The naughty policewomen

I felt that I just had to write this down and share it with you guys. At the moment, I am feeling like the luckiest man alive, which is a drastic change from how I felt this morning....
I got to my workshop at around 8.45am, ready to start work on a set of iron gates that had been ordered last week. Business was slow, and although I had quoted a delivery time of 3 weeks, I supposed that if I could get them finished a bit earlier, I could get paid a bit earlier too!
As I fished in my pocket for my keys, I noticed that the padlock was missing from the door of my workshop. Shit! A lot of local businesses had reported burglaries in the last few weeks, but I'd thought that I would be safe, since I kept no cash on the premises. I pushed the door open, switched on the light and steadied myself for the outcome.
At first, everything seemed intact. My welding equipment was all in its correct place,and my grinder and drills were all present. I was puzzled, but since nothing had been taken, I just counted myself lucky. I put the kettle on for a cup of coffee and went into my toilet for a pee. When I got there, the smell knocked me! Down the toilet was an enormous shit, absolutely huge! I walked out and called the police! You may think that I was over-reacting, but I just flipped. For the cheeky fuckers to break in was one thing- to fill my toilet with an out sized turd just took the biscuit! I told the operator that I had been broken into, but I didn't mention the toilet. I knew that they would just laugh it off.
Half an hour later there was a knock on my workshop door, and in walked a female community support officer, which, for those that do not know, is like a part time police officer. I was pissed! They couldn't even be bothered to send a real copper!
"Has anything been taken?" she asked, taking off her hat. "No," I replied, noticing that she was actually quite pretty. "But they left a bit of a mess in my toilet!" I added.
"My colleague is just having a look around the back," she said, "they might have come from the railway!"
"Would you like a cup of tea?" I asked." I was just going to make one"
"Oh, ok," came the reply. "White, 1 sugar. Thanks!"
Just then, in walked her colleague. Another girl, only even prettier than the first. "Nothing," she said.
"This nice man is just making us a cuppa," said the first, to which her colleague replied "Mine's black, no sugar!"
"Looks as though they might have broken in to use the bathroom!" I said, with a smile.
"Lovely!" said the second officer. "I'm Kate, by the way, and this is Lucy."
"Nice to meet you, officers!" I replied. "Call us by our names, please," said Kate. "All our cut guys do!" "Katie!" said Lucy. "Stop flirting with this gentleman" and as she said this, she looked at me and winked.
Lucy was about 5 feet 4 inched tall and around 27. She had short brown hair, and large brown eyes, which were her best feature. She was a little chubby, and she looked as though she would have quite a set of tits beneath her stab vest.
Kate was taller, close to my own height at around 5 feet 9. She looked younger, though, maybe just 21 or 22. Her hair was long and blonde, held up in a ponytail, and she had stunning blue eyes. She was very slim and athletic looking. The two stood very close to me as they drank their tea, their arms often brushing against my own. I must admit that I was a bit disappointed when they had finished their drinks and, having heard that I was prepared to let the break-in go, they'd be on their way.
"May we just use your toilet before we go?" asked Kate. "Yeah, sure!" I replied.
And the pair went off to the bathroom, together. I started to connect my welding gear together for the day ahead, and I got the cups together and took them to the table near to the toilet door. They had both gone in together, which I supposed was not so strange; Didn't girls always go to the bathroom in pairs? But there was no talking to be heard, which I guessed was a little odd. I leaned slightly towards the door, listening out for their voices, but all I heard was a
"Mmmmm....." which made me drop a cup to the floor and it's handle broke off. I heard the pair giggling. "Just me," I said. "Is everything alright in there?"
"Oh yes!" came the reply. "Everything is just great! You can come in if you like!" and then more giggling.
What to do? It was quite obvious what was going on in there, but I must admit to
feeling a little shy. But wait; There was no fucking way I was going to miss this! So I pushed the door open, and the sight that met me was astounding.
Kate, the blonde, was kneeling on the toilet seat with her trousers around her ankles. Lucy was on the floor behind her, and she looked at me and smiled. She turned away, and placed a long, slow lick on Kate, from her pussy to her ass hole. Kate sighed as she did so. I just stood at the doorway, taking it all in.
Lucy put 2 fingers inside Kate's pussy, and gave her ass hole little flicks with her tongue. "Come here!" said Kate, beckoning me to her. I didn't need telling twice, and as soon as I got to her, she had my jeans unzipped and had my hardening cock in her hand. She put her mouth around it, and gave a hard, deep suck, taking me into the back of her throat. As she pulled away, she gagged a bit and my cock was left full of her saliva. "I want it in my arse!" she ordered.
I went to where Lucy knelt and she moved out of the way. I looked down at the beautiful ass in front of me and I pulled the cheeks wide open. Her ass hole was tight and pink, with Lucy's saliva all over it. I took my cock in my hand and pressed it to her tight knot, and slowly, I eased myself inside. I looked at Lucy and she was unzipping her stab vest. I was right; Her tits were enormous. She rubbed at them through her blouse, and she unbuttoned her trousers, slowly pulling them down. She had chunky thighs, and was wearing a pink satin thong. She pressed her hand hard against her pussy and bit her lip as she did so. When she moved her hand, there was a wet spot on her thong from her juiced up pussy.
She pulled her thong to the side and she began to rub her clit. With her other hand, she took her tits from her bra and she pinched at her nipples.
I was slowly working my cock in and out of Kate's ass, making her moan at every thrust. Lucy got to her feet and came and stood next to Kate, bending over so that their asses were side by side. Lucy's ass was much wider than Kate's, but her ass and pussy looked tighter. I ran a finger down her perineum to her frothing pussy and gently pushed it inside he. She sighed as I did. Her pussy was so fucking tight, it seemed to grip my finger.
The two began to kiss passionately as I fucked ones ass and fingered the other's cunt. I moved my finger in and out faster, her juices squelched and splashed as I did, making my hand soaking wet. I looked to her belt, which she had thrown to the ground next to her. "Your truncheon," I said. "Pass it to me!" Lucy picked up her utility belt and removed her truncheon. 12 inched of hardwood, and quite thick. She passed it to me, and I smiled at her.
I opened Lucy's legs a little wider and I could see her pussy juice on her thighs. I took the truncheon and pressed it against her wet pussy, but it looked like there was no way it would fit inside. I just rubbed it up and down her slippery ass crack. She took hold of it and pressed it hard against her pussy. She grimaced as it stretched her lips wider, and she slowly backed onto it, until the first 3 inches or so were inside her. By now, my thrusting in an out of that tight asshole was drawing to a climax; Just looking down at her ass as it enveloped my cock was almost too much! I pushed deeper and deeper with both cock and truncheon, slapping the ass of the stunning blonde as I did. Lucy was leaving thick trails of cream on the wooden cock substitute. Her pussy looked so fucking tight and so inviting, that I pulled my cock from Kate's ass, removed the truncheon from Lucy and replaced it with my cock. She was so unbelievably tight. Her cunt gripped my cock with every thrust, and a bemused Kate took the truncheon from me and introduced it to her now vacant ass hole, Lucy's slimy cream helping it on its way. After a further few strokes, my cock spurted thick streams of cum into Lucy's cunt. As I pulled out, Kate dropped to her knees and put her mouth to suck the remains on my cum from my cock, and she lapped at Lucy's pussy, licking at my cum and Lucy's cum combined. She took the truncheon from her ass and put it to Lucy's mouth, who licked it clean.
We dressed, and the pair promised that it would not be the last time we would meet. Before they left, Lucy gave her cum drenched thong to me, as a memento. And here I am, writing this, the thong on the table next to me. The juice has dried to a creamy white stain, and I just know that I will be wanking off into the gusset when I finish writing. I cannot wait for my next visit from those naughty police officers!
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4 years ago
Great story
4 years ago
Great story...
4 years ago
live can be wonderful.
4 years ago
well done....
4 years ago
damn good story
4 years ago
i have my hands in my knickers working my pussy as i read this.......i'm in work at my desk :) think i will go into the toilets and finger fuck my holes till i cum x
4 years ago
Very sexy enc(o)unter. Set up a camera next time, like to see those asses and police pussies!
4 years ago
amazing story