sarah. If I am ever in London I know who to come to for a back rub.’
‘look forward to it, would love to get my hands on you.’
And you smile.
‘Better go and finish getting dressed. Seemed to have been sidetracked.’
‘You want to say bye to Al?’
“No. Tell him to go fuck himself’ And you hear Sarah’s laugh as you kill the call.
I look up at her.
‘What did she say?’ I ask
‘She sends her love’ Sarah, ever the professional, keeping her client happy.
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1 year ago
What a great story! Got me nice and moist already this morning!
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1 year ago
very very nice!
2 years ago
You're very talented... loved it.